How Much Does Ramen Cost In Japan? Price & Tips!

How Much Does Ramen Cost In Japan? Price & Tips!

06 June 2024Jon Ng

When you have never been to Japan, you probably don’t know how popular ramen is in this country.

Right after sushi, ramen is the most famous dish here.

You will find instant ramen in every convenience store, while most of the restaurants have ramen on their menu.

If you visit this beautiful country, it is a must-try dish without any doubt.

Now, come to the main point, do you know the price of ramen in Japan?

I assume you don’t.

Well, that’s why I am here for you. And today, I will let you know the answer to this question: how much does ramen cost in Japan?

From instant to high-end restaurant ramen, you are gonna have a broad knowledge about its price.

So, let’s dig into the delicious world of ramen without any delay.

Ramen Cost In Japan: From Supermarket to Luxury Restaurant

How much does ramen cost in Japan?

The average price of a bowl of ramen in Japan ranges from ¥500 to ¥1,200. The cost can vary depending on the type of ramen, the location of the restaurant, and the quality of the ingredients.

  • Cheap ramen: You can find bowls of ramen for as little as ¥500 in small, no-frills restaurants. These ramen shops are often popular with locals and offer a basic, but satisfying, bowl of ramen.
  • Mid-range ramen: For a more upscale bowl of ramen, you can expect to pay between ¥800 and ¥1,200. These restaurants often use higher-quality ingredients and offer a more creative menu.
  • Expensive ramen: There are also a number of high-end ramen restaurants in Japan that charge upwards of ¥1,500 for a bowl of ramen. These restaurants use the finest ingredients and offer a truly unique dining experience.

Here are some examples of the average price of different types of ramen in Japan:

  • Shoyu ramen: ¥600-¥800
  • Miso ramen: ¥600-¥900
  • Tonkotsu ramen: ¥700-¥1,000
  • Shio ramen: ¥500-¥700
  • Spicy ramen: ¥800-¥1,000

In this writing, I will mention ramen noodles cost according to different places in Japan.

Ramen in japan

Before going into the details, I wanna say that the prices mentioned here may vary from time to time.

Yet, these costs are from our most recent research, and you can expect similar expenses or slight changes.

First, let’s know how much ramen costs in the supermarket.

Ramen Price in Supermarket

According to the brand, the cost of ramen varies. Even though the noodles are the same, the price might be higher if you buy a reputed brand like Harrods.

The following price is taken from a well-known local supermarket.

Five-pack ramen with sachets of flavor:
Regular brand: ~ 190 yen ($2).
Fancy brand: ~ 400 yen ($4).
Two-pack ramen with sachets of flavor:
Regular brand: ~ 100 yen ($1).
Posh brand: ~ 220 yen ($2).

The above price includes noodles and flavors, and you have to add your own toppings like meat or vegetables.

instant cup ramen
Cup noodles price:
Cup Noodles (87g): ~ 130 yen ($1.5).
Mini cup noodles (36g): ~ 105 yen ($1).
Homebrand cup noodle replica: ~ 80 yen (0.5 cents).
Instant ramen cost:
Luxury brand: ~ 200 yen. ($2).
Other inexpensive brands: ~ 100 ($1).

Price of Convenience Store Ramen

As Japan is a busy country, and most employees don’t have enough time to prepare dinner, a convenience store is their way out.

Unlike a supermarket, these stores are less crowded and equipped with facilities like pouring hot water from a machine on your cup and instantly enjoying it sitting on the counter.

convenience store

And that's why the price of ramen from a convenience shop is a bit higher in Japan.

Anyway, if you don’t know how to use these machines and ask them to add the water, they will kindly do it for you.

Cup Noodles (36g): ~ 170 yen ($1.5).
Instant ramen: 200 to 250 yen ($1.5 to $2.5).
Fresh ramen with vegetables & meats: 450 to 500 yen ($4 to $5).

Price of Ramen At Ichiran (Chain Store)

The most famous choice among tourists to enjoy a bowl of ramen is a chain store, such as ichiran. These are well-known all over Japan.

In case you don’t know, Ichiran Ramen is a popular food-service business specializing in tonkotsu ramen.

In these shops, the average price of a bowl of ramen is approximately 890 yen ($8). And if you want to add anything extra, the cost will be higher.


Since the $ currency changes from time to time, expect a slight difference in USD cost.

Ichiran offers a special menu and a regular menu.

The items on the special menu will charge about 1500 yen ($13.5), and for the regular one, you have to pay nearly 890 yen ($8).

ichiran ramen restaurant

I will say if you are not in a mood to look for a small local shop, chain stores will be the best option to enjoy this mouth-watering dish.

By the way, besides ichiran, there are many other ramen chain stores in Japan.

Look below to know their price.

Chain Store Name Price
Kurumaya Ramen
640 to 1,230 yen ($6 to $11).
Ramen Kagetsu Arashi
~ 700 yen ($6.5).
300 to 500 yen ($2.5 to $4.5).
400 to 600 yen ($3.5 to $5.5).
Ramen Hidakaya
400 to 600 yen ($3.5 to $5.5).

I want to mention that the above price will vary according to the region as not every place has the same demand.

Hence consider the above price list as a rough guide.

Ramen Price in A Cheap Shop (Roadside Or Standing Stall)

Some people have a question in their mind like, is ramen cheap in Japan?

And the short answer is yes if you go to a cheap store to eat them.

The average price of a cheap ramen bowl is about 300 yen ($2.5), and if you take extra toppings, add 50 to 100 yen.

The best part about these shops is you will find them easily all over japan.

roadside japanese food stall

So, if you want to taste something delicious without spending less, look forward to this type of shop.

But, keep in mind that these shops have huge demand. That’s why they serve dishes quickly, and you have to eat fast and leave to give space to others.

Cost of Ramen At A Family Restaurant

As ramen is a traditional Japanese meal, almost every restaurant serves this delicious food with nutritious toppings.

However, Japan’s family restaurants menu offers fewer variants of ramen. Still, you will find several options to choose from.

japanese restaurant

In the following table, I have listed some renowned restaurants in Japan with their ramen bowl price.

Restaurant Name Ramen Bowl Type Price
Shoyu Ramen Set (with fried chicken & rice)
~970 yen ($8.50) (inc. Tax).
Tanmen Bowl (Tanmen is a kind of ramen)
~699 yen ($6) (exc. Tax ).
Tanmen Bowl
~799 yen ($7) (exc. Tax ).
Serves various ramen dishes
500 to 800 yen ($4.5 to $7) (exc. Tax).

Festival Ramen Price in Japan

As Japan has a great history of cuisine, various food-based festivals take place here. And ramen is not an exception.

One of the famous celebrations is called The Ramen Girls Festival.

Wait, if you are a man, are you not welcome to this feast?

Don’t worry, boy!

Unlike the name, there is no gender barrier, so be relaxed.

When I went to this fair in 2016, I was able to grab a bowl for 800 yen at the end of the event.

However, in 2017, dishes were sold at 900 yen. So, the cost may vary from time to time.

Ramen noodles

Another festival called The Tokyo Ramen Show sells them for 850 yen. It is held around late October or early November annually.

And The Sapporo Ramen Show sells a bowl for 800 yen.

Expect a similar price at the Ramen Matsuri (Nagoya), Machida Ramen Festival (Tokyo), and Ramen Expo (Osaka).

Cost of Ramen At A Luxury Restaurant

The concept of expensive ramen is not that popular in Japan because it is a food that everyone should enjoy without any barrier.

But, luxury restaurants are usually nice in decoration and have a friendly atmosphere.

There you can sit for hours and enjoy conversation with your companion and taste your food without needing to leave any time soon.

So, I will recommend going to a luxury restaurant when you want to eat this yummy food in serenity.

The average price of ramen noodles is around 2,000 yen ($18), but expect cost variation at different places.

Ramen with various toppings

For example, a restaurant that often pops up in a luxury ramen search is Suzuran (located in Ebisu, Tokyo), whose seafood wonton ramen costs nearly 2,000 yen.

Another restaurant called Tohryu, a Chinese Restaurant situated in the west of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, has a dish on their menu with a price of 9,000 yen.

But, with enough knowledge of Japanese dishes, I think that is soba noodles rather than ramen.


The biggest distinction between soba noodles and ramen is the flavor. While ramen is usually made with wheat flour, soba noodles are mainly made with buckwheat.

Well, if you are on a budget, I suggest you go to a cheap Michelin restaurant or shop in Tokyo if you stay in this city.

In those restaurants, the dish is delicious, and the bill will be around 1,000 yen which is a good deal.


One of the most prominent Michelin star restaurants in Tokyo is Tsuta Ramen.

Yet, if you search for the cheapest option, my next segment has the solution.

Where to Eat Fresh Ramen Under 500 yen in Japan?  

Our recommendation for eating cheap but good fresh ramen in Japan is Seiya (せい家). A bowl of ramen in Seiya costs only 500 yen (that’s about 5$). Get the signature tonkotsu soup broth which is absolutely delicious. 

The ramen here includes a slice of pork belly, nori (dried edible seaweed), spinach, and a hearty pork, chicken, and soy sauce soup broth. All of this is for 500 Yen, or about $4.50 USD.

For an extra 60 yen you can add a boiled egg to your ramen. 

How Much Does Ramen Cost in Tokyo?

The price of ramen in Tokyo can be anywhere between $3 - $10 on average. It all depends from where you’re eating. The ramen from local street stalls or small restaurants will be much cheaper than bigger, fancier restaurants in Tokyo. 

Here are some affordable Tokyo ramen restaurants you can check out:


Located on the side street of Sensoji, Ramen-tei is a famous Asakusa ramen shop that has been highlighted in various media outlets for its superior taste and price.

The noodles are easy to gulp, so feel free to slurp away.

This place is one of my dearests, and I often go there to eat a bowl of ramen with wonton dumplings.

Ramen with dumplings

So, I suggest you try their ramen at least once when you are in Tokyo.

For your kind information, the seats inside are limited and as many tourist attractions surround it, expect a crowd.

Price: 450 to 950 yen ($4 to $8.5).
Business Hour: Monday to Friday (11 AM to 8.30 PM).
Address: 1-39-9 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo.


Near Grand Hyatt, one of the romantic hotels in Japan, Kourakuen is a great restaurant to enjoy a bowl of ramen.

I have tried their creamy rich chicken plain hot water ramen, which was only 640 yen ($5.5), and I was speechless by the amount and the taste.

creamy ramen

It was truly delicious, and I was pleased by their quick service (they took only 5 minutes to serve after the order).

Price: 580 to 880 yen ($5 to $8).
Business Hour: Monday to Sunday (8.00 AM to 10.00 PM).
Address: 7-14-13, Roppongi, Minato 106-0032 Tokyo Prefecture.


Fukushin is a popular restaurant because of its hand-made noodles, which taste fantastic with the soup.

The portion of ramen is perfect for one person, but if you find it large, you can ask for a smaller amount too.

They have around 33 stores in Tokyo, so check out the link and find the nearest store from you and their business hours.

Price: 390 to 710 yen ($3.5 to $6.5).
Business Hour: Varies according to different stores.


Want cheap and delicious tonkotsu ramen!!

Then, Fukunoken is your way out.

Even though most of the inexpensive ramen uses a soy-sauce based soup, this shop breaks the mold by serving a hot bowl of tonkotsu ramen.

tonkotsu ramen

Located nearby the Akihabara station, this ramen shop can be worth stopping by to order one of Tokyo’s affordable ramen.

Price: ~ 390 yen ($3.5).
Address: Japan, 101-0025 Tokyo, Chiyoda City, Kanda Sakumacho, 1 Chome−1.


When you enter Hisago-dori from the Hanayasaki theme park entrance, you may come across a huge sign written: “320 Ramen” hanging at the entrance of Raamenmen.

The dishes they serve are just chef’s kisses in terms of price and also addictive that you will keep wanting more.

Price: ~ 320 yen ($3).
Business Hour: 11:00 AM to 4.00 PM.

Since I have only mentioned the cheap ramen shop in Tokyo, don’t assume you can’t find one outside the capital.

From the roadside to fine dining in each city, you will find a ramen shop everywhere.

Tips for Eating Ramen in Japan

Almost every ramen shop in Japan has a vending machine ordering system. These machines show the prices on display for all types of ramen bowls they have.

Hence, you can browse it before going into the shop. I will suggest you look at the varieties of options they serve.

Don’t worry if you face difficulties operating the machine. As Japanese people are very friendly, you can ask for help without hesitating.

Also, most Japanese don’t speak English, especially the older generation.

However, young people can communicate with foreigners, so it would be better to approach them.

Or, you can use a translation app.

By the way, remember that most of the old-fashioned ramen shops only accept cash, while some have upgraded their system to accept cards.

So, I recommend you carry both cash and a card.

I have informed you everything regarding ramen prices from store ramen cost, a packet of ramen noodles cost, instant cup ramen price, and restaurant ramen price in Japan.


As a big ramen enthusiast, I always try to eat various ramen bowls with meat and vegetables.

And it makes me happy that I could share my knowledge about this yummy food with you today.

Do you remember how we met? Okay, let me remind you.

You searched the question on the internet, how much does ramen cost in Japan?

Then we collide.

What!! Did you think we met in person? Obviously no!

Anyway, joke aside.

As you already know the answer to your question, it’s time to say goodbye.

Lastly, thank you for staying with me till the end.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the most popular ramen in Japan?

Shoyu ramen is the most popular ramen found in Japan wherever you go. Shoyu basically means soy sauce.The broth of this ramen can be clear-brown or darker and cloudy and is flavored with soy sauce. 

How much is ramen in Japan in USD?

The prices of ramen in Japan vary depending on where you’re eating from. Ramen in Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores can cost around 2$ - 5$. In Japanese chain ramen restaurants like Ichiran ramen it can cost anywhere between 3$ - 11$. Ramen served at small shops or street stalls in Japan can cost around $2- $3. In bigger family restaurants in Japan, ramen can cost around $4 - $8.

In a more luxurious Japanese restaurants the cost of ramen may start at around $8 and above. 

How much is cup ramen in Japan?

The average price of a cup of ramen in Japan is around ¥170. However, the price can vary depending on the brand, the flavor, and the location. For example, a cup of Nissin Cup Noodles costs around ¥170, while a cup of Maruchan Ramen costs around ¥150.

Cup noodles with more premium ingredients, such as seafood or pork, can cost upwards of ¥200.

Here are some of the most popular cup ramen brands in Japan and their average prices:

  • Nissin Cup Noodles: ¥170
  • Maruchan Ramen: ¥150
  • Indomie: ¥130
  • Sapporo Ichiban: ¥160
  • Choyoyo: ¥140

How much is a bowl of ramen in Tokyo?

Typically, a decent bowl of shoyu ramen will cost 800 yen ($7) in the old neighborhoods in Tokyo.

Popular chain shops set their price between 1,000 to 1,500 yen ($9 to $13).

A fancy bowl with thicker broth and variant ingredients that match the luxurious meal will cost nearly 2,500 yen ($22).

What's the most expensive ramen?

Gumshara, a Sydney ramen institution, has created an expensive ramen dish that costs $400 per bowl!

It’s called the “Rags to Riches Ramen” which is made from 15kg lobster and pork bones.

The toppings & decoration include traditional ramen garnishes, a whole tempura lobster, golden noodles, and a golden dragon’s head.

Are ramen noodles bad or good for your health?

Although instant ramen noodles have iron, manganese, and vitamin B, they lack protein, fiber, and other essential minerals.

Also, ramen is a source of high sodium, and if you consume too much, it can negatively impact your health.

So, it is indeed unhealthy to eat them on a daily basis.

But, the good thing is, there are healthy ramen noodles too that have chicken, shrimp, and other protein sources as toppings.

Yet, I will suggest not to eat them more than once or twice a week.

How many calories are in a bowl of ramen?

A standard bowl of shoyu ramen carries around 700 to 800 kcal. The rich pork broth used per serving in tonkotsu dishes contains about 900 kcal.

Additionally, miso ramen averages nearly 800 to 900 kcal.

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