Can Unmarried Couples Stay In Hotels In Japan

Can Unmarried Couples Stay In Capsule Hotels In Japan?

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Can unmarried couples stay in capsule hotels in Japan? In this article, you will find out the truth about unmarried couples and their stay in hotels in Japan.

If you’re traveling to Japan with your fiance/fiancee, you ought to know if the laws permit unmarried couples to stay in hotels.

Unfortunately, several unwedded couples from the West refrain from traveling to Japan as they perceive Japan to be a stern conservative country. 

To put an end to this conundrum I’ve discussed what every unmarried couple should know when checking in at Japanese hotels be it a one-night stay, a week's rest, or even a couple of hours of lodging.

To make it convenient for our readers, I’ve also included highly recommended couple-friendly hotels in Japan. Read further to know more!

Can Unmarried Couples Stay In Capsule Hotels In Japan?

Yes, couples can stay in capsule hotels in Japan, although most capsule hotels are designed for single travelers. Some capsule hotels have separate sections or specific accommodations for couples, such as larger capsules or private rooms with double beds. However, it's important to check the specific policies of each capsule hotel as rules may vary regarding couples. Considering other types of accommodations like love hotels or budget hotels might also provide more amenities and privacy for couples.

Can two people sleep in a capsule hotel?

Capsule hotels in Japan are typically designed for single occupancy, with each capsule accommodating only one person. However, some capsule hotels may have accommodations that can fit two people, either through larger capsules or designated areas for double occupancy. Availability varies, so it's best to check the specific policies of the capsule hotel you're interested in. Alternatively, considering other accommodations like budget hotels or guesthouses may provide more suitable options for two people.

Can Unmarried Couples Share A Room At Hotels In Japan?

One of the radical misinterpretations of the hospitality industry is almost everyone deems it to be exclusive to married couples or families with kids.

That’s certainly not the case with a large scale of hotels in most countries, particularly in Japan.

Since Japan is an Asian nation, people in the West innately tend to think that the Japanese law and order structure doesn’t permit certain practices that may be regarded as open-minded or laissez-faire by the Western people. 

Can unmarried couples stay in capsule hotels in Japan
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Albeit, Japan is conservative in some instances, it possesses a high proportion of socially liberal values when it comes to day-to-day life.

And one such practice that’s not quite frowned upon in Japan is an unwedded couple staying in a hotel or cohabiting together in a residence. 

It is totally perfect, acceptable, and completely safe for unmarried couples to lodge in hotels or rooms in Japan. You won’t be judged or frowned upon by any of the hotel staff or visitors to the hotel in Japan for staying with your fiance/fiancee.

In fact, this is not just an amenity for unmarried tourists to Japan but also for native unwedded or no strings attached couples as well. 

There is a multitude of hotels in Japan that render services and resources for both married and unmarried couples.

Let’s check out how convenient it is for unwedded couples to stay together in Japanese hotels below.

How Laid Back Is It For Unmarried Couples To Stay In Japanese Hotels?

From my experience and based on the circumstances my friends had to undergo as unmarried couples in Japan, basically, the entire state of affairs was nothing but a subtle pleasurable time at the luscious Japanese hotels and rooms. 

When I initially arrived to check in at a renowned hotel in Tokyo city, Japan with my fiance, the staffs were indeed quite respectful and didn’t question our relationship status. 

is it safe for unmarried couples to stay in hotel
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They simply finalized the formalities for hotel check-ins and escorted us to our room without a hassle. Some of my friends also had a positive experience with the staff at their Japanese hotel who didn’t seem to even bother to ask about their purpose of visit.

Thus you have nothing to fret over when it comes to dealing with the staff in Japanese hotels regarding sharing a room with your unmarried partner.

This should also be the scenario with other guests who are at the hotel. Regardless of their nationality or marital status, they’re certainly not inquisitive to find out your marital status as well. 

In addition, even when it comes down to online booking a room for the two of you at a Japanese hotel, no queries are asked apropos of your relationship status.

However, there are certain hotels in Japan that might not promote or support the idea of unmarried couples sharing a room together. Hence let’s take a look at which hotels unwedded lovers should evade from checking in.

Do All Hotels In Japan Permit Unwedded Couples to Stay Together?

It would be far-fetched to assume that all hotels in Japan allow the stay of two unmarried adults.

Most likely there are going to be a handful of hotels that may either restrict unwedded couples to share a room together or charge more than usual if they find out that the guests are unmarried. 

This happens periodically in hotels that have a solid policy that only allows married couples or families to check-in. The reasoning behind such policies is nothing but the fear of social judgment. 

why unmarried couples are not allowed in hotels
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Remember when I said that Japan is a conservative country with liberal values? The existing conservative ideology does cause a proportion of people to be unhappy with a few liberal ideas like premarital relationships.

Hence certain hotels restrict unmarried couples from staying in just to avoid trouble and criticism while also trying to maintain their reputation of being a traditional family-friendly hotel. 

Furthermore, there are countless other hotels and rooms that provide more leeway for unmarried couples or lovers in Japan and these places are called ‘Love Hotels’.

Japan is quite famous for love hotels as the practice of couples enjoying their clandestine private time together became prevalent after World War 2.

do japanese couples live together before marriage
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These love hotels are flexible when it comes to permitting unmarried lovers to lodge. All the essentials of an erotic session are made available here and everything including the couple's identity, staff interaction, details of checking in and checking out, etc are kept discreet. 

Due to the existence of such love hotels, some regular hotels in Japan don’t see the benefit of letting unmarried couples in.

This is because some of them view unmarried couples as those who are only into temporary flings. 

However, you should be cognizant of the fact that only a minuscule proportion of ordinary hotels in Japan forbid the accommodation of lovers and unwedded couples.

In fact, this might only be prevalent in the rural sides of Japan and not in metropolitan cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, etc.

Besides, not all unmarried couples staying in hotels are looking to have a one-time pleasurable roll in the hay.

While that might be a fact in certain circumstances, most of them genuinely want a place to reside while spending their vacation in Japan.

Best Couple-Friendly Capsule Hotels To Stay In Japan

There are gazillions of couple-friendly hotels and inns all across Japan, especially in Tokyo where there is a miscellany of hotels that range from charging budget-friendly to extravagant rates. 

If you’re visiting Tokyo, then I’ve curated some of the best couple-friendly capsule hotels that charge reasonable rates for a night's stay. We've also recommended a few noncapsule hotels in Japan that welcome unmarried couples. Check them out below!

First Cabin (Multiple Locations)

First Cabin offers a unique concept combining the compactness of a capsule hotel with the comfort of a first-class cabin on an airplane. Some locations have larger cabins called "Premium Class" that are designed for couples.

The Millennials Shibuya (Tokyo)

The Millennials Shibuya is a stylish and modern capsule hotel with a trendy atmosphere. They offer "Smart Pods" that are larger than traditional capsules and have more privacy. Couples can book two adjacent Smart Pods for a more comfortable experience.

Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya (Tokyo)

Nadeshiko Hotel is a women-only capsule hotel, but they have a separate section called "Male Accompanied Stay" where couples can stay together. It provides private rooms with a double bed and offers a cozy and comfortable environment.

Nine Hours Woman Kanda (Tokyo)

Nine Hours Woman Kanda is a women-only capsule hotel but allows couples to stay together. They provide a double bed capsule option for couples, ensuring a more spacious and comfortable sleeping arrangement.

Nadeshiko Hotel Kyoto (Kyoto)

Similar to Nadeshiko Hotel in Tokyo, Nadeshiko Hotel Kyoto is a women-only capsule hotel that has a "Male Accompanied Stay" section where couples can stay together. They offer private rooms with a double bed and provide a pleasant experience.

Shinagawa Prince Hotel

Shinagawa Prince Hotel is located in proximity to the commercial zones of Tokyo city and not too far away from the Shinagawa railway station plus it also has easy access to the airport.

This 3-star hotel has over 4 stars due to its outstanding amenities such as spacious rooms in pristine condition, delicious food, a swimming pool, free parking and WiFi, a bowling center, a theatre, etc. 

hotels for unmarried couple
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Its vicinity to restaurants, cafes, shopping centers, department stores, and entertainment zones makes Shinagawa Prince Hotel an exceptional hotel for couples to check in.

In fact, Shinagawa Prince Hotel is highly rated and recommended by couples, married or unmarried, due to the reasons I’ve discussed above.

However, the only downside is, the hotel gets occupied with numerous guests hence check-in and check-out can be time-consuming.

Address - 4 Chome-10-30 Takanawa, Minato City, Tokyo 108-8611

Contact No - +81 3-3440-1111

Website -

Tokyo Prince Hotel

The Tokyo Prince Hotel is one of the renowned hotels for tourists in Tokyo. This hotel is just a kilometer away from the Hamamatsucho Station and just a few blocks away from the Tokyo Tower. The Tokyo Tower is the scenic view that’s visible from the Tokyo Prince Hotel. 

do japanese couples live together before marriage
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This luxurious hotel renders ample rooms for couples that make available comfy beds, air-conditioned rooms, well-maintained washrooms, and top-notch room service.

The staff at Tokyo Prince Hotel are fluent in English thus we had no communication barriers. In addition to that, the hotel also provides delectable food, free parking, a gym, and high-end bar services. 

Similar to the Shinagawa Prince Hotel, the Tokyo Prince Hotel is also in the vicinity of countless tourist attractions sights such as the Tokyo Imperial Palace, Shiba Park, and Plum Garden as well as restaurants, convenience stores, department stores, tennis courts, parks.

Due to its deluxe services, the rates charged by Tokyo Prince Hotel are quite expensive.

Address - 3 Chome-3-1 Shibakoen, Minato City, Tokyo 105-8560, Japan

Contact No - +81 3-3432-1111

Website -

Hotel Keihan Tsukiji Ginza Grande

This is a 5-star deluxe hotel located in the heart of Chuo City in Tokyo. It’s sited close to the Tsukiji subway station and 4 km away from Tokyo Tower.

For a 5-star hotel, Keihan Tsukiji charges reasonable fares compared to most 4 and 5 stars hotels in Tokyo. 

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Thus if you’re traveling on a budget with your significant other, the Keihan Tsukiji hotel can hand down guarantee a luscious experience for a decent price.

In fact, most couples have rated this hotel above 4.5 stars due to the flabbergasting view of the Tokyo metropolis from the air-conditioned rooms that are furnished with congenial beds, and the provision of laundry service, free Wi-Fi, and private bathrooms.

You can even find fitness centers, free parking zone, bars, buffets, vending machines, and restaurants within the hotel premises.

The staff at Hotel Keihan Tsukiji Ginza Grande are quite amicable and fluent in English. My only complaint is the hotel didn’t have a swimming pool and the poor baggage storage service.

Address – 3 Chome-5-4 Tsukiji, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0045

Contact No – +81 3-5565-1001

Website –

Can unmarried couples stay together in Japan?

Yes, unmarried couples can stay together in most accommodations in Japan without any issues. However, it's always a good idea to check the specific policies of the establishment you plan to stay at, as some may have restrictions.

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