What is the Rent in Tokyo

What is the Rent in Tokyo? | Highest to Cheapest Apartments In Tokyo

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Planning to move to Tokyo, Japan? I’m sure you’re wondering what is the rent in Tokyo? In the blog, I list down the average rent in 12 popular wards in Tokyo so you can compare the rent in different Tokyo wards and figure out which is the best option for you.  

If you are planning to move to Tokyo, it’s super important for you to first know the average rent in different wards in Tokyo. Because, let’s be honest, the cost of living in Tokyo is not cheap! 

But, the good part is that Tokyo has 23 wards comprising of 26 different cities you can choose to live in based on your budget. Yes, your budget, because Tokyo has houses with rents of different price ranges from high, to average to low rents, to suit the requirements of varied affordability.

This article will talk all about the rents in Tokyo ranging from the highest to the lowest rents you can find in different wards, to help you make your choice!

Average Monthly Rent in Tokyo Wards: Quick Glance

Name of the Ward Average Monthly Rent Highest to Cheapest (in ¥)
Minato 1,27,000
Chiyoda 98,000
Taito 71,000
Suginami 68,000
Ota 67,000
Arakawa 66,100
Toshima 64, 900
Adachi 63,500
Nerima 61,000
Nakano 59,600
Edogawa 56,000
Katsushika 55,000

What is the Rent in Tokyo

Rent in Minato Ward, Tokyo

What is the Rent in Tokyo

The city of Minato is known to have the highest concentration of all kinds of services and facilities for the people who reside there. It is one of the most expensive wards to live in Tokyo, with an average rent for a one room per month being ¥ 1, 27,000. 

The city is well-connected by the Keikyu Main Line railway.

Rent in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo

Rent in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo

Chiyoda is a ward located in the central part of Tokyo and is also considered to be the business hub of Japan. It is a relatively expensive city to live in, with upscale housing. The average room rental for a month in Chiyoda is around ¥ 98,000.

It is very well connected by the Tokyo station and has plenty of subways, railways and transportation services for even long distance commute.

Rent in Taito Ward, Tokyo

Rent in Taito Ward, Tokyo

Taito is a ward that is the major tourist hub of Japan, but even then it is relatively affordable in terms of rentals. The average monthly single room rent in Taito would be around ¥ 71,000.

The city is connected by the JR East railway station, the Tokyo metro, the 1 Ueno route expressway and 2 national highways for easy commute. 

Rent in Suginami Ward, Tokyo

Rent in Suginami Ward, Tokyo

Suginami is a ward known for their quiet residential neighbourhoods and it is semi-urban as it is located in western Tokyo on the outskirts of Shinjuku, the commercial and administrative center of Tokyo.

The average single room rental for a month, in Suginami, is around ¥ 68,000.

The city is connected by the JR East railway station and to the Route 20 national highway.

Rent in Ota Ward, Tokyo

Rent in Ota Ward, Tokyo

Ota is known to be one of Tokyo’s largest wards, in terms of its area, but even then it is relatively cheaper to live in as compared to some of the other wards in Tokyo. The average monthly room rent for a single room in Ota ward is around ¥ 67,000.

This city is connected by the JR East Keihin-Tohoku Line, the Haneda Airport and expressways for easy travel.

Rent in Arakawa Ward, Tokyo


Just like the Suginami ward in Tokyo, Arakawa, situated in the north-eastern part of Tokyo, is yet another ward known for its quiet residential neighbourhoods that are very often inhabited by a lot of foreign expats. The average rental in Arakawa is around ¥ 66,100 per month. 

The city is connected by the JR East Yamanote Line and Joban Line, in addition to 4 major roadways.

Rent in Toshima Ward, Tokyo


Toshima is a city located in the northern part of Tokyo and is known to be the transportation hub of the whole of north-east Tokyo.

It is a place where you will find many schools, colleges and universities, in addition to its busy streets. Living in this busy city will cost you around ¥ 64, 900 for a month’s average rent.

It is connected by the Ikebukuro Station, the subway and the Tokyo metro, making travel super easy.

Rent in Adachi Ward, Tokyo

Adachi is located in the northernmost part of Tokyo and is one of Tokyo’s most reasonable places to live in, as it has average rental prices of around ¥ 63,500 per month. It is definitely not one of the fanciest cities to live in, as compared to the other parts of Tokyo.

But the plus point is that it is well-connected by the JR East Joban Line and Tobu railway, the Tokyo metro and highways.

Rent in Nerima Ward, Tokyo


Nerima ward is located in central Tokyo and is known to be a safe and family-friendly city to live in, having very high resident-satisfaction rates according to surveys. It is even relatively cheaper in terms of rentals with an average rent of ¥ 61,000 per month.

It is connected to the Yurakucho Line and Fukutoshin Line, in addition to good roadway connections.

Rent in Nakano Ward, Tokyo

Nakano ward is one of those places in Tokyo where you could find rentals for both high and lower prices. The average rental for a single room per month is around ¥ 59,600, which is relatively cheap compared to the average rentals in the other wards in Tokyo.


This city is connected by the JR East and Seibu Railway, in addition to over 10 Tokyo metropolitan routes.

Edogawa Ward

  • Location: Next to Urayasu and Ichikawa in Chiba
  • Average Rent: ¥ 56,000
  • Train Station: East Japan Railway Company
  • Population: 6, 97, 932
  • Area: 49.90 square kilometers
Rent in Arakawa Ward, Tokyo

Edogawa ward is located in the easternmost part of Tokyo and is one of the most family-friendly wards in Tokyo. It has parks for children, convenient grocery stores and a decent number of transportation options, as it is connected to the East Japan Railway Company.

The neighborhoods are known to be friendly for families to live in. The average rent for a month in Edogawa is around ¥ 56,000 per month.

Rent in Katsushika Ward Tokyo

Katsushika ward is a great ward for those who wish to live in an area that isn’t too densely populated, while also paying a cheaper rental to stay.

The average rent in Katsushika for a month for a single room apartment is around ¥ 55,000 and is one among the cheapest wards to stay in, in Japan.

Katsushika is connected by the JR East Joban Line and Sobu main Line, in addition to several roadways for smooth travel.


Average Rents in Tokyo Wards: FAQs

What is the average single room rent in Tokyo?

The average single room rent in Tokyo is between ¥60,000 a month to ¥150,000 for a studio for a single person.

How do I find an apartment to rent in Tokyo?

There are many real estate agencies in Tokyo that you can contact to help you find a place to suit your budget. But this being said, you will have to pay the agency a certain commission (usually the rent amount for a month) and this will be an added expenditure for you.

Are there apartments available to rent along with a flatmate?

Renting an apartment with a flatmate is a good option for people looking to cut costs. There are websites like www.roomster.com that you could visit to find room sharing or flat sharing rental options. You could also contact the local real estate agencies to help you find shared rentals.

The final takeaway

Making your shift to Tokyo and setting up a house there may be quite expensive especially initially till you settle in, because of the initial moving expenses, your safety-deposit and first month’s rent, commission to be paid to the real estate agency (if any) and of course buying your furniture and other house necessities. So make sure to budget your expenses in such a way to be able to have a smooth moving experience.

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