Japanese names meaning peace

30 Japanese Names Meaning Peace

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Here are amazing Japanese names meaning peace. Check it out!

Seeking a name imbued with tranquility and harmony? Look no further than the rich tapestry of Japanese names. Beyond literal translations, delve into characters carrying whispers of peace, evoking calmness like "shizuka" or vastness like "sora."

Discover names like "Yume" (dream) and "Haru" (spring), promising hope and new beginnings. Explore this list and find a name resonating with your unique understanding of peace.

Japanese Names Meaning Peace

Japanese Girl Names Meaning Peace

Amane (安寧)

Meaning “peace and tranquility.”

Izumi (泉)

Meaning “peaceful spring.”

Hikari (光)

Meaning “light” or “radiance,” symbolizing clarity and inner peace.

Nagomi (和)

Meaning “harmony” and “calmness.”

Shizuka (静)

Meaning “quiet” and “peaceful.”

Wataru (渡)

Meaning “to cross over,” signifying overcoming challenges and finding peace.

Natsumi (夏美)

Meaning “beautiful summer,” evoking feelings of warmth and serenity.

Haruka (春)

Meaning “spring,” associated with new beginnings and hope.

An (安)

Meaning "peace," "tranquility."

Anzu (安寿)

Meaning "peaceful longevity."

Heian (平安)

Meaning "peace" and "tranquility."

Shizuku (雫)

Meaning "droplet," evoking calmness and peace.

Yumemi (夢見)

Meaning "dreamer," signifying a peaceful and hopeful vision.

Japanese Boy Names Meaning Peace

Taihei (太平)

Meaning "great peace."

Yasumaro (安丸)

Meaning "peaceful circle," signifying harmony and unity.

Yasushi (安)

Meaning "peaceful."

Sei (静)

Meaning "quiet," "calm," "peace."

Wa (和)

Meaning "harmony," "peace."

Yasu (安)

Meaning “peace” and “tranquility.”

Taihei (太平)

Meaning “great peace.”

Haruto (晴人)

Meaning “sunny person,” radiating warmth and positivity.

Yuta (悠太)

Meaning “calm” and “great,” evoking a sense of quiet strength.

Shin (心)

Meaning “heart” and “mind,” signifying inner peace and balance.

Aki (秋)

Meaning “autumn,” representing maturity and serenity.

Kazuya (和也)

Meaning "harmony" and "peace," directly embodying the concept.

Japanese Gender-Neutral Names Meaning Peace

Rei (玲)

Meaning “crystal” or “gem,” signifying clarity and peace.

Hikaru (光)

Meaning “light” or “radiance,” symbolizing clarity and inner peace.

Makoto (誠)

Meaning “sincerity” and “truth,” implying authenticity and peace of mind.

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