Suntory Boss Coffee Flavors In Japan

10 Types Of Suntory Boss Coffee Flavors In Japan

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Love on-the-go coffee? Here are the different Suntory Boss Coffee flavors that come in a can! Perfect for when you're on the go and need a quick pick-me-up! Check out our detailed reviews below!

In a busy country like Japan where people are in love and obsessed with working, caffeine through coffee is a must to jumpstart your day and to ensure a high energy level throughout the day no matter what happens.

10 Types Of Suntory Boss Coffee Flavors In Japan

This is why there are a lot of famous coffee brands and companies that the Japanese working people love and one of them is Suntory Boss Coffee. In fact, Boss Coffee is starting to gain traction and popularity abroad as well.

In this article, we’ll discuss ten special types and flavors of Suntory Boss Coffee that you’ll only find in Japan and nowhere else.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Types Of Suntory Boss Coffee Flavors In Japan

Five Original Boss Flavors

Before we get to the special and unique flavors that Suntory Boss Coffee has concocted over the years in Japan, we have to look back and discuss the original flavors that made them famous and recognized not only in Japan, but overseas as well.

The five flavors are: Boss Iced Long Black, Boss Iced Double Espresso, Boss Iced Latte, Boss Iced Caramel Latte, and Boss Iced Vanilla Latte.

The Iced Long Black tastes like the usual bold and bitter flavor but with the smooth aftertaste that will make you want to drink more. The Iced Double Espresso has a rich double shot of coffee but the combination of milk and sugar makes it perfectly balanced and not too overpowering.

Five Original Boss Flavors

The Iced Latte is creamy but not too creamy that it overpowers the coffee but the perfect mix is good for a chill day. The Iced Caramel Latte is like how the usual Caramel Macchiato in coffee shops tastes like but with a richer coffee bean flavor.

Lastly, The Iced Vanilla Latte is in the sweeter spectrum because milk is incorporated with vanilla. If you have a sweet tooth, this flavor is a must-try for you.

The packaging on the five is pretty basic to say the least with one solid color representing one flavor. The Iced Long Black has the solid black backdrop with the iconic Boss logo right at the front alongside the other writings.

The Iced Double Espresso has a solid blue color going all around the can, the Iced Latte has a light brown-ish tone all around, the Iced Caramel Latte has an orange color, while the Iced Vanilla Latte has a plain beige color going all around the can.

Boss Premium Limited

With a smaller can compared to the original Boss Coffee flavors, you just know that the Boss Premium Limited packs a caffeine punch. 

The flavor of the Boss Premium Limited has a stronger coffee roast flavor and if you’re not used to drinking coffee yet, this might be a little too much for you. For people who are looking for a quick energy boost, this is a good can to grab.

The packaging has the logo at the top and a textured red color going around the can. Writings are written around the can as well as the ingredients at the back.

Boss Ethiopia

If you like coffee that has a sweet note, but is not too sweet that it gets too overpowering to drink. We suggest you give Boss Ethiopia a try.

The flavor of Boss Ethiopia is a good mix between a good roast coffee and milky sugar. For avid coffee drinkers and lovers, this flavor might come off as a little bit too sweet for your liking, especially since its branding is a mocha blend.

The packaging on this one is fairly creative since it pictures a  sunset in the background, hinting at scenery in Ethiopia or someplace related.

Ice Boss Coffee

Again, one of the sweeter spectrum drinks of the Suntory Boss Coffee collection, the Ice Boss Coffee is considered by many as a refreshing and energizing drink.

Once you drink the Ice Boss Coffee, you’ll instantly be hit by a sweet and milky punch followed by the mildly strong and bitter coffee finish. This coffee flavor is advisable for people who are just starting to drink coffee.

The packaging on this one is creative like the Boss Ethiopia because it portrays icy mountains in the backdrop with red, blue, and white as the primary colors.

Boss Special Nine Blend

One of the more exclusive flavors of Suntory Boss, the boss Special Nine Blend is only available in Kyushu Island. Although it’s available outside the island as well, it’s way harder to get your hands on compared to the other cans.

Boss Special Nine Blend

The flavors on this one is pretty regular to say the least because it doesn’t have any overpowering element that makes it memorable. The roast is just right, the milk is just right, as well as the sweetness.

The packaging on this one is quite similar to the Double Espresso because of the solid blue backdrop.

Boss Five Star Blend

Just like the Boss Premium Limited, the can is small as well compared to the normal flavors of Suntory Boss. Which we all know means that it packs a strong taste and flavor.

The flavor for the Boss Five Star Blend is strong to say the least, the roast coffee flavor almost tastes burnt at some points of the drink. It’s definitely not a good coffee to drink if you’re not used to the bitterness.

The packaging is blue combined with gold alongside five gold stars at the top of the can.

Boss Demitasse Grande

Again, one of the smaller cans in the wide array of Suntory Boss Flavors in Japan, the Boss Demitasse Grande packs a strong caffeine punch that will surely energize you throughout the day.

Boss Demitasse Grande

The flavor on the Boss Demitasse Grande is very strong indeed but it’s beautifully combined with sugar and milk that even though it’s bitter, the taste is still as addicting.

The packaging on this one combined gold with red in the middle of the can. The iconic boss logo is still seen in the top of the red label right before it meets with the gold line.

Boss Roast Factory

If you want to keep on trying new coffee flavors from Boss Suntory, the Boss Roast Factory is still a part of the list but we’re not really a big fan of the aftertaste.

Boss Roast Factory

The flavor is pretty solid in the first second because of the strong roast coffee flavor, but it has a weird aftertaste that we can’t really describe if it’s sour or soapy. Nevertheless, it’s definitely not our favorite in the list.

The packaging on this one is like a wooden plank with the textured wood color and grains going all around the can with a large Boss logo at the top.

Boss Premium - The Latte

We had a lot of expectations for this Latte flavor since it’s branded as a premium, but even though it tasted good, it’s not as special or premium as we thought it was.

The flavor is a little bit too watered down and it’s not as milky as we expected. The roast was fair and medium, but it could’ve been stronger to mix well with the watery feel of the coffee. This could be a good coffee to start for people who don’t drink coffee as much.

The packaging on this one is premium indeed with a patterned can design alongside white and gold color combinations. Gold stripes are on bottom and top, with white covering the patterned can design.

Boss Melting Ice Latte

We saved the best for last to make your reading worthwhile as the Boss Melting Ice Latte is our favorite pick in this list. The flavors are just right and you’ll definitely find yourself looking around a nearby convenience store to get your second can for the day.

The flavor of Boss Melting Ice Latte is just perfect for a chill day, the bitterness of the roast fits perfectly with the sweet milky concoction that makes drinking it very addicting. Although it’s not advisable for people who aren’t a fan of sweeter coffee drinks.

The packaging has a big text in the middle with a beautiful illustration o the coffee in a glass at the bottom of the can.

10 Types Of Suntory Boss Coffee Flavors In Japan

Indeed if you’re in need of a quick energy boost to brighten your day, a good coffee can go a long way. This is what Suntory Boss Coffee can do for you, and it’s very convenient too because you don’t have to wait for it to be brewed since it’s canned and ready to drink.

The next time you visit Japan, make sure to go to your local convenience store or grocery to look for these special flavors and to give them a try.

We hope that this article has been helpful in determining and reviewing ten different types and flavors of Suntory Boss Coffee that you’ll only see in Japan.

Thank you and see you in our next posts!

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