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Calcium+CBP Protein, DHC

  • Calcium+CBP Protein is a new kind of product that provides necessary calcium for bones and teeth
  • Contains a combination of whey protein, CBP, and vitamin D3 which enhances absorption of calcium
  • Whey protein is obtained from cow’s milk and allows for rapid absorption of calcium by the body
  • 4 tablets per day are recommended for consumption
  • Precautions include stopping use if feeling unwell, avoiding if allergic to any components, consulting with a doctor if under medical supervision or taking medication, and not exceeding the dosage
  • Not a drug, consult a doctor before use
  • Manufactured by DHC in Japan
    • Introducing Calcium+CBP Protein, DHC - the ultimate solution for those with irregular meals, a sedentary lifestyle, on a diet, experiencing menopause, or lacking sunlight. This incredible product is packed with a powerful combination of calcium and whey protein SVR, along with the added benefit of Vitamin D3 for enhanced calcium absorption, vital for maintaining strong bones and teeth.

      Unlike traditional calcium supplements, Calcium+CBP Protein is in the form of whey protein derived from cow's milk, allowing for faster absorption and ensuring that your bones become stronger and denser. In fact, just 4 tablets of our product is equivalent to the calcium content found in a whopping 8 litres of milk!

      Each serving of Calcium+CBP Protein contains 1800 mg of calcium, 370 mg of Vitamin D3, and 12 mg of SVR, making it the perfect solution to meet your daily calcium requirements.

      It's important to note that Calcium+CBP Protein is not a medication and should be used under the guidance of a healthcare professional. If you experience any discomfort, have allergies to any of the ingredients, are under medical supervision, or taking medication, kindly consult your doctor before starting this supplement. Please adhere to the recommended dosage and do not exceed it.

      Calcium+CBP Protein is manufactured by DHC, a trusted name in health and wellness, and originates from Japan. Take a step towards stronger bones and healthier teeth with Calcium+CBP Protein, DHC.