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8 Popular Festivals In Okinawa To Celebrate in 2024

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If you’re in Okinawa this year you have to witness some of the popular festivals in Okinawa! I’ve curated a list of the best Okinawa festivals to attend. Check it out!

Underneath the tropical sun, Okinawa's vibrant festivals burst with color, rhythm, and ancient traditions.

From dazzling pyrotechnics to illuminated paper lanterns and ancestral rituals, these celebrations weave a tapestry of island life, offering a glimpse into the unique soul of the Ryukyu Kingdom.

Dive into five of the most popular Okinawan festivals, where the beat of drums echoes through the air and the scent of incense mingles with laughter and the aroma of island delights.

Prepare to be captivated by Okinawa's spirit, one vibrant festival at a time!

Popular Festivals in Okinawa

All-Okinawa Eisa Festival (全島エイサー祭り, Zento Eisa Matsuri (August 2024)

The All-Okinawa Eisa Festival is an annual event held in Okinawa, Japan, and showcases the unique Eisa culture of the region.

Eisa is a type of traditional Okinawan dance, usually accompanied by drums and other instruments, and it has become a symbol of Okinawan culture.

Each year during the summer, thousands of people flock to Okinawa to experience this vibrant and exciting festival. The streets are filled with traditional Okinawan folklore, vibrant costumes, and cheerful music.

Guests witness impressive performances featuring Okinawan drums, kimono-clad dancers, and even flying warriors. It's an exciting time that celebrates Okinawan culture, traditional songs and the music of the islands.

The highlight of the All-Okinawa Eisa Festival comes when groups of dancers compete in the Eisa dance competitions.

The dancers show off their skills, either as solo dancers or as part of a dance group, and are judged on their technical prowess and artistic expression.

To win the competition would be a great honour, and many dream of winning the title of the All-Okinawa Eisa Champion.

For the people of Okinawa, the festival is a chance to connect with their cultural past, celebrate their unique heritage and share their culture with other Okinawan people, and visitors from around the world.

Locals and visitors alike feel a sense of joy and camaraderie as they experience the spirit of Eisa and share in the celebration of Okinawan culture.

Ryukyu Lantern Festival (December to March, 5PM - 10PM)

The Ryukyu Lantern Festival is one of the most popular festivals in Okinawa.

Taking place on the final evening of the year, it is a celebration of new beginnings and a time to reflect upon the past year while looking ahead to what is to come.

During the festival, the streets of Okinawa light up with thousands of colourful paper lanterns.

Participants often express their hopes and wishes for the year ahead via their choice of lantern, which represent their deepest aspirations for the future.

The festivities also include traditional food and drink, as well as live performances, bringing the local community together in an evening of celebration and joy.

After nightfall, the skies illuminate with an array of stars, adding to the beauty of the festival.

The whole atmosphere is one of happiness and optimism as people gather to share their hopes and dreams for the upcoming year.

The Ryukyu Lantern Festival is not just a celebration of the New Year.

It has great importance to the people of Okinawa, representing their culture and heritage, with many participants wearing traditional clothes, steeped in history and symbolism, during the festival.

It is an experience that should not be missed for anyone looking to feel part of Okinawa's vibrant culture.

Naha Hari Dragon Boat Races (那覇ハーリー, Naha Hari) (May 3–5, 2024)

The Naha Hari Dragon Boat Races (那覇ハーリー, Naha Hari) are a captivating event in Okinawa each year.

During the month of June, teams row their elaborately painted canoes out into the ocean to compete in thrilling races.

Throughout the competition, the roar of the crowd can be heard echoing across the bay, excitement rising with each stroke of the paddles.

The history of the Naha Hari goes back hundreds of years, with ancient Okinawan people using their canoes for fishing and transportation. As part of the festivities, entertainers show off their impressive acrobatic feats and lively traditional music is played.

Today, the Dragon Boat Races represent one of the biggest and most popular festivals in Okinawa and draw visitors from all over the world.

The event is held in Naha Port off the Okinawa shore with teams swarming the waters. When teams emerge victorious, their victory is celebrated in an awe-inspiring display of fireworks and other pyrotechnics.

Onlookers marvel at the wonderful display of art floating across the water and enjoy a sense of camaraderie with others around them.

As the races come to a close, teams row towards the shore, adorned with flags and banners that have been carefully decorated to reflect the spirit of the occasion.

With the sun setting, the festival ambience comes to a close, but the excitement and joy of the Naha Hari Dragon Boat Races remain in the minds of those who witness it. It is a marvelous event to experience and one of the best festivals in Okinawa.

Naha Tug-of-War (那覇大綱挽, Naha Otsunahiki) (October, 2024)

The Naha Tug-of-War (那覇大綱挽, Naha Otsunahiki) festival is one of the most fun and iconic events in Okinawa, Japan.

Every October in the local Naha City, hundreds of men, women and children gather to investigate the unmistakable Okinawan rhythms of taiko drums and the thunderous roars of uproarious joy as the tug-of-war between two teams commences.

An event that dates back to the 16th century, Naha Tug-of-War is a celebration of Okinawan culture and tradition.

With an immense rope that is almost 100 m in length and weighing more than three tons, this large-scale battle of strength and will is a distinctly Okinawan display of pride, courage, and unity.

In typical Okinawan style, the party after the competition is equally as special, with a parade of people from all walks of life parading through the streets and dancing, singing, and celebrating to the same thunderous drums that have been witnessed for centuries.

Alongside mouth-watering street food stalls and stalls selling unique Okinawan souvenirs, Naha Tug-of-War is as much about enjoying the festivities as it is about community spirit and celebration.

For anyone looking for a truly captivating cultural experience, Naha Tug-of-War is an absolute must-experience event.

Paantu Festival in Okinawa (End of September and mid-October, 2024)

The Paantu Festival in Okinawa is an iconic, vibrant and traditional event that brings thousands of visitors to the region each year.


The festival is not only a celebration of the culture of Okinawa but a gathering of people from all walks of life.

The Paantu Festival is one of the most popular festivals held in Okinawa. Taking place every May, the Paantu Festival is a joyous, bustling event lasting several days.

Local shops, food vendors, craftsmen, and entertainers all contribute to the vibrancy of the festival.

Much of the festival revolves around music. Traditional Okinawan instruments are played by local performers and contemporary music by popular Okinawan idols.

Colorful parade floats depicting Okinawan folk tales, characters and displays of traditional dance also feature in the festivities.

On the final day of the Paantu Festival, residents gather to watch the stunning display of firework displays set off over the ocean.

Hundreds of people gather hand in hand and sing traditional Okinawan songs to spread the atmosphere of love and togetherness to those around them.

It is evident that the Paantu Festival marks an incredibly special time of year in Okinawa, both for visitors and local residents alike.

Visitors come to marvel at the delightful combination of culture, music, food and entertainment. Meanwhile, locals come to celebrate their heritage, bask in the joy of the festival and revel in the fact that they are part of a vibrant, living culture.

Ishigaki Island Festival (November 2 - November 3, 2024)

At the heart of Okinawa's vibrant and vibrant culture lies the Ishigaki Island Festival.

The festival is celebrated annually and is a perfect time to experience the vibrant Okinawan culture up close and personal.

Participants of all ages come together to enjoy of an array of traditional activities, exquisite cuisine and delightful entertainment.

The islands' tropical location provides a beautiful and ideal backdrop to experience the festivities.

At the core of the Ishigaki Island Festival is, of course, the traditional Okinawan dance performances. Witnessing the passionate and coordinated movements is a sheer delight to the senses.

Colorful costumes, exquisite makeup and fervent facial expressions make their energetic dances even more captivating.

A visit to the festival is also an excellent opportunity to sample the unique dishes and delicacies that Okinawa has to offer, rich in historical origin and flavorsome ingredients.

The festival participants' joy and vitality are contagious, filling the air with vibrant energy. Crafts made from bamboo, crocheting and weaving cloth, folk games and competitions—the list of activities could go on for days and there is something for everyone.

Visitors can take part in the many activities and immerse themselves in the unique background music of traditional Ryukyu.

The Ishigaki Island Festival is truly a unique experience that cannot be missed. From the traditional folk dances to the amazing cuisine, the festival offers something for every cultural enthusiast.

Revel in the amazing atmosphere and make sure to take lots of photos to remember this special event and the Okinawan culture which it celebrates.

Ryukyu Kaiensai Fireworks Festival (April, 2024)

The Ryukyu Kaiensai Fireworks Festival is one of the most popular and beloved festivals in Okinawa.

Held each year during the summer, it offers incredible views of colourful and mesmerizing fireworks as they shoot up into the night sky and dance over the horizon.

Spectators who observe the sky-streaking streams of light and colour are entranced and enchanted, feeling a sense of emotion and joy.

The festival is more than just a dazzling firework display however, as the area is filled with those looking to enjoy a night out in the sun and crisp summer air.

There are plenty of food vendors providing all manner of delicious Okinawan cuisine and a sense of camaraderie among the attendees.

On the day, the town is bustling with energy and anticipation as people gather for this much-anticipated event. Hundreds of lanterns shimmer in the darkness and the stars twinkle above.

As the clock counts down to the show, the night sky lights up with exploding arcs of vibrant 

colour and the crowd claps and whistles in sheer appreciation.

This is an event that many consider to be truly magical, as they recall the stories of Okinawa’s past while they enjoy the brilliant lights of the present.

As the fireworks roar and sparkle over the night sky, the crowd’s excitement and joy only grows.

The Ryukyu Kaiensai Fireworks Festival is truly a sight to behold and will always be a beloved part of Okinawa’s summer traditions.

Tsuboya Yachimun Street Festival

The vibrant streets of Tsuboya come alive every year with the Tsuboya Yachimun Street Festival.

The festivities celebrate the Okinawan tradition of traditional ceramic art, akiru, and its presence in the Tsuboya neighbourhood.

It's a vibrant, celebratory event that attracts huge numbers of people, who come to enjoy the food and entertainment.

The streets of Tsuboya are lined with colorful decorations, giving the area a festive air. Local street performers put on traditional Okinawan dance performances, complete with a narrative comedy show.

okinawa festivals

Food is also plentiful, with vendors selling regional favorites like goya champuru and Okinawa soba.

The highlight of the festival is the exhibition of Yachimun artifacts. The display showcases a range of ceramic pieces, created by local craftsmen in the Ryukyu Dynasty.

Visitors can take part in pottery classes, learn traditional art, and purchase ceramic pieces crafted by masters.

The Tsuboya Yachimun Street Festival is a great way to experience Okinawan culture and mingle with locals. Even if you’re only in the area for a short while, this festival is worth experiencing at least once.

In conclusion, Okinawa is a vibrant and festive place, with a myriad of festivals throughout the year.

From the joyous folk dances at The Eisā Festival to the martial arts duels at the Hari Of Makishi, these are festivals that will bring joy to anyone's heart.

Okinawa is a place where true culture comes alive, and is an ideal destination for anyone who wants to experience unforgettable moments and immaculate hospitality.

Okinawa festivals are sure to please people of all ages, as there is something to suit every taste and preference.

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