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40 Japanese Names Meaning Immortal

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The concept of immortality holds deep significance in many cultures, and Japan is no exception. Numerous Japanese names carry the essence of everlasting life, eternity, or enduring spirit.

Here are 40 such names, each with its unique meaning and beauty

Japanese Names Meaning Immortal

Fudō (不動)

Immovable, unshakeable, eternal.

Fumetsu (不滅)

Indestructible, imperishable, immortal.

Fuyuki (不死)

Immortality, deathlessness.

Hisagi (久)

Long life, longevity.

Hisui (翡翠)

Jade, a symbol of immortality in Chinese mythology.

Kamatari (鎌足)

Long legs, suggesting an enduring presence.

Kazue (和数)

Harmony and number, implying lasting balance.

Kigen (紀元)

Era, epoch, signifying a timeless existence.

Kiyomi (清美)

Pure beauty, eternal elegance.

Kizuna (絆)

Bond, tie, representing an everlasting connection.

Matoi (纏)

To wear, to adorn, symbolizing an enduring identity.

Mitsuki (満月)

Full moon, a symbol of completeness and eternity.

Nagare (流)

Flow, current, suggesting a life that continues forever.

Nagisa (渚)

Shore, beach, representing an ever-present element.

Nanaho (七穂)

Seven ears of rice, signifying abundance and everlasting prosperity.

Rei (霊)

Spirit, soul, implying an existence beyond the physical realm.

Riku (陸)

Land, earth, symbolizing a grounding and enduring presence.

Sachi (幸)

Happiness, fortune, suggesting everlasting joy.

Seimei (清明)

Clear, bright, representing a life free from darkness and decay.

Senka (仙花)

Immortal flower, a symbol of eternal beauty.

Shion (紫苑)

Aster flower, said to bloom for a hundred years.

Shū (周)

Circle, circumference, suggesting completeness and endlessness.

Sōgen (蒼玄)

Deep blue, mysterious, representing an enigmatic and eternal existence.

Sora (空)

Sky, heaven, symbolizing vastness and limitlessness.

Suzaku (朱雀)

Vermilion Bird, a mythical creature associated with immortality in Chinese mythology.

Taiga (大河)

Great river, symbolizing a powerful and enduring force.

Takara (宝)

Treasure, jewel, representing something precious and everlasting.

Takehiko (武彦)

Warrior prince, suggesting strength and an enduring spirit.

Tamaki (珠姫)

Jewel princess, signifying preciousness and eternal beauty.

Toshi (年)

Year, age, representing a life that transcends time.

Tsukuyomi (月読)

Moon reader, a deity associated with the moon and immortality in Japanese mythology.

Umi (海)

Sea, ocean, symbolizing vastness and timelessness.

Wakaba (若葉)

Young leaf, suggesting perpetual renewal and vitality.

Yoru (夜)

Night, darkness, representing an existence beyond the light of day.

Yū (悠)

Long, distant, suggesting a life that stretches endlessly.

Yume (夢)

Dream, vision, symbolizing a timeless realm of imagination.

Yuki (雪)

Snow, purity, representing a life untouched by time.

Yutaka (豊)

Abundant, prosperous, suggesting a life full of blessings that last.

Zen (善)

Good, virtuous, representing a life lived with integrity and lasting value.

Zutto (ずっと)

Always, forever, signifying a love or bond that endures eternally.


These names offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Japanese culture and its fascination with the concept of immortality.

Whether you seek a name for a character, a deeper understanding of Japanese values, or simply appreciate the beauty of language, these names hold a timeless charm that resonates across cultures.

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