Types Of Red Bull Flavors In Japan

9 Types Of Red Bull Flavors In Japan

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Wondering what types of Red Bull flavors in Japan? Here is a list of the most popular Red Bull flavors in Japan, along with their corresponding descriptions.

Feeling worn out and lethargic? Nothing a frizzy Red Bull can’t do; sipping on it replenishes your body with the fuel you require to run errands and go on about your long day. 

This caffeinated energy drink has held sway over the energy drink market for years, you’ll come across Red Bull no matter where you are.

Nevertheless, are you aware that Japan has numerous Red Bull flavors, a few of them quite bizarre? 

Most of these drinks are limited editions but they’re unequivocally worth a shot and trust me when I say that it feels so refreshing to sip on a new Red Bull flavor.

After trying out a couple of Red Bull flavors in Japan, I’ve reviewed what they taste like. Check them out below!

Types Of Red Bull Flavors In Japan

Red Bull Spring Edition - Sakura Flavor

Let me kick off with the Red Bull flavor that’s endemic to Japan, the Red Bull Spring Edition which is iconically in the sakura or cherry blossom flavor.

The spring season in Japan is the period when cherry blossoms bloom hence Red Bull launched the Spring Edition.

Types Of Red Bull Flavors In Japan
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This can is pink-colored to resemble the color of sakura and the energy drink possesses a light pink color too.

If you wanna admire the color then I suggest you pour the drink into a glass. The aspect that I’m elated by this sakura-flavored Red Bull is that it isn’t too gassy. 

The bubbles aren’t very conspicuous hence I was quick enough in gulping the energy drink. The flavor is what caught me off guard because it was too sweet and sour simultaneously and tasted just like cherry blossom plums.

I honestly wasn’t expecting much as I assumed the flavor would just taste artificially sweet. Yet the drink was light, very cloying, and had an incredible kick after gulping it down hence I’d 100% recommend the Sakura Flavor Red Bull.

Red Bull Summer Edition - Sunny Beam

The Summer Edition from Red Bull is named Sunny Beam and it’s one of the limited edition flavors in Japan.

This Red Bull flavor is a combination of passion fruit and pears, both of which are fruits produced during the summer season. The Red Bull Summer Edition can in Japan is yellow colored and so is the drink. 

red bull japan
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When opening the can I could instantaneously smell the tangy passion fruit. Although I was skeptical about how the amalgamation of passion fruit and pears would taste, admittedly the taste of the drink was pretty good and refreshing indeed. 

The Summer Edition Red Bull was tangy and had the perfect sweetness to it which didn’t overpower the flavors of passion fruit and pear.

The drink was gaseous unlike the Sakura flavor but you could feel the energy rushing through your nerves to get you back on track. 

Red Bull Yellow Edition - Tropical Fruit

The Tropical Fruit flavor from Red Bull is a bright yellow-colored can and it’s basically in the savor of mixed fruit.

Now how many of us have ever encountered a tropical mixed fruit-flavored energy drink? I was certain that this edition of Red Bull would taste similar to the Summer Edition but boy was I proved wrong. 

japanese red bull livery
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The concentrated mixed fruit flavor was nearly accurate and the flavor didn’t diminish the energy drink’s dizziness.

The Red Bull Yellow Edition energy drink was more fruity than the other fruit-flavored Red Bull drinks which are due to the variety of concentrated fruits in the drink.

The energy drink contained the flavors of tropical fruits like passion fruit, orange, acai, pineapple, etc and it was quite effervescent too.

I’d rather have the Yellow Edition Red Bull right before a meal because it can bloat you in no time and make you feel energetic for a run.

Red Bull Orange Edition - Sunrise Spark

This was one of my top favorite flavors of Red Bull in Japan. The Orange Edition is named Sunrise Spark, which is direct resemblance to oranges.

This Red Bull flavor was influenced by the orange version of Red Bull in America but what makes the Japanese counterpart stand out is it's solely concocted with Iyokan which is a Japanese mandarin. 

red bull fresh breeze flavor
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The Sunrise Spark Red Bull has the perfect formula of a cross between a frizzy and fruity drink. Citrus fruits seem to blend well with carbonated drinks than other fruits and I was enjoying every drop of this Red Bull flavor.

The fragrance of mandarin is profound and the taste of it just exhilarates you after a long day. 

The drink is gaseous but doesn’t bloat you and the zingy citrusy flavor lingers on your tongue making you desire more. This flavor makes Red Bull highly addictive hence I’d like to warn you beforehand.

Red Bull Red Edition -  Groovy Fizz 

The Red Edition of Red Bull is in the flavor of strawberries and apricot. The Groovy Fizz Red Bull drink was launched in the fall season and this is the first strawberry-flavored Red Bull in Japan.

The color of the drink is bright red and you’ll immediately sense the smell of fresh and ripe strawberries as you open the can.

japanese red bull flavors
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When I sipped this Red Bull flavor, I could only pick up the notes of sweet strawberry but the aftertaste was definitely the kick of apricots.

The Groovy Fizz Red Bull is fortifying and grants that recharge to kick your legs. It’s hands down one of the yummy flavors of Red Bull that’s well sought-after across the world. The Red Edition from Red Bull is also a great thirst quencher. 

Red Bull Blue Edition - Ocean Blast

The Blue Edition of Red Bull is called the Ocean Blast since the can is ocean blue in color, however, the energy drink itself is colorless with a faint whitish hue.

This edition is lychee flavored which is a popular fruit in Asia that has a floral scent to it. The scent of lychee was perfectly replicated by Red Bull because I could immediately perceive it. 

types of red bull
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The taste is one of the most bizarre aspects of this version of Red Bull. It doesn’t taste bad but at the same time, there’s not much flavor to it.

Of course, it tastes like lychee but is more watery and slightly acidic. It had a subtle kick to it and tasted barely sweet but was very freshening and invigorating. 

However, there wasn’t much of the energy drink taste to it but I rather felt like sipping on a concentrated lychee drink except this didn’t have the pulp.

When I researched I found out that the Blue Edition of Red Bull consists only of 32 mg of caffeine while most Red Bull drinks contain at least 80 mg of caffeine. Hence, don’t expect the Ocean Blast to make you feel stimulated.

Red Bull Purple Edition - Mystic Magic

I was head over heels when I got my hands on the Red Bull Purple Edition Mystic Magic drink that was filled up in a purple can.

This energy drink is flavored with Kyoho Grapes which are plump and juicy blackish-purple grapes. This is one of the most preferred and highly in-demand Red Bull flavors in Japan. 

red bull mystic magic
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I wasn’t astonished why because it has a captivating taste that just tastes parallel to red wine, of course, there’s no alcohol incorporated. The vivid purple color of the Mystic Magic drink is out of this world.

The energy drink sizzles when you pour it into a glass and you can tell that this edition certainly contains that energy drink factor to it. 

The Purple Edition tastes so syrupy and fabulous with a hint of sourness to it. It works well as a thirst-quenching soda that revitalizes your body and gets you going. This is easily one of my preferred Red Bull flavors in Japan. 

Red Bull Ruby Edition - Vivid Flash

The Ruby Edition of Red Bull might seem parallel in appearance and color to the Red Edition but it’s nowhere near close to the flavor of the Groovy Fizz Red Bull.

This Red Bull is known as Vivid Flash and it’s a mangosteen-flavored energy drink, which is rather an unconventional flavor for an energy drink. I wouldn’t be flabbergasted if this was the only mangosteen energy drink out there. 

japan red bull flavors
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Mangosteen is a fruit that is comparable in taste to lychee but this one’s much sweeter. When opening the can I couldn’t pick up any scent of mangosteen but it had an identical odor to the lychee-flavored Red Bull. The taste on the other hand was nothing too exceptional. 

It was faintly sweet and zingy and rejuvenating and didn’t taste much distinct from the Blue Edition, nevertheless, it only contains 32 mg of caffeine.

If you’re cutting down your caffeine intake then I’d recommend the Ruby Edition Red Bull which proves sufficient to uplift you.

Red Bull White Edition - Fresh Breeze

Fresh Breeze is the title given to the White Edition Red Bull in Japan and just like the previous Red Bull, this one is also developed with an unorthodox flavor which is white peach.

Just like its titular name, this energy drink is intensely freshening the moment you take a sip from it. 

types of red bull energy drink
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The flavor of white peach is very prominent which gives the drink a light taste that ultimately makes it an energy-restorative drink.

It’s minimally sweet, tangy, and acidic and tastes similar to sparkling water. Despite, the low caffeine content in the Red Bull White Edition, it suffices on its own as a beverage that makes you get off your knees.

Red Bull Green Edition - Refreshing Splash

Lastly, the Red Bull Green Edition makes an appearance. It’s a lime-flavored energy drink that’s titled Refreshing Splash. The can is dark green-colored and identical to that of canned Sprite as well as its aroma too. 

types of red bull
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However, the taste is where Sprite and the Red Bull Green Edition vary. The acidic and citrusy flavor of lime is seemingly more perceivable in this energy drink and it tastes very cloying too.

This energy drink is indubitably very replenishing because lime naturally is and there are moderate gaseous bubbles in the drink which don’t make your stomach bloat.

You will see yourself going back to pick this Red Bull flavor up again as it’s highly tonic and energizing.

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