Which Shopping App Is Best In Japan? | 7 Amazing Japanese Online Shopping Sites And Apps!

12 March 2024Shopify API

Looking to shop online in Japan? Here are the best shopping apps in Japan you should try!

Navigate Japan's dynamic retail landscape with our guide to the best shopping apps in the country. These apps offer a seamless blend of convenience, variety, and exclusive deals, transforming your smartphone into a virtual mall.

We'll help you pinpoint the app that best suits your shopping style and needs in Japan's fast-paced market.

My Favorite Japanese Online Shopping Sites and Apps 

Amazon Japan

When it comes to shopping online, the first website that comes to our mind is Amazon. It’s understandable why because Amazon is one of the most credible online shopping sites that offer a vast plethora of goods for an affordable price and even the shipping charges are quite affordable as well, depending on where you live. 

Amazon is a global online shopping site that operates in several countries including Japan. On Amazon Japan, you’re more likely to find authentic Japanese goods, unlike on any other website. 

You’ll find a massive collection of items from household items, clothing, Japanese skincare products, stationery items, electricals, foods, books, anime, manga, etc on Amazon Japan.

What I really love about Amazon Japan is that there’s an English-translated page for non-Japanese speakers hence you won’t be missing out on anything. 

The collection of goods available on Amazon was quite affordable to me rather than most Japanese online shopping sites I’ve tried. 

In addition Amazon ships internationally and you know that Amazon shipping is credible because no matter where you’re you’ll get your goods delivered on time and without any damages.

Check out on Amazon Japan


Another Japanese online shopping website that’s worth talking about is Rakuten. Rakuten Japan has been specializing in the field of online shopping websites for nearly 25 years. 

Rakuten has a massive customer base in Japan who are loyal to the online shopping site for multiple reasons. 

The first and foremost reason is the customer-friendly aspects of the website itself. 

Rakuten provides rewards to customers after every purchase and these rewards are loyalty points that can be used on your next purchase as a deduction on your receipt. 

Hence, customers are allowed to purchase any item they want and get a nice offer on their total bill. 

The genre of goods available on Rakuten Japan is overwhelming as you’ll find everything you need such as clothing, cosmetics, electrical appliances, books, games, drinks, foods, tools, toys, etc. I was able to purchase denim pants for a reasonable price on Rakuten Japan and was impressed by the quality. 

Rakuten also provides international shipping to most countries for affordable rates and if you’re shopping on Rakuten for the first time, you’re eligible for 50% off shipping rates. 

How cool is that?

Check out Rakuten

I Rose Japan

Since most online shopping websites offer a vast array of products their quality can vary and you can’t always ensure to see high-graded and authentic products especially when it comes to leather goods. 

It ain’t easy to find authentic leather products online, however, don’t let that discourage you from visiting “I rose” which is a Japanese online shopping site for premium leather products.

I rose offers products made from the best leather such as wallets, bags, key holders, satchels, card cases, ID cases, etc. 

I rose Japan has also become unique with their set of leather collections by adding bowls and coasters made out of leather to their set of products. 

The wallets and bag selections are varied hence you can find countless designs that are trendy and classy for both men and women.

The leather products are not just available in black or brown colors but in a variety of other bright colors like yellow, pink, teal, indigo, gray, etc. 

Since the products are made from superior quality leather, the prices can be expensive yet it’s worth it because you won’t be seeing your wallets wearing off anytime soon. 

In addition, I rose provides international shipping to most countries as well so no matter where you’re, you can get your goods delivered to your doorstep without a hassle.

Check out Irose Japan

Locondo Japan

Locondo is another trustworthy Japanese online shopping site that has to offer us a large surfeit of fashionable goodies. If you’re a fashionista or an influencer then you might require extravagant clothing that not just looks good but feel comfortable to wear. 

You’ll find an abundance of clothing options for a reasonable price range on Locondo Japan.

Locondo is the ideal online shopping site to get the trendiest clothes, accessories, and footwear if you want to flaunt your stunning style. 

You don’t have to worry about not finding what you want on Locondo because they have every nook and cranny you need. From men’s clothing to women’s, boys, girls, sports clothing, and whatnot. 

For women’s clothing Locondo offers t-shirts, pants, skirts, innerwear, shoes, bags, cosmetics, wallets, etc and for men’s clothing Locondo offers t-shirts, jackets, shirts, boots, wallets, etc.

Locondo also provides products from premium brands like Adidas, Reebok, Charles & Keith, Fabio Rusconi, etc. 

The most admirable aspect of Locondo is they provide a wide range of products hence customers can choose from according to their budget and preferences. 

Locondo provides international shipping to most countries across the globe for affordable prices. There’s a 30% off sale for sneakers on Locondo, hurry up and check it out!

Check out Locondo 


Zozotown is one of the widely used online shopping sites in Japan that consists of top-quality products for reasonable rates. 

If you’re shopping with a tight budget then Zozotown is the ideal shopping site for you to get what you need and not worry about paying in excess afterward.

Like most e-commerce shopping sites, Zozotown offers an abundance of products such as clothing, accessories, footwear, household goods, cosmetics, hair care, perfumery, books, etc. 

These products are available for men, women, and even kids as well. Top brands like Nike, New Balance, etc have made their products available on Zozotown hence you can even buy branded items on this site. 

The most lovable aspect of Zozotown is its affordability and the regular promotions it offers for its customers.

It also makes it convenient for international customers with its English site and the way the products are categorized lets the customers choose what they prefer without a hassle. 

You can purchase your favorite products on Zozotown and get them delivered to your doorstep regardless of your location. To get your hands on the trendiest fashion clothing visit the Zozotown website.

Check out Zozotown 

24h Cosme

Are you afraid of purchasing cosmetics on online shopping sites that may come from unknown sources? Then it’s best you check out 24h Cosme Japan which offers you the best cosmetic products that offer protection for your skin.

24h Cosme is one of the popular Japanese cosmetic brands in the market that has the utmost concern for its customers. Cosmetics at 24h Cosme are 100% manufactured from plant extracts to ensure customers feel comfortable and safe while applying them. 

You can deal with broken packages and damaged goods but never compromise your health and beauty for anything else. That’s why 24h Cosme is the ideal place to get your makeup and cosmetics. 

24h Cosme provides a variety of makeup products from foundation sticks, color makeup, creams, concealers, mascaras, and even makeup tools like brushes, puffs, etc.

All of these cosmetics and skin care products available on 24h Cosme are priced decently and they’re definitely worth the try if you’re concerned about the quality and safety standards of cosmetics available online. 

Order your preferred makeup collection on 24h Cosme and get them delivered to your doorstep.

Check out 24h Cosme 


Mercari is another credible Japanese e-commerce website to get all your favorite goodies. 

Mercari offers countless products on its shopping site such as clothing, accessories, gaming and anime merchandise, cosmetics, electrical appliances, makeup tools, footwear, etc. 

However, you’re more likely to find more apparel and clothing on Mercari because that’s what they’re specialized in. 

Mercari can help you get the latest fashionable clothes that are trending in Japan and worldwide. They make sure to update their website with the newest and sophisticated trends that are popular around the world. 

It’s also worth talking about the price range of the products offered by Mercari. You’ll find from the cheapest items to the most expensive as well hence you have the options to spend as you wish on Mercari.

Mercari also provides international shipping options to most countries worldwide.

Check out Mercari

Best Japanese Online Shopping Sites: FAQs

Where do Japanese people buy online?

The online shopping sites used by Japanese people to purchase their goods online are Amazon Japan, Rakuten, I ro se Japan, Locondo Japan, Zozotown, 24h Cosme, and Mercari. These online shopping websites offer a large variety of items from clothing to accessories, perfumery, cosmetics, household items, footwear, etc.

Is online shopping popular in Japan?

Japan is home to several e-commerce businesses that provide products to customers in an affordable price range. The number of online shopping sites is growing in Japan and the market for online businesses is thriving. Some of the popular online shopping sites in Japan are Amazon Japan, Rakuten, Locondo Japan, Zozotown, 24h Cosme, Mercari, and I ro se Japan.

Is Rakuten a marketplace?

Rakuten is one of the popular online shopping sites in Japan that’s widely used by most Japanese to purchase products from day-to-day essentials, clothing, footwear, accessories, electrical appliances, and whatnot. Rakuten is sometimes referred to as the “Amazon of Japan”. 

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