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How Japanese Lose Weight Fast | 7 Japanese Weight Loss Tips

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Are you wondering how Japanese lose weight fast? Well, check out these weight loss tips that will help you understand and implement easy and quick techniques for your desired body goals. 

Are you struggling with weight issues? Do you want to start a weight loss program but are confused what to follow as the internet is loaded with a lot of information and technique. 

How Japanese lose weight fast?

Japanese lose weight fast because they eat plenty of vegetables and use a light steaming cooking method. The Japanese tend to maintain their body temperature and take half baths that help in weight loss. They consume green after meals and don’t drink any beverage in between the meals. 

Well, I can totally understand you which is why I’m writing - how Japanese lose weight fast so you can adopt their methods as it displays quick results in no time. 

You must know that Japanese are known for their slim bodies, good looking skin and shiny hair, right? Well, all thanks to their healthy habits and lifestyle. 

I was tired of my own weight issues and I tried the Japanese way. I’m astounded how well it works as I lost 14 kgs in just 3 months, naturally. 

The methods are also simple and didn’t exhaust me at all so I thought about sharing it with as many people as I can, who suffer from weight loss issues. 

Well, let’s not waste time here and move further to some useful tips on how Japanese lose weight fast so that it can help you achieve your desired and healthy body.

How Japanese Lose Weight Fast

Plenty of Veggies

How Japanese Lose Weight Fast
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This is the best secret of them if you wonder how Japanese lose weight fast. They include plenty of vegetables in their diet that are extremely nutritious, healthy, well-balanced and low in calories. 




It is loaded with antioxidants that prevents diseases and encourages good health. This is an important point on how Japanese lose weight fast.

I include lots of  healthy veggies in my diet like broccoli, kale, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, chinese cabbage etc. which contain high amounts of nutrients, vitamin C and dietary fibres that boosts weight loss and overall health. 

I was initially not fond of veggies so I turned them into healthy Japanese weight loss recipes like miso soup, salad, goma-ae Japanese greens, shabu shabu etc. 

One great tip to remember while preparing your meals is to cook the food in a light steaming method so that the nutrients aren’t lost.

Lots of veggies (especially green) can help you lose weight fast. You can also look up for Japanese weight loss drink recipes if you don’t like to eat a lot of veggies. 

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More Seafood and Less Red Meat

Try and include a lot of seafood especially fish in your diet. As you know fish is a staple for the Japanese, they eat fish in great quantities. 

I replaced fish from red meat in my diet which brought a huge change. Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that reduce body fat while red meat is high in cholesterol which is bad for our health.

Omega-3 fatty acid also made my hair lustrous and thick and my skin. Red meat leads to the risk of strokes and other risks and only leads to weight gain. 

Avoiding red meat has also cut down on excessive calories that leads to weight gain. So, always include more seafood and less red meat to meet your body goals. 

This is how Japanese lose weight fast and so can you, if you follow the rules religiously.

Acclimate the Body to the Outside Climate

japanese breathing method to lose weight
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One thing I learned when I was trying out the Japanese weight loss techniques was to keep your body temperature warm, it helps in losing weight. 

While in the western countries, we often see people eating raw vegetables, salads, juices etc as it has more nutrients but they miss out on how hard it is to digest.

The Japanese always promote cooking their food and flavouring it with miso or ginger that promotes healthy digestion. 

You can reap a lot of benefits if you stick to seasonal fruits and vegetables rather than going for frozen and unseasonal one just for namesake. 

According to the Japanese weight loss tips, you must keep a watch on how much nutrients you’re absorbing rather than how much you’re consuming. 

Make sure your system has a strong circulation and your body is warm as it is essential for body balance. 

Have raw food items during the summer months and slow cook your meals in the winter season. This is how Japanese lose weight fast and if you follow it wisely, so can you!

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Body Care Boosts Body Balance

Japanese weight loss drink
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One thing I noticed about how Japanese lose weight fast is taking a bath (not shower, mind it). It is called the “half-bath” Japanese weight loss technique. 

All you gotta do is fill the tub up to your chest level and soak in for 20 mins in 38-42 degrees. This will improve your blood sugar levels, quality of sleep, lower inflammation and also help in weight loss.

Fun fact, taking a hot water bath can burn as many calories as going for a half-an-hour walk. It is a type of passive body heating technique that can reap the benefits of weight loss. 

Taking a hot bath is one of the best ways how Japanese lose weight fast as it is easy and can be done just by relaxing. 

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Light Exercising than Heavy Exercise

Japanese weight loss tips
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Japanese lifestyle habits don’t promote people to go for heavy exercises. They do not support heavily straining yourself with weights in the gym but to be consistent and workout lightly. 

It was difficult for me to understand how people lost weight just by doing a few light exercises but I still followed their idea. 

I was surprised to see my weight go down on the weighing scale after a month of just doing basics at home. That’s when I understood how Japanese lose weight fast by doing light workouts.

Light exercise will not let you lose all the energy you acquire from food and also help in functioning. 

Try out yoga, stretching or walking for an effective change. You can also try japanese breathing method or Japanese towel method to lose weight.

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Consume More Green Tea

japanese weight loss recipes
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Green Tea is Japanese people’s favourite weight loss tonic as it works very well. Try consuming it 2-3 times a day for best results. 

I drink green tea after an hour of every meal I eat. This helps in boosting my metabolism and ensures quick digestion. 

It is packed with antioxidants that fights coronary diseases and helps in weight loss especially in the belly region. That’s how Japanese lose weight fast as green tea is always there for their help.

Also, one of the most important Japanese weight loss tips is to drink plain water first thing in the morning. It cleanses the system and results in glowing skin. 

No Water/Beverage between Meals

japanese lifestyle habits
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Don’t drink water between your meals as it slows down digestion. Water neutralizes the ph in your stomach acid and makes it hard to break the food down. 

Don’t go for caffeine related drinks as it causes dehydration. Consider a soup that will ease in digestion and also help in satiating your thirst. 

No beverage is how Japanese lose weight fast however, they do eat soup in between their meals. 

Japanese Weight Loss Products

Here are some Japanese weight loss products that will help you lose weight and reap a lot of other benefits. Check them out:

Onaka Fat Burner
lose weight japanese food

Onaka fat burner are pills that are great in taste and work well for boosting immunity, maintaining body shape, losing belly fat and waistline. 

I’ve consumed these pills during my initial weight loss journey and I was quite impressed with this product. It contains Kudzu flower which is a natural slimming agent. 

It might invoke sleeplessness if taken at night so consider taking it in the morning. Taking about 4 pills per day will produce good results very soon. 

It is also quite cheap compared to other weight loss products. This is how Japanese lose weight fast, including weight loss products with their daily lifestyle habits. 

Fine Japanese Green Tea and Coffee Diet
japanese weight loss tips

This is a great product that will let out the secret of how Japanese lose weight fast. It is made with a collaboration of various professionals for people who don’t have time to exercise. 

Take 1 stick per day for 45 days to see best results without making conscious changes in your meal plan. 

Please avoid this product if you’re pregnant or have any sickness and undergoing treatment. It contains 30 packets in one box. Complete the course of 2 boxes at least to see a change in yourself. 

ISDG Gold Enzymes Weight Loss Supplement
lose weight japanese food

This is a powder based weight loss supplement that is great for digestion because of forskohlii powder and digestive enzymes. 

The pills are designed to promote weight loss, boost metabolism and digestion. It is good for people who are obese and also people who tend to eat a lot without noticing the kind of food they’re eating.

ISDG supplement is gluten-free and vegetarian so you don’t have to worry about your dietary preference before consuming this supplement. 

It contains 232 vegetable and fruit extracts that are great for the body as well as skin. 

Nakatta Kotoni Support Diet Capsule

This is a very famous diet capsule that is gluten free and doesn't make you feel tired. Take 2 capsules per day before bed with lukewarm water for best results.

These seed capsules keep you healthy and fit. Please avoid if you’re allergy-prone as it might not suit you well. 

It is made with seeds and turmeric powder that boosts weight loss. This is a secret of how Japanese lose weight fast by eating normally and consuming supplements.

Sauna Slimming Cream Spa Gelpatch

Sauna slimming cream spa gel patch is probably the best-kept secret of how Japanese lose weight fast. I use this gel patch too and I’m literally in love with it and how it works. 

All you have to do is put the gel patch on your belly. It provides warmth (like spa) for 8 hours. 

How does it work? Well, it heats up the body and improves blood circulation and leads to cellulite decrease, sagging abdominal elasticity improvement and skin shine. 

It is harmless to our body and sticks well to support and provide warmth. It contains Capsaicin and caffeine that regulates the temperature. 

This product is a must-have. One pack contains 5 patches. You can also use it when you’re on your period to ease your cramps!

Japanese Way to Lose Weight: FAQs

How do Japanese get rid of belly fat?

The Japanese get rid of their belly fat by doing the long-breath diet by Ryosuke which involves inhaling 3 times and exhaling 7 times strongly. It is done by standing in a specific position.

What do Japanese do to lose weight?

The Japanese follow the right order of methods to lose weight and stay in shape. Firstly, they include a lot of vegetables and green leaves in their daily meal. This helps them stay healthy. The Japanese are also known to rely more on seafood rather than red meat and thus it reduces building up fat in their bodies. In addition, the Japanese consume green tea and use light cooking methods which helps them to maintain a healthy weight.

How can I lose weight fast in Japan?

The Japanese follow a long breathe diet which helps to reduce belly fat quickly. This method involves standing in a steady position and inhaling air for 3 seconds and followed by strongly exhaling for 7 seconds. This breathing exercise tends to have positive effects on losing belly fat.

Does the Japanese weight loss method work?

The Japanese weight loss method involves placing a towel behind your back and lying on your back for 5 minutes while stretching your limbs apart. This method proves to correct your posture, reduce back pain, and also reduce belly fat. When this method is followed continuously the extra fat around your waistline is said to reduce.

Does Japanese exercise really work?

The Japanese towel exercise has been proved to be efficient by several doctors and even several fitness experts. Lying on your back with a towel placed underneath your back helps you reduce belly fat, make your waistline slim and improve abs.

How do Japanese stay skinny?

The Japanese have a well-balanced and healthy diet. While rice is an important part of their diet. Each meal contains very little rice. The Japanese diet concentrates more on fruits, vegetables, and seafood. And beverages like green tea are proved to help in losing weight. Also, the Japanese practice eating only till their 80% full. And never overeat.

Can you lose weight on a Japanese diet?

You may lose weight following a Japanese diet. Their traditional diet is considered healthy and helps improve digestions as well.

What is the Japanese trick to lose weight?

The Japanese trick to lose weight is a unique breathing technique that involves you to breathe in for 3 seconds and then breathing out for 7 seconds strongly. When you breathe in, oxygen gets attached to the fat cells and break them into carbon dioxide and water. Which then is let out as carbon dioxide. So basically, certain Japanese breathing exercises can help lose weight.

What is the Japanese weight loss fiber?

Konjac plant root is popular in Japan because of its glucomannan content that aids in making foods that is low in calories. The Konjac plant root can abosrb water and turn into gel that gives you a feeling of fullness when you eat it.

Japanese Weight loss Journey

Well, if you've taken a decision to start your weight loss journey, then go ahead and please don’t step back! Now that you have all the secrets of how Japanese lose weight fast, it’ll be easier for you!

Try out the list of products that are great for weight loss and will help you in your journey. Don’t lose motivation and dedication, you can definitely do it!

Hope this article how Japanese lose weight fast helped you!

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