20 Cute Japanese Flower Names for Girl with Meaning

20 Cute Japanese Flower Names for Girl with Meaning

06 June 2024Jon Ng

Here are Japanese flower names for girl with meaning. Check it out!

A little bit of heaven just arrived on earth! Congratulations…

I know that you are looking for a beautiful name that holds a lovely meaning, and that’s why you are here.

Just like your baby's bright and smiley face, you want a name that will go well with the cheerful personality and pretty look.

And while it comes to naming a baby girl, a sweet and floral type name will be the perfect combination.

Therefore, today I am gonna introduce you to some of the best Japanese flower names for girls with their respective meanings.

Pretty Japanese Flower Names For Girl to Choose From

We, Japanese families, give a lot of consideration to names for the baby. You will find many Japanese baby girl names inspired by history, religion, and of course, from the immense love for nature.

And a floral name can emphasize the elegance of your girl.

Alright, here are some beautiful floral Japanese girl names inspired by different types of flowers found all over the country. Also, some names are not actually flower but has a similar meaning.

1. Hanami or Hana or Hanae or Hanako

Hanami, Hana, Hanako, and Hanami are beautiful Japanese names for Japanese American girls meaning flowers.

The word Hanami means flower viewing, and it’s a popular activity in Japan. During the cherry blossom season, Japanese people enjoy a hanami party under the trees of gardens and parks with friends and family.

Because of the word’s relevancy with flowers and festivity, many Japanese people name their baby girl Hanami.

Japanese Flower Names for Girl

Hana, Hanae, Hanko, and Hanami are some of the names that mean flower in Japanese.

As these are some of the most famous Japanese female names, it won’t be surprising if you meet a person with one of these names randomly.

One interesting fact is that the word Hana translates as flower, while in Korea, it means the number “one.”

In Hawaiian, this same word means “craft”; in Maori, it means “shine/glow”; in Albanian it means “the moon.”

Name: Hana, Hanae, Hanako, Hanami.
Meaning: Blossom or flower.
Pronunciation: Ha-na, Ha-na-eh, Ha-na-ko, Ha-nah-mee.

2. Sakura

Well, who doesn’t know about the famous Sakura? It is an iconic Japanese flower, widely known as cherry blossom.

We Japanese people always eagerly wait for cherry blossom season because this flower is kinda a national obsession.

WoW!! Only this word will come out from your mouth when you will see this flower all over the city and countryside of Japan. They look just breathtaking and out of a fairytale book.


So, giving your baby girl such an iconic name is like presenting her with unparalleled beauty.

By the way, just like Hana, Sakura is a common Japanese girl’s name.

Name: Sakura.
Meaning: Cherry blossom.
Pronunciation: Sa-koo-ra.

3. Ume

Ume is a female name of Japanese origin that means “Plum.”

Just like cherry blossoms, the Plum blossom is also a renowned flower. Even the tree of this flower looks like the cherry tree, and you may mistake them as the same at first glance.

Ume blossom

The Ume blossom is considered a symbol of spring and a ward against evil in Japan.

So, when the word itself has a deep meaning, it can never go wrong with your baby's name.

Even the stunning look of this flower will remind you of the prettiness of your girl.

Name: Ume.
Meaning: Plum blossom.
Pronunciation: Oo-meh.

4. Yuri

Yuri is a cute Japanese feminine name that translates as Lily.

White lilies have been recognized as a symbol of beauty and purity in women since the romantic era of Japanese literature.

Lily flower

So, it won’t be wrong if I say it is a Japanese name meaning beauty.

In addition to Japan, this name is also commonly used in Korea, Russia, Greece, and Israel, with the respective meanings, glass/crystal, farmer, and the light of God.

Name: Yuri.
Meaning: Lily.
Pronunciation: Yoo-ree.

5. Nara

In Japan, there is a place called Nara. It’s also a rare Japanese surname.

However, this name has been gaining popularity as a first name for girls. The best part of this name is that the pronunciation is simple and elegant.

I have seen many people struggling with proper pronunciation with some Japanese female names, and it is totally exceptional.

So, if you are looking for a Japanese girl's name which holds beautiful meaning and is easy to say, Nara will be an excellent choice.

Name: Nara.
Meaning: Flower from heaven.
Pronunciation: Nah-rah.

6. Kanon

“Ka” means flower or blossom in Japanese, and “non” means sound.

­­­­­This name has been in use since 1980, and less than 0.01% of baby girls' names was given Kanon in the early years of the Heisei Period (1989-2019).

Orange rose flower kanon

However, the fame of this name began to rise from over 0.015% (in 1992) to .04% (in 1994).

Following the increase in popularity, over 0.75% of girls received this name in 2007 and peaking at over 0.8% in early 2010.

In my opinion, I think it is one of the cool Japanese names for girls. And that’s the reason why many parents name their baby Kanon.

Name: Kanon.
Meaning: Flower, blossom.
Pronunciation: Kah-non.

7. Namika

If you are looking for an exceptional name, Namika will be a great choice. Speaking the truth, I have a special soft corner for this name because my niece's name is Namika.

Cute baby girl

She is such a cheerful baby, and every time I see her, an unconscious smile appears on my face. She has a delightful aura, and I think the name compliments her sweet toothless smile even more.

Name: Namika.
Meaning: Flower of the wave.
Pronunciation: Na-mi-kah.

8. Akari

Akari is a Japanese flower name appropriate for both girls and boys. Still, it is more of a feminine name.

It means brightness. If you have a theme in mind representing light, hope, and brightness, then you may name your baby Akari.

There are many famous Japanese people named Akari. Even many fictional characters of manga and anime series have this name.

So, you may guess the popularity of this floral name.

Name: Akari.
Meaning: Red plum.
Gender: Gender-neutral.
Pronunciation: Ah-kah-ree.

9. Ayame

The letter “A” of the name represents confidence, proactivity, and independence. “Y” means the person will always be away from troubles cause there is always something better to do instead of chaos.

“M” means success will come easily to you, and “E” is the mixture of romantic and expressive personality.

So, it seems like this name has both a beautiful Japanese meaning and definition.

Name: Ayame.
Meaning: Iris flower.
Pronunciation: A-ya-meh.

10. Himari

Himari means hollyhock flower or jasmine, or sunflower, depending on kanji. It also means “home of light and love” or “ball of light.”


So, it’s a name that holds not only flower in meaning but also love and brightness.

Name: Himari.
Meaning: Good hollyhock.
Pronunciation: Hee-ma-ree.

11. Akahana

Akahana is one of the top trending baby girl names in Japan. The meaning of this name in Japanese is “bright red flower” or simply “red rose”.

Baby with rose petals

It is not only an attractive name but also easy to pronounce. Even the meaning “red rose” goes perfectly with your baby girl’s cute red cheek!

Name: Akahana.
Meaning: Red and bright flower.
Pronunciation: Ah-kah-hah-nah.

12. Akina

The meaning of Akina is spring flower. It can be written with different kanji characters, which also means “bright greens,” “bright Nara,” “bright name,” “bright south,” “autumn greens,” and “autumn name.”

Well, Akina is not only a Japanese name but also a Swahili name.

In case you don’t know, Swahili is a Bantu language official in Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya. It is also spoken in many other African countries.

Okay, in the Swahili language, the name Akina means “family bond” or “solidarity.”

Name: Akina.
Meaning: Spring flower.
Pronunciation: Ak-i-na.

13. Ayaka

In Japanese, “aya” means colorful, and “ka” means flower.

This name can be written with other combinations of kanji characters with meaning, colorful summer, colorful mist, colorful wind, and more.

Name: Ayaka.
Meaning: Colorful flower.
Pronunciation: A-ya-ka.

14. Sayuri

Maybe you just welcomed your youngest child, then how about calling her “little lily.”

Yes, Sayuri will compliment a girl who is younger in the family and has a bit of naughty character.

Baby girl

There are many famous figures in Japan called Sayuri like, musician Sayuri, voice actress Sayuri Hara, and so on.

It is also widely used in India and holds the meaning “flower.”

Name: Sayuri.
Meaning: Small lily.
Pronunciation: Sa-yoo-ree.

15. Sumire

If you love the color purple and want a Japanese name meaning lovely violet, then go for Sumire.

The word (Sumi) also means clear, and (re) means “tinkling of jade.”

Name: Sumire.
Meaning: Lovely violet.
Pronunciation: Soo-mee-reh.

16. Misaki

Misaki is a prominent feminine Japanese name, which can also be used as a surname.

It is such an elegant name with the definition of beautiful bloom.

In the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s, Misaki was a highly common girls’ name in Japan.

Name: Misaki.
Meaning: Beautiful new flower.
Pronunciation: Mee-sa-kee.

17. Ran

Does your baby girl remind you of the graceful flower Orchid?

If yes, then you may name her “Ran.”

Purple and white color orchid in japan

As it’s short and simple, you can easily use it as a nickname.

Name: Ran.
Meaning: Orchid.
Pronunciation: Ran.

18. Tsubaki

Camellia Japonica is a variety of camellia flowers that is called Tsubaki in Japanese.

Camellia Japonica

Well-known personalities who have this name include Takayuki Tsubaki (Japanese actor and YouTuber) and Tsubaki Nekoi (Japanese manga artist).

Also, some fictional characters have this name, like Tsubaki Nakatsukasa from the manga series “Soul Eater” and Tsubaki Kurogane in “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.”

Name: Tsubaki.
Meaning: Camellia flower.
Pronunciation: Tsoo-ba-kee.

19. Yoshiko

Yoshiko has a variety of meanings, such as beautiful child, fortunate child, joyful child, fragrant child, etc.

Daughters and empresses of many Japanese royal family had the name, Yoshiko.

So, this name doesn’t only have a lovely meaning but also holds nobility.

Name: Yoshiko.
Meaning: Fragrant child.
Pronunciation: Yo-shee-ko.

20. Chika

Many people think of this name as strange, but opinion varies from person to person as some also find it a youthful and modern name.

Scattered flower

While using different kanji characters, the name can mean “thousand flowers,” “thousand fragrance,” and more.

Name: Chika.
Meaning: Scattered flowers.
Pronunciation: Chee-ka.

Anyway, remember that many names may have different meanings in other countries. Hence, you should check out whether the name you chose has a bad or unpleasant meaning in other languages.

But, if you only focus on the Japanese meaning, there is nothing to worry about.

Okay, besides the above-mentioned 20 beautiful Japanese girl names with floral meanings, there are some other names that you may consider too.

Name Meaning
Harmony and flower.
Scented flower.
Beautiful blossom child.
Blossom child.
Child of the plum blossom.
Little flower.
Lily child.
Child of the cherry blossom.

Traditions Behind Japanese Girl Names

Japanese girl names have a history of custom. Even if you are familiar with Japanese baby naming customs and are aware of these cultural expectations, this article will help you in selecting the ideal Japanese girl's name meaning flower.

The Japanese Alphabet

To begin with, knowing the Japanese alphabet might be helpful. Kanji, a collection of characters that provide a lovely visual depiction of each moniker, are frequently used in Japanese names. 

However, because kanji can be fairly hard, some parents prefer to utilize hiragana and katakana, which are shortened forms of kanji.

The following sample demonstrates how these various Japanese letter forms appear. When written in kanji, the Japanese girl's name Haruka can appear in a variety of ways, including this 晴香. You might use hiragana to write it, which looks like this はるか. And it is even more condensed in katakana ハルカ.

Characters, Meaning, and Pronunciation

After settling on a baby name for their daughter, Japanese parents will determine the characters, pronunciation, and meaning to utilize. Over 3,000 kanji characters are used in Japanese names for girls and boys, and when these characters are combined to create unique monikers and meanings, the possibilities are practically unlimited!

Things To Do Consider Before Choosing a Japanese Name For Girl Meaning Flower 

Flowers are not only lovely, but they may also symbolise various messages and seasonal themes in many civilizations. The 1900s saw a huge rise in floriology, often known as flower language, in both the US and the UK. People used bouquets to communicate with one another.

The term "hanakotoba" is used in Japan to describe the meanings associated with various species of blooms. A Japanese name with floral associations may have deeper significance. Additionally, regardless of the season or fashion in Japan, girl's names containing flower kanji are constantly in demand.

Before selecting a Japanese baby name, take into account the following factors. You shouldn't worry too much about them, but it's interesting to learn what Japanese parents think about while naming their children.

Do you want a traditional Japanese name or a modern Japanese American name

Aside from unique names, it's crucial to choose if you want to give your child a Japanese, English, or Japanese-English name. In our experience, Hannah is a popular name worldwide and just so happens to be a Japanese-English name, while Yuki is a Japanese name that can be used for any gender.

Do You Want A Common or Rare Japanese Name Meaning Flower

The name should ideally be short, distinct, and memorable, but if it is already widely used, it might not really make a big impression.

If you give your child an extremely unique name, it could be difficult for people to recall. Or perhaps the impact it produces on people will make it impossible to forget.


By far, I have mentioned several Japanese flower names girl. Now it’s time to take a decision on which one will finally be your daughter's name.

Again congrats, and I hope you will choose the best name for her.

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