How To Live In Japan Without A Degree | 8 Things You Can Do To Live in Japan Without A DEGREE!

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Wondering how to live in Japan without a degree? Read this blog to understand different ways to live in Japan without a degree.

Living in Japan without a degree is a path less trodden but not impossible. It requires strategic planning, a willingness to embrace unconventional job opportunities, and a zest for cultural immersion.

This guide will navigate the avenues available to those seeking to experience the Land of the Rising Sun, degree-free.

How To Live In Japan Without A Degree?

Join A Japanese Language School

You might think that moving to Japan is the most crucial element, but we’d say that learning the Japanese language is more crucial before moving to Japan itself. 

Basically, moving to a non-English speaking country is tough because you have to learn the specific language of the said country to move freely with the people and also to make it convenient for you to avoid any language barriers.

how to love in japan without degree

The Japanese language is quite intricate because it consists of different letters like kanji, katakana, and hiragana characters and it’s not easy to learn Japanese in just a short period. 

To ensure you’re not frowned upon in Japan by the locals it’s best to learn Japanese before moving to Japan.

You can do this by applying for a Japanese language course in your country where you can learn the basics of Japanese. 

It’s also an added advantage if you receive a degree or a course completion certificate from the language school because the odds of receiving a Japanese visa are high if you’re fluent in Japanese. 

Fluency in Japanese also paves the way for you to find job opportunities or apply to universities conveniently in Japan.

However, the period of learning Japanese is nearly 2 years hence it’s best to join a Japanese language school before preparing to apply for a Japanese visa.

Apply To A Japanese University

Now that you’ve learned the Japanese language you’ve got a load of academic opportunities. You can begin by applying to a renowned Japanese university to pursue any academic courses of your choice. 

This will help you earn a student visa to Japan and you can be a student in Japan without a degree.

However, this is an intricate option because applying for universities in Japan isn’t a piece of cake. There are several instances when a university might reject your application if they deem you’re unfit or if you haven’t provided the required documents to prove you’re a student.

When applying to a Japanese university as a foreign student you must have the core materials such as a passport, high school diploma, bank statements to prove you’re able to fund yourself, and also information about the academic course you wish to follow along with which university you’re applying to as well.

You also have the option of working part-time in Japan while being a student but the working hours for students in Japan are only 28 hours weekly. If you choose to work part-time then you definitely have to be proficient enough in Japanese.

Although being a foreign student in Japan is a complicated option, it’s one of the best ways to live in Japan for a while without a degree.

Apply For A Worker’s Visa

Another best way to live in Japan without a degree is to apply for a worker’s visa. Japan is a country with an aging population and a very low working population. To combat labor shortage issues, Japan has opened its doors and welcomes blue-collar workers in large numbers. 

The immigration department of Japan has planned to offer specified skills visas for foreign workers in emerging industries such as agriculture, construction, electrical equipment, machinery, hospitality, fishing, etc. 

If you don’t possess a high school or college degree then earning a worker’s visa is the ideal way to live in Japan. You can renew the worker’s visa every 2 years and continue working for the same company or apply for a new job in another company.

This will help you get employed in an ideal job based on your skill set and if you prove to be an efficient worker, there are high chances you can get permanently employed in the company. Therefore, you can live in Japan without a degree as long as the employee’s contract indicates or even longer if you renew the contract.

Move Your Business To Japan

If you’re an entrepreneur then you have the privilege of moving to another country to expand your business. And in this case, Japan is the country you wish to move to hence you can start your business in Japan by renting an office. 

To start your business in Japan, you’re not required to have a degree however, you’re required to do heavy bureaucratic work in order to obtain a business visa.

Firstly, you must prepare a pristine business plan with objectives and have a capital of 5 million yen to kick start your business. With the right documents and a huge sum of capital, you can conveniently obtain a business or a working visa in Japan.

Once your business runs smoothly and you’re confident with the market, you can renew your visa to stay longer. However, you need to ensure that you’re business is able to survive the first few months in Japan to find out if the business can be profitable in the future. 

Get A Working Holiday Visa (WHV)

This is another option where you can visit Japan to seek job opportunities and live in Japan for a short period. It’s an ideal option if you’re someone who’s a student  without a degree because working holiday visas are provided to those who are aged between 18 to 30.

However, working holiday visas usually only last for 12 months and Japan only provides such visas for selected countries like :

  1. Austria
  2. Australia
  3. Argentina 
  4. Canada 
  5. Denmark
  6. France
  7. Ireland
  8. Germany
  9. The UK
  10. Portugal
  11. Norway
  12. Hungary
  13. Slovakia
  14. Poland
  15. Iceland
  16. Spain
  17. Lithuania
  18. Netherlands
  19. Sweden 
  20. Czech Republic
  21. Estonia
  22. New Zealand
  23. Chile
  24. Hong Kong
  25. Taiwan 
  26. South Korea

If you happen to live in any of these countries then you’re eligible to apply for a working holiday visa for Japan. Citizens from countries like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are initially offered a 6 months visa and they’re allowed to renew the visa after 6 months if preferred.

Obtain An Intra Company Transferee Visa

Out of most ways, this seems to be the easiest way to live in Japan without a degree. If you’re working for a renowned company in your country that has another office branch in Japan, you can request a company transfer. If you’ve been working for the particular firm for over 1 year you’re eligible to apply for an intra-company transferee visa to Japan.

This isn’t just the easiest option but also the cheapest as well. Since you’re requesting a company transfer, the moving costs and visa fees are more likely to be borne by your company.

In addition, the immigration procedure for obtaining an intra-company transferee visa isn’t heavily regulated.

Therefore, you can reside in Japan and work for the same company without a degree or too much hassle.

Marry A Japanese Citizen

This might seem like a far-fetched idea but you’ll be surprised how many people have been able to obtain a permanent visa or citizenship of another country by marrying someone from a particular country.

If you have a love interest who’s from Japan and if you’re willing to take things further by marrying them then you can easily qualify for a spousal visa. 

However, it isn't as easy as it sounds because you initially have to find someone from Japan who’s interested in you. Once all the nuptials are done legally, you can move to Japan with your partner.

However, there’s a strict procedure you have to undergo before moving to Japan with your spouse. 

The Japanese embassy requires you to provide legitimate documents of your marriage such as proof of marriage, wedding photographs, family details, and even information about how you met your Japanese partner.

Once you’re successfully done with the paperwork, you can move to Japan and live with your partner.

Being An Influencer

This isn’t the brightest idea out of the lot but it definitely isn’t impossible to do either. Japan has countless tourist attraction sites and it warmly welcomes tourists from all across the world. 

By being an influencer you can promote tourism in Japan by visiting key places in Japan and posting them on your social media. 

This would help Japan gain several tourists and if you’re lucky enough you can even renew your visa by showing the immigration department how you’re promoting tourism in Japan.

How To Live In Japan Without A Degree: FAQs

Is it possible to live in Japan without a degree?

Options for living in Japan without a degree are limited but still possible. You can apply for a worker’s visa to Japan if you’re a blue-collar worker, this lets you work in Japan for a specific period and once your contract expires, you can renew your contract and visa to reside longer.

Can a foreigner get a job in Japan without a degree?

If you’re traveling to Japan without a degree you can only get jobs if you’re a blue-collar worker. Since Japan has a growing aging population, the demand for foreign workers is high, especially in industries like agriculture, fishing, machinery, nursing, hospitality, electrical, construction, etc.

How can I permanently live in Japan?

You can permanently live in Japan if you’ve been living and working for more than 10 years. This lets you renew your visa or even get a permanent Japanese visa. Another option to obtain a permanent visa in Japan is by marrying a Japanese citizen and you can live with your partner in Japan and sometimes even obtain dual citizenship.

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