Japanese Boy Names Meaning Wild

40 Japanese Boy Names Meaning Wild: Embrace the Untamed Spirit

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Japanese boy names meaning wild are full of adventure and excitement. Discover the different kanji characters used to create these names and their meanings, and find the perfect name for your little wild one.

Japanese boy names meaning wild are perfect for parents who want to give their child a name that evokes a sense of adventure and untamed spirit. 

These names are often inspired by nature, such as the wind, the mountains, and the sea. 

They can also be inspired by Japanese culture and folklore, such as the samurai and the ronin.

One of the most popular Japanese boy names meaning wild is Hayato. This name literally means "falcon," and it is often associated with strength, courage, and wildness. 

Other popular names include Toshiro, which means "wolf," and Kazuya, which means "wind and mountain."

When choosing a Japanese boy name meaning wild, it is important to consider the kanji characters that are used to create the name. Each kanji character has its own meaning, and the combination of characters can create a unique and meaningful name. 

For example, the name Hayato is made up of the kanji characters for "falcon" and "fly." This name suggests that the bearer is a wild and free-spirited individual who loves to explore the world.

If you are looking for a Japanese boy name meaning wild, there are many options to choose from. The names in this article are just a few examples, and there are many other beautiful and meaningful names available.

Japanese Boy Names Meaning Wild

Kiba (牙)

Meaning: Fang 

Description: Kiba is a name that evokes the image of sharp, powerful fangs. It symbolizes the strength and fierceness of a wild creature.

Hayato (隼人)

Meaning: Falcon Person

Description: Hayato is a name that signifies the spirit of a falcon, known for its speed, agility, and wild nature.

Ryuji (竜二)

Meaning: Dragon Second 

Description: Ryuji combines the powerful imagery of dragons with the adventurous notion of being second in line, making it a name for a fearless individual.

Tora (虎)

Meaning: Tiger 

Description: Tora is a strong and bold name that embodies the fearlessness and wild energy of a tiger.

Kaze (風)

Meaning: Wind 

Description: Kaze represents the free-spirited and untamed nature of the wind, which roams without boundaries.

Rikiya (力也)

Meaning: Strong-Willed 

Description: Rikiya conveys determination and resilience, qualities often associated with those who have a wild spirit.

Sora (空)

Meaning: Sky 

Description: Sora is a name that captures the vastness and boundless nature of the sky, reflecting a sense of adventure and freedom.

Shingo (慎吾)

Meaning: Genuine 

Description: Shingo represents authenticity and sincerity, qualities often found in individuals with a wild and untamed spirit.

Katsuo (勝男)

Meaning: Victorious Man 

Description: Katsuo signifies triumph and strength, traits that resonate with those who embrace the wildness of life.

Isamu (勇)

Meaning: Courageous 

Description: Isamu is a name that reflects bravery and fearlessness, qualities often associated with the wild at heart.

Kaminari (雷)

Meaning: Thunder 

Description: Kaminari embodies the awe-inspiring power and untamed energy of thunder, making it a unique name choice.

Yori (頼)

Meaning: Trust 

Description: Yori signifies trust and reliance, qualities that are essential for those navigating the wilderness of life.

Ryohei (涼平)

Meaning: Refreshing Peace 

Description: Ryohei combines the tranquility of peace with the refreshing sensation of a breeze, capturing a sense of wild serenity.

Haruki (春樹)

Meaning: Spring Tree 

Description: Haruki symbolizes renewal and growth, reminiscent of the vibrant, wild energy of spring.

Taiyo (太陽)

Meaning: Sun 

Description: Taiyo represents the radiant and untamed power of the sun, illuminating all in its path.

Kazuki (和樹)

Meaning: Peaceful Tree 

Description: Kazuki combines the serenity of peace with the strength and resilience of a tree.

Riku (陸)

Meaning: Land 

Description: Riku signifies the untamed and adventurous nature of the land, inviting exploration and discovery.

Yuto (悠斗)

Meaning: Distant 

Description: Yuto conveys a sense of distance, reflecting a longing for uncharted territories and new experiences.

Satoru (悟)

Meaning: Enlightenment 

Description: Satoru represents the pursuit of wisdom and self-discovery, qualities often found in those with a wild spirit.

Daiki (大輝)

Meaning: Great Radiance 

Description: Daiki embodies the dazzling brilliance and untamed glow that lights up the world.

Haruhiro (晴弘)

Meaning: Clear and Broad 

Description: Haruhiro signifies clarity and expansiveness, reminiscent of the wide-open spaces of the wild.

Takeshi (武)

Meaning: Warrior 

Description: Takeshi reflects the courage and strength of a warrior, ready to face any challenge in the wild.

Kohei (康平)

Meaning: Peaceful and Smooth 

Description: Kohei combines tranquility with the smooth journey through life, mirroring the calmness of the wild.

Satoshi (聡)

Meaning: Wise 

Description: Satoshi symbolizes wisdom and intelligence, traits often found in those who navigate the wilds of knowledge.

Renzo (錬三)

Meaning: Forged Third 

Description: Renzo suggests the process of forging and refining oneself, reflecting the strength and resilience it takes to survive in the wild.

Kaito (海斗)

Meaning: Ocean Constellation 

Description: Kaito represents the vastness and mystery of the ocean, embodying the wild allure of the sea.

Rokuro (六郎)

Meaning: Sixth Son 

Description: Rokuro signifies the adventurous spirit of being the sixth son, embracing individuality and uniqueness.

Hayabusa (隼)

Meaning: Falcon 

Description: Hayabusa captures the swift and untamed essence of a falcon in its name.

Jinsei (人生)

Meaning: Life 

Description: Jinsei represents the wild and unpredictable journey of life itself.

Kenta (健太)

Meaning: Healthy and Thick 

Description: Kenta embodies the robust and vigorous nature of health, a foundation for a wild and adventurous life.

Susumu (進)

Meaning: Progress 

Description: Susumu signifies the forward movement and determination needed to thrive in the wilds of life.

Tadashi (正)

Meaning: Righteous

Description: Tadashi reflects the virtue of righteousness and integrity, qualities often associated with those who uphold wild ideals.

Noboru (登)

Meaning: Ascend

Description: Noboru embodies the spirit of climbing higher, reaching for new heights, and embracing the wild challenges that come with it.

Yuuto (勇斗)

Meaning: Brave and Fight 

Description: Yuuto signifies bravery in the face of adversity, reflecting the fierce determination of a wild heart.

Shunsuke (俊介)

Meaning: Quick Help Description: Shunsuke embodies the swiftness and readiness to provide assistance, essential qualities in the wild.

Hiroshi (浩)

Meaning: Wide 

Description: Hiroshi signifies vastness and expansiveness, mirroring the boundless opportunities found in the wild.

Taiki (大輝)

Meaning: Big Radiance 

Description: Taiki radiates the grandeur and brilliance of a wild and adventurous spirit.

Ryota (涼太)

Meaning: Refreshing Thick 

Description: Ryota captures the refreshing and sturdy nature of a wild stream.

Kenzo (賢三)

Meaning: Wise Third 

Description: Kenzo symbolizes the wisdom and experience of a third-born child, ready to face the world with a wild and informed perspective.

Ryuto (竜斗)

Meaning: Dragon Fight 

Description: Ryuto combines the power of a dragon with the courage to engage in life's battles, making it a name for the bold and adventurous.


Selecting the perfect name for your child is a deeply personal and meaningful decision. These 40 Japanese boy names meaning "wild" offer a diverse range of options, each carrying its unique essence of adventure, untamed spirit, and strength. 

Whether you're drawn to the symbolism of nature, the power of mythical creatures, or the virtues of courage and resilience, you're sure to find a name that resonates with your vision of a wild and spirited future for your little one.

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