Types Of Pringles Flavors In Japan

11 Different Pringles Flavors In Japan 2024

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Want to know the different Pringles flavors in Japan? Here's a list of all the flavors that you can find in Japanese supermarkets.

Take a crunchy journey through the innovative world of Pringles in Japan, where snack time is never dull.

Our exploration of different Pringles flavors showcases the country's love for variety, from classic tastes to adventurous limited editions.

Get ready to experience the unique and sometimes surprising twists on this beloved potato chip!

Different Pringles Flavors In Japan

Pringles Miso Ramen Flavor

It would only be ideal for me to inaugurate with a signature Japanese flavor and that’s Miso Ramen.

We’re all cognizant of how ramen is idolized in Japan so I thought why not try the miso ramen flavor from Pringles? 

Types Of Pringles Flavors In Japan
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You should know that it took Pringles almost two years to perfect the miso ramen flavor. When looking for the Pringles Miso Ramen can, I only encountered a small yellow bottle that has a depiction of ramen cup noodles.

The potato chips are thin and crispy just like every Pringle potato chip flavor out there. However, the seasoning of the miso ramen flavor was spot on.

It tasted exactly like fermented soybean paste and was a little too salty for my preference. Of course, the flavor was similar to a bowl of miso ramen as well as the fragrance. Definitely a must-try Pringle flavor for those who fancy ramen. 

Pringles Karaage Flavor (Japanese Fried Chicken)

Fried chicken is a delicacy in Japan and the Japanese make fried chicken with a slightly contrasting technique compared to the Westerners.

As someone who admittedly loves fried chicken, I was eager to try out the Pringles Karaage flavor. The can was pink-colored with an illustration of fried chicken on the front. 

pringles in japanese
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The potato chips were dusted with a dark seasoning powder that made them look similar to the shade of deep-fried chicken.

I could smell that intense chicken stock fragrance from the potato chips right off the bat. 

The flavor of the chips was very savory and tangy which is understandable because the original karaage recipe includes a splash of lemon juice to the chicken.

The karaage fried chicken flavor makes this chip an irresistible grub you’ll always be going for. 

Pringles Bulgogi Beef Flavor

Although not a Japanese dish, Bulgogi beef is a traditional Korean meat dish where short strips of meat are marinated in a fiery sauce and then barbecued.

Pringles introduced the Bulgogi Beef flavor chips only in Japan while in some nations it was launched as a mystery flavor. 

weird pringles flavors
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The chip bottle was orange and depicts an image of a Pringle chip being barbecued. Since I already knew what a chicken-flavored Pringle chip would taste like, I was honestly excited about the beef flavor.

The chips were dusted with soy sauce, and black pepper seasoning hence they were compiled with an amalgamation of kicky flavors. 

Although I couldn’t pick up any beefy notes, the soy sauce seasoning was very prominent which makes this Pringles flavor highly addictive.

You would find a large Bulgogi beef-flavored Pringled bottle insufficient because it’s too mouth-watering.

Pringles Tom Yum Goong Soup Flavor

Here’s another Pringles flavor that’s inspired by one of the preferred soups by several people ubiquitously which is Tom Yum Goong soup.

This is a Thai soup that features shrimp in a hot and spicy broth flavored with loads of red chilies. Therefore, expect some pungent spicy savor from the Pringles chips as well. 

do they have pringles in japan
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These chips come in a purple-colored bottle with a Tom Yum Goong soup bowl in the front. I had great expectations for this flavor and they were met.

The chips were seasoned with loads of powdered chili and the shrimp paste which elevated my palate causing me to smack my lips after every bite.

The Tom Yum Goong Pringles chips were tantalizing and can overpower most Pringles flavors in Japan.

Pringles Napoli Cheese Pizza Flavor

Pizza-flavored snacks are prevalent but have you ever tried Napoli cheese pizza-flavored potato chips?

Well, Pringles has launched the Napoli Cheese pizza flavor in its Passport Flavors series and it’s one of the longed-for flavors across the globe. The can is green colored and shows a cheese pizza illustration on the side. 

hot pringles flavors
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The fragrance of the potato chips was nothing but cheesy goodness. Even from miles apart, you can identify the cheese scent and the chips sit well on your tongue just melting in your mouth instantly.

The crisps were dusted with cheese powder which gives them a sour and subtly sweet piquancy. 

Albeit the original Napoli pizza includes tomato sauce, I couldn’t pick any tomato flavor in the chips. However, if you’re a cheesy snack aficionado then you’ll absolutely love the Napoli cheese pizza flavor from Pringles. 

Pringles Premium Black Truffle Flavor

The hype regarding black truffles doesn’t seem to cease hence Pringles took the time and effort to release Premium edition potato chips in the black truffle flavor.

Despite not being a fan of black truffle nuance I was yearning to give a chance to a premium can of Pringles potato chips. The can was black and bronze colored which in Pringle's defense is a premium package.

pringles type packaging
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Coming back to the flavor of the chips, they were undoubtedly seasoned with black truffle powder, although not too generously.

The pungency of the chips was similar to salty smoked mushrooms and hands down possessed that umami flavor I was looking for. 

Thank goodness the chips weren’t overpowering with the black truffle seasoning like the fragrance which was just too much for me. For those who love black truffles, these chips are an undeniable treat. 

Pringles Squid Soy Sauce Flavor

Here’s one of my favorite Pringles flavors that I wished Pringles made a regular and not a limited edition.

These potato chips come in a thankfully large blue bottle that depicts a Pringle chip in between a grilled squid and a splash of soy sauce on top.

The potato chips are indeed seasoned with soy sauce and the pungency of grilled squid is prominent as well.

flavors in pringles
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As I tasted the first Pringle chip, my taste buds just exploded. The umami piquancy of the grilled squid on the chips was phenomenal and not to mention the soy sauce seasoning which enhanced the overall savor of the potato chips. 

They’re so tempting that I could fly to Japan just to get them. The slight hint of sweetness from the squid and the salty and savory notes from the soy sauce just make these potato chips an accompaniment to die for.  

Pringles Yuzu Citrus Sour Cream And Onion Flavor

Sour cream and onion is one of the most desired potato chip flavors for millions of people ubiquitous.

However, Pringles in Japan has presented sour cream and onion-flavored chips with a subtle tangy twist which is the smack of yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit. 

different types of pringles
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These chips come in a yellow and green colored can in which the potato chips are roasted to a bright golden color that gives them an echoing crispy texture.

The fragrance of the Yuzu Citrus Sour Cream and Onion Pringles is so refreshing like the smell of lemonade meanwhile you can visibly see the sour cream and onion seasoning dusted on the chips.

You get a petite zingy taste of the yuzu extract as well as the creamy sour cream. The onion seasoning is what gives the chips a salty and vinegary piquancy.

To make this version of yuzu citrus sour cream and onion chips stand out from the rest, the manufacturers have added a hint of spice.

If you hanker after the regular sour cream and onion Pringles chips then you’ll absolutely find the inclusion of yuzu flavor fabulous.

Pringles Cream Stew Flavor

Cream stew is a traditional Japanese dish made out of meat and veggies cooked in the creamy white roux.

This nutritious dish is now available in a Pringles flavor that has caught the attention of all health-conscious individuals to indulge in this grub.

Personally, I’m not a fan of cream stew but I was just inquisitive about how these chips would taste hence I grabbed a bottle. 

types of pringles flavors
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The odor of the chips was so rustic and smelled similar to toast. They’re very crunchy and do possess an almost realistic vegetable flavor, especially those of carrots and broccoli.

In addition, the savor of the cream is very conspicuous in the potato chips as you could instantaneously pick up the cheesy and moderately zingy notes.

They possessed an artificial chicken stock seasoning which granted the chips a light honeyed kick.

Pringles Roasted Japanese Seaweed Flavor

Nori or seaweed is extremely essential in Japan and I was over the moon when I encountered the seaweed flavor from Pringles.

The bottle was a dark green hue and it displayed a chip in the color of seaweed. I was so alarmed to find out the chips inside the bottle were also green colored. 

international pringles flavors
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I assumed the potato chips were made out of dough that was incorporated with roasted seaweed flakes, hence the earthy color.

The color of the chips wasn’t the only aspect that alarmed me but the taste as well. The roasted smoky smack of the seaweed is so distinguished and out of the world. 

The chips were seasoned with salt and pepper which complements the roasted seaweed flavor excellently.

They tantalize your taste buds after munching just a couple of chips and make you craving for more. You’ll even replace your go-to Pringles flavor if you ever devour the roasted seaweed Pringles. 

Pringles Takoyaki Flavor

If you’ve visited Japan you’ll be familiar with Takoyaki, which is a Japanese street food that’s ball-shaped and filled with diced octopus and a whole lot of other condiments.

I was unaware that a Takoyaki flavor existed in Pringles until my friend bought me one. I had high anticipation for this flavor because takoyaki is one of my favorite Japanese street foods. 

do they have pringles in japan
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Needless to mention, the potato chips were extraordinary. I sensed the grilled seaweed savor in the chips as well as the sweet and sour gingery piquancies too.

They were filled with umami flavor. However, if you’ve never had takoyaki, these chips would taste like regular seafood-flavored chips for you.

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