Popular Japanese Cities To Live In

7 Most Popular Japanese Cities To Live In 

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Wanna know which are the most popular Japanese cities to live in? Here’s a complete list of popular cities in Japan people prefer to live in. 

The thoughts about living in japan are truly pure for the daily necessities and importantly insurance of living that secures you around the environment. From the guarantee of your safety, practical way of living, and job opportunities that you may get from living in the city of Japan. 

The cities of Japan have many varieties of forms of living that will surely suit your taste and habits. Each city in Japan is known for its forte, which is a good basis to think about living in. 

For example, if you are the kind of person who adores meeting plenty of people and celebrating festivals then Sendai City would suit your taste! If you want to know why and discover more continue reading! 

This article will provide information for you to consider 7 popular cities in japan that would fill your standard in choosing a city to live in. 



The special feature of Nara City in Japan is the preservation of historical treasures. Buddhist temples, Shinto Shrines, the Former Imperial Palace-Heij Palace, museums, and many more can be found within the city. 

Moreover, the minimum cost of living in Nara is estimated at $937 and ranked 904th out of 907 in Japan. The most costly part of the budget is transportation, which is ranked 77th out of 907 and estimated at $102 per person. 

If you are concerned about the job opportunities then there is not that much to worry about since there are occupations you might get, especially when you browse online. 


  • ● Nara City is one of the leading agricultural producers. 
  • ● One of the assets of Nara city is its tourism, because of its natural and historical heritage.
  • ● Deer are also popular in Nara City. They believe that they are protecting the city. 

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OSAKA CITY AKA "The Water City" 

It is the largest city in western Japan and is surrounded by mountains. For those people who are night owls and mostly go out at night, the night scenery in Osaka is heavenly, especially the binds of cherry blossom trees with aesthetic lights that surround you.

Living in Osaka is expensive compared to the first city tackled above. Cost of living in Osaka is at least a minimum cost of $1344 per person. 

The bright side of moving to Osaka is the job opportunities offered. There are a lot of companies looking for employees but also requiring proficiency in the Japanese language. 


  • ● Osaka is known as the "city of water", which means that there is a wide range of rivers that are suitable for water activities. 
  • ● One of the specialties of Osaka is their popular foods, which are takoyaki and okonomiyaki. 
  • ● The preferable season in Osaka is Autumn and winter because there are a lot of activities to do during those mentioned seasons such as winter illuminations, viewing of plum blossoms, and many more! 

YOKOHAMA CITY in Kanagawa prefecture 

At any moment when we hear about Yokohama city, the first thing that pops into our mind is the popular parks, streets, and lovely towers! 

Some people consider living in Yokohama because of the livability and affordability that enables them to balance their habits and living. Most people believed that this city is good for those people who wanted to be alone. 

Financially speaking, Yokohama is in the top 30% of the most high-priced cities in the world. To be precise, renting, utilities and transportation are expensive in the budget for a person.

If it is going to be based on the job opportunities in Yokohama City, The online occupation is not that bad despite its population. 


  • ● This city is perfect for those people who love nature! For those people who are looking for inner peace and proper meditation then Yokohama’s Garden is highly recommended to you. 
  • ● The tallest building in Japan is located in Yokohama City, which is called Landmark Tower
  • ● This city boasts the uniqueness of its culture from its food, heritages, and also destinations. 

SENDAI CITY Of Miyagi Prefecture AKA The City of Trees

Sendai City was nicknamed the "City of Trees" because the aged city is known for its green spaces. 

Not just that, this city is popular for the festivals that are celebrated each year. Festival occasions empower the country's extra-lively with bright decorations. In fact, it is recognized as having the largest such festival—one of those festivals is called Sendai Tanabata. 

One of the best opportunities for studying in Sendai is admission to a high-level educational institution such as Tohoku University, which is known for world-leading research. 

To be practical, there are many job opportunities you could obtain in Sendai due to the many government establishments that are focused on government jobs and related to the economy since this city is the economic center of the Tohoku region.


  • ● Among the listed cities mentioned, Sendai has an average cost of living estimate of $1152. 
  • ● One of the scenic green spaces in Sendai is the autumn colors of Naruko Gorge.
  • ● There are a lot of popular Sendai delicacies that are highly recommended to try, yet the Sendai Gyutan, which is a beef tongue, stands out more! 


Tokyo is well-known for it’s world-class transport system. The transportation fees are also costly. To be exact, it is estimated at $326.

Living in Tokyo is expensive. Fortunately, it is a stunning place and everything that you are looking for is already in the city, such as breathtaking scenery of parks, temples, cherry blossom trees, etc., that can surely give you a hundred percent satisfaction. 

Apart from those statements mentioned, it is the most accessible city in Japan, which has a lot of departments, offices, stores, government facilities, and stations. 

Employees in Tokyo City are in high demand and well paid, but some companies require you to be able to speak and understand Japanese and Mandarin. The high demand for occupations in Tokyo is commonly for teachers, translators, consultants, and many more! 


  • ● Known for its populous city in Japan, the estimated area of Tokyo is estimated at 2,188 square meters. 
  • ● It is the safest city in Japan. There is no fear of being harmed when walking at midnight.
  • ● Tokyo City has its own Disneyland, which is called "Tokyo Disneyland" and "Tokyo Disney sea. 

SAPPORO CITY In Hokkaido Prefecture 

The largest city located in the north is Tokyo. The known city for the greatest entertainment comprises arts, works of literature, films, video games, and points of interest. Surely it will suit those people invested in exploring the city. 

When it comes to Sapporo specialties, don't forget that ramen and beer are two of the most popular beverages and noodles in this city, and they go perfectly with the cold weather, especially during the snow festival!

The cost of living in Sapporo is close to the world’s average cost of living, coming in at $1164 for a person. Sapporo is a quality place to live in because it is not expensive compared to the listed places above. 


  • ● This city became popular way back in 1972 when the Olympic Winter Games were held.
  • ● Mount Moiwa is an inspiring place to visit since you will relax by viewing the buildings and streets and breathing in the fresh atmosphere. 
  • ● The Snow Festival is entertaining because you will be amazed by those gigantic sculptures carved in snow. 

KAWASAKI CITY In The Kanagawa prefecture 

This city is famous for sports bikes and motorcycles, which means this city is good for those people who are eager to find a job, mainly those engineers because it is way more practical for obtaining a stable income. 

Numerous companies and industries could offer you great positions when you have a degree and license. It is a desirable city to live in for housing and real estate. 

Transportation would not be your problem in Kawasaki when you have vehicles. It could lower your budget expenses. To generalize the cost of living in Kawasaki, it would probably cost around $1107 per month for a person.

Considering the opportunities you could achieve in Kawasaki and the cost of living, plus the stunning scenery in this city that you could see and experience, this city could pass your satisfaction standard. 


  • ● There are seven wards in this city, which is good for accessibility for the people ● It is one of the greatest cities if you are a sporty person since it has many athletic stadiums and gymnasiums. 
  • ● This city is precise for business opportunities because there is a concentration of global enterprises and development institutes. 

The downside of living in Japan is that some people might find the living expenses in Japan quite expensive based on their social status and find it challenging, especially when they are not used to their chosen environment. 

The benefits of living in Japan depend on your decision-making; in this case, there are low-cost places to consider living in with a good environment, as well as facilities, stations, and government offices in Japan that are accessible to all people in each city since there are local establishments. 

Job opportunities in Japan are not a problem even though it has many populous cities because there are many ways to earn money and be employed by taking advantage of the specialties of each area.

Japan's advancement distinguishes it from other countries, ranging from the fastest time travel via trains in Japan to robots and computers that attract investors and countless tourists, as well as a culture that is still preserved. 

To sum it all up, cities in Japan have their authenticity from their festivals, beliefs, traditions, etiquette, heritage, and also perspectives on how people improved the forms of their living system.

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