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Are you looking for English-friendly yoga studios in Tokyo? Here’s a curated list of best and the english-friendly ones.

How is it that despite Tokyo being the world’s busiest city also manages to maintain decorum, health, and a solid work-life balance? The answer is Yoga.

Ever since the year 2000, there has been a constant rise in the number of English yoga classes in Tokyo.

Which are the English-friendly yoga studios in Tokyo?

The top English-friendly yoga studios in Tokyo are:

  • International Yoga Centre
  • YogaJaya
  • Sun And Moon Yoga
  • Nami Yoga
  • Under The Light 
  • Bikram Yoga

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In fact, it is their busy lives that even led to the popularization of yoga in the city.

People all over the city have been trying to find ways to overcome their anxiety and for an outlet that helps them relieve stress to these English-friendly yoga studios in Tokyo.

Work brings many people to Tokyo and hence it is normal for everyone also to bring a change in their lifestyles. For those especially, having English-friendly yoga studios in Tokyo might be an advantage.

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Yoga in Japanese culture doesn’t hold much significance unless you connect meditation and breathing to Zen Buddhism.

The practise of yoga has come from India but the widespread use of this culture is great because of the health benefits it renders. So, Japan also started having English-friendly yoga studios in Tokyo and other places.

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You can easily find a Yoga studio suited best to your liking at any corner of the street, considering there are about 1,800 yoga studios in just Tokyo. 

Some yoga centres provide TRX, power, Hatha and aerial yoga in Tokyo. There are also 1-2 free yoga classes in Tokyo for trials, if you like it you can join the classes which is why these English-friendly yoga studios in Tokyo are so good.

I have tried to make your selection process easier by bringing together some of the best English-friendly yoga studios in Tokyo I found and tried.

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English-Friendly Yoga Studios In Tokyo Near Me

International Yoga Centre

yoga in japanese culture
Source: iyc.jp

If you’re unsure about the kind of yoga you’d prefer, this is a great place to start.

The International Yoga Centre is among the top 10 English-friendly yoga studios in Tokyo that offer a plethora of options when it comes to the style of yoga one wants to practice. 

The centre teaches gentle yoga that is non-strenuous but relaxing to the body and also comparatively challenging yoga that aims at not only helping the internal workings of a human body but also helps with the thing of external bodies.

This centre also promotes the thought that the true journey of ‘finding peace’ begins inside as you begin to cleanse your body and mind. The centre also arranges for a variety of workshops and retreats that are held in the city and overseas. 

Established in 1994, the International Yoga Centre has continued to grow and has proved to be one of the best English-friendly yoga studios in Tokyo. 

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The centre provides at least 250 classes every week, flexible in terms of the needs of the trainees.

Here, it is not just about the movement of the body but also about learning to control your breath and the effect it can have on your body. Come here and you'll know why it's one of the best English-friendly yoga studios in Tokyo.

Cost: All the tickets for classes available at the IYC are valid for four months. Any drop-in can buy a single class valid ticket for ¥3,300.

The cost of 4 tickets is ¥11,000. The cost of 10 tickets is ¥22,000 and that of 20 tickets is ¥35,200. Students can also rent a mat at the studio.

Schedule: The first of the slots start at 10:30 in the morning, whereas the last slot ends at 8 pm. Each class lasts for an hour and a half.

Address: The IYC is situated at many locations across Tokyo — Omotesando, Jimbocho, Okikubo, Kudan-Iidabashi, and Setagaya.

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aerial yoga tokyo
Source: Pexels

YogaJaya, one of the top English friendly yoga studios in Tokyo was founded by one of the world’s renowned and respected yoga instructors, Patrick Oancia in the year 2003. 

Ever since its birth, the yoga institute has only tried to help its students get better mentally and physically.

The name YogaJaya is made on the principle of amalgamation of Yoga (union) with Jaya (conquest). It encourages the students to discover themselves and find unique ways to help each of them grow in their own way.

This yoga centre is bilingual but is hands-down one of the best English-friendly yoga studios I have come across. The instructors at YogaJaya are local and international as well.

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No wonder, it's one of the top English friendly yoga studios in Tokyo for its qualified instructors.

Cost: The first drop-in class costs ¥2,500 and for a five times trial pass a student pays ¥3,000.

Schedule: The studio is open on all days of the week but there are differences in timings on all days. During the weekdays, the studio opens up at 7 am and closes up by 8:30 pm. 

On Saturdays, however, it begins at 6:10 am and closes at the same time. Finally, on Sundays, the studio opens at 7:30 am and shuts down at 8:45 pm.

Address: 1-25-11, Ebisu-nishi, Shibuya-ku

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Sun And Moon Yoga

sun and moon yoga tokyo
Source: Pexels

This yoga studio is more leaned towards an instructional approach that is in English which is why it's one of the best English-friendly yoga studios in Tokyo.

So, for those who have just moved to Japan or are having trouble understanding the language, this is a great option for you. 

The Sun and Moon Yoga is one of the nicest English-friendly yoga studios in Tokyo founded by one Californian yoga instructor, Leza Lowitz, who also happens to be a writer. With her years of experience, she created a studio that teaches a variety of yoga.

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For beginners who are just looking to start off, the studio recommends Hatha Yoga or Restorative Yoga. For those looking to maximize their energy in the form of a challenge, they should opt for classes that teach Ashtanga and Vinyasa. 

The studio also teaches yin yoga, restorative yoga, and acro-yoga which is why it's different and one of the best English-friendly yoga studios in Tokyo.

Cost: The centre hardly ever takes drop-ins, but when they do, each drop-in costs ¥3,000. The cost of the three classes are ¥10,500, and it remains valid for 3 months. For a 10 class and 3-month validity, the cost is ¥18,000. 

The most sought-after pricing model is the 20 classes one-month validity, which will cost you ¥20,000. Sun and Moon Yoga also offers student discounts.

Schedule: The timings of the classes are rather rigid. They begin at 8:30 am in the morning and wrap things up by 8:30 pm. The centre functions on all days of the week. It is possible for the timings to differ based on the day of the week.

Address: Gotanda Yamakatsu Building 201, 3-16-44 Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku

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Nami Yoga

English yoga classes tokyo
Source: Pexels

One of the main reasons why I added this to the list of the best English-friendly yoga studios in Tokyo is because of its intuitive timings of classes.

 For people who can’t make it to regular yoga classes because of their even busier schedules, Nami Yoga Studio has set aside half-hour sessions at lunchtime.

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Busy professionals find it appealing and relaxing in the middle of their workday. The short duration seems to fit right into their lives.

The studio is run by a Japanese-Indian individual, Namita Kurokawa. She worked for her yogi licenses and got them from Oxford and reputable Indian centres.

One more innovative class that they host is maternity yoga and yoga for the postnatal periods. Kids are also welcome here. The studio only hires female instructors to ensure that the pregnant women feel comfortable.

Cost: For every class that lasts an hour: Drop-ins are charged ¥3,000. For a ticket for 5 classes retaining validity of 2 months, charged ¥11,000. For a ten class/three months ticket, one is charged ¥20,000. 

For classes that last 30 minutes (during the lunch hours): Drop-ins are charged ¥1,500 and 10 classes (over the period of 3 months) are charged ¥10,000.

Schedule: The studio remains closed on Fridays. Every other day of the week and the weekend, the studio has a fun schedule. For more details, check it out the website.

Address: 1-5-8-7F Motoakasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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Under The Light

Yogajaya tokyo
Source: Pexels

Under the Light is also amongst the top English-frinedly yoga studios in Tokyo. Although it is strongly recommended that you pursue enrollment here if you’re thinking of taking up yoga seriously.

Under the Light Studio has countless kinds of classes and the number of instructors matches them. The instruction at this studio is typically in Japanese, but the instructors are happy to translate whenever needed.

At the studio, the classes range from meditation, restorative yoga to maternity, and Ashtanga yoga.

This is among the English-friendly yoga studios in Tokyo that also teaches Taoist Yoga and Gyrokinesis. Due to Covid 19, they are also conducting their sessions online.

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Under the Light studio is big on charity work. They support multiple charitable projects through volunteer work. The studio launched a charity class where participants make small donations for a good cause.

Cost: Drop-ins at the studio are asked to pay ¥3,000.  For a four-class ticket that is valid up to three months, the cost is ¥9,000. For a ten class and fur month ticket, the cost is ¥21,000.

Schedule: The schedule varies from day to day, but they usually start at 6 or 7 in the morning. The last session of the day usually begins at *:30 pm, leaving plenty of time for people to get here after their work.

Address: Shogakukaikan-bekkan 4F, 1-53-4 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku

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Bikram Yoga

English-Friendly Yoga Studios In Tokyo
Source: Pexels

The name of the Indian yoga guru, Bikram Choudhry has reached fame and his methods of yoga spread far and wide.

One of the specialities of the yoga taught here is hot yoga, where the humidity and the temperature of the room rise for an hour and a half.

The yoga centre also teaches room temperature yoga. All the yoga practices are aimed towards working on strength and flexibility, weight loss, and improving posture.

This is one of the  English-frinedly yoga studios in Tokyo that is fun, entertaining and therapeutic. 

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Cost: The cost of the free membership (for classes any time) rounds up to ¥14,800, whereas the free daytime membership is ¥12,400. For a ticket for four classes that lasts up to one month, the cost is ¥9,250. Other costs differ depending on location.

Schedule: Classes are available on all days of the week. The schedule may vary.

Address: 4-3-17-1F, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku

English-Friendly Yoga

Here sums up the list of English-friendly yoga studios in Tokyo that are therapeutic, fun and blissful!

Hop onto one of these English-friendly yoga studios in Tokyo if you want to find solace in the hustle-bustle of Tokyo.

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