Meaning Of Hair Colors And Hairstyles In Anime

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Here’s the meaning of hair colors and hairstyles in anime. Check it out!

Ever wondered why anime characters have different hair colors and hairstyles? Well, check out our blog below as we’ve analyzed the meanings behind different hair colors and hairstyles of anime characters.

One of the most prominent aspects of anime is that the characters have eccentric physical attributes like large emotive eyes, small lips, unique hairstyles, and distinct hair colors. Did you know that each hair color and hairstyle portrayed in anime have different meanings?

If you weren’t aware of that, then you heard it from us first and we’ve brought you the meanings of distinct hair colors and hairstyles portrayed in anime. So what are you waiting for? Hop on and read along.

Meaning Of Hair Colors And Hairstyles In Anime

An example is to look at Xiao Haircut.

Why Do Anime Characters Have Distinct Hair Colors?

Before we get into the meanings of anime characters’ hair colors and hairstyles, let's learn why anime places such importance on the hair of the characters. 

Anime enthusiasts know that most if not all anime characters aren’t designed to represent any real-life figures. To make the anime characters look hot and attractive, the animators use different colors to design the hair which helps them to reach and attract a wide fan base.

Admittedly, we all love to see anime characters with vibrant hair colors and eccentric hairstyles because why not?

Apart from making the anime characters have a gorgeous appearance, the other reason for anime characters to have contrasting hair colors is to make them stand out. 

If an anime series consisted of multiple characters and was to continue for several seasons, then animators made sure to give the characters unique appearances and styles to avoid any confusion among the viewers.

Initially, the trend in anime was to give characters distinct hair colors to differentiate them from the side characters, and eventually, hair colors in anime started to give a whole new meaning to a character’s demeanor and traits. 

And currently, we can judge the personality of an anime character just by looking at their hair color and hairstyle.

Also, keep in mind that the hair colors of anime characters aren’t innuendos for the character’s race but rather an insight into their personality.

To know what each hair color represents and displays about an anime character read down below because we’ve broken down the meaning of each prominent hair color in anime.

What Do Hair Colors Mean In Anime?

Alright, let’s dive in to find out what each hair color represents about an anime character. 

Black Hair Anime Characters 

I mean why not start with black, the natural hair color of Asians? Most anime characters can be seen having black hair because black is a prominent hair color in Japan. In anime, black-colored hair represents the honesty and genuineness of the character. 

Anime characters who have black or dark hair are frequently serious and determined. Popular anime characters with black hair are Mikasa Ackerman, Mio Akiyama, and Levi Ackerman.

Blonde and Golden Hair Anime Characters

We know that people with blonde hair generally represent the Caucasian race as in the white-skinned people. However, in anime, characters with blonde or golden hair can represent various meanings. Blonde-haired characters are mostly depicted as strong yet troublesome.

Sometimes a character with golden hair can also mean a person of higher status. Anime characters with blonde and golden hair are Naruto, Armin Alert, and Kurapika.

Red Hair Anime Characters

Red is one of the hair colors used for several female anime characters. This is because the color red in anime depicts seductiveness, hyperactivity, and expressiveness. 

Red hair color can also mean that the anime characters are short-tempered, emotionally irrational, and quick to make decisions. Some of the popular anime characters with red hair are Erza Scarlet, Karin, and Gaara.

Brown Hair Anime Characters

Brown is the next most popular hair color in anime after black. Anime characters with brown hair also depict honesty, modesty, introversion, and calm personality just like anime characters with black hair. 

Popular anime characters with brown hair are Light Yagami, Asuna, Conan Edogawa, and Sosuke Aizen.

White Hair Anime Characters

White hair in anime generally doesn’t stereotype old-aged people. If anything, white hair is considered one of the unique hair colors in anime and it represents the unnatural sense of the character. 

By this we mean that anime characters with white hair are mostly good guys gone bad or villains from the beginning itself. 

Anime characters with white hair are known to be narcissistic, selfish, and very observant. Some of the popular anime characters with white hair are Inuyasha, Killua, Ken Kaneki, and Nao Tomori.

Green Hair Anime Characters

Anime characters with green hair are often misunderstood to be the antagonists of the anime. Green hair in anime often comes in different hues and they reveal the hidden intentions of the anime character. 

Green-colored hair represents toxic, jealous, yet funny, protective, determined, and nonchalant traits. 

Some of the anime characters with green hair are Izuku Midoriya, Gon Freecs, C.C, and Ranka Lee.

Pink Hair Anime Characters

Pink is the hair color that’s often given to female anime characters and predominantly young females. This is because the color pink represents femininity, naiveness, down-to-earth, compassion, and a bubbly personality. 

They’re also trustworthy and would always go out of their way to make other people feel special. Famous anime characters with pink hair are Mina Ashido, Sakura Haruno, Hisoka, and Zero Two.

Blue Hair Anime Characters

Anime characters with blue hair are known to be unique. They’re mature, cold, confident, and carry immense logical sense and knowledge. Blue hair in anime also represents the independent nature of the character and how they keep to themselves most of the time. 

They also take the best and wise decisions among the lot. Popular anime characters with blue hair are Hinata Hyuga, Kamina, Bulma, and Sailor Mercury.

Purple Hair Anime Characters

Purple-haired anime characters are known to show noble and prestigious qualities. While they’re noble, they’re also selfish, proud, and arrogant. They’re calm and can be troublesome if threatened and they love to seek attention from others. 

Anime characters with purple hair also possess good qualities like intelligence and elegance. Popular purple-haired anime characters are Katakuri, Sailor Neptune, Akatsuki, and Yuri Nakamura.

Types of Hairstyles In Anime

Not just hair colors help to differentiate a character from another in anime but also hairstyles as well. 

Hairstyles are crucial to make a character look more sophisticated and to make them stand out from the rest of the characters as well. Hairstyles also do a great job of portraying the traits and origin of a character. 

There are countless hairstyles in anime and some are even unrealistic. Let’s see what they’re and what they tell us about a particular anime character.

Ponytail Hairstyle 

A very popular hairstyle in anime, and most female characters can be seen having a long ponytail. This hairstyle basically depicts that the character is traditional and simple. There are male characters with short ponytails in anime as well who are known to be savage and hot.

Short Hairstyle 

Usually male characters in anime have short hair and they don’t represent much about the male characters’ personalities. However, with female characters, short hair represents their tomboyish nature and how they’re equal to the male characters in terms of strength. 


Buns are a typical way to depict the innocence of a character and it’s predominantly female characters who have buns as a hairstyle. Be it one or two buns, the female anime characters look adorable and beautiful with them. 

There are also male characters in anime who have man buns and they’re known to be savage and fierce.

Long Hair

It’s the female anime characters who usually have long hair and the length of hair for female anime characters can even go to the length of their feet. Long hair represents femininity, noble and traditional values. 

Most female anime characters with long hair belong to a high position such as royalty.

Unorthodox Hairstyles 

Anime is quite known for eccentric hairstyles that are simply unrealistic. The hairstyles that fall under unorthodox hairstyles are upright spiky hair, rabbit ear buns, etc.

Usually, it’s the villains in anime who have unorthodox hairstyles which represent their evil nature.

Curly Hair

Anime characters with curly hair either portray the innocence or the position of the character. Curly-haired anime characters are very intelligent, and professional and they possess a great sense of humor.

Can Anime Hairstyles Be Implemented In Real Life?

Anime is a fantasy and most of the hairstyles in it are as well. You can color your hair according to your favorite anime character, be it red, blue, silver, purple, etc. 

Furthermore, the hairstyles in anime are specifically made to match a fantasy character and hence they might not be practical in real life especially long upright hairstyles, and hairstyles with hoops.

However, you can still try some of the other practical hairstyles inspired by anime characters and flaunt your look.

Meaning of Hair Colors and Hairstyles In Anime: FAQs

Why do anime characters have so many colors?

Anime characters are popular for having distinct hair colors and there are quite a few reasons behind the colorful hair trend. Firstly, it’s to make the characters look fashionable and appealing to viewers. Another major reason why anime characters have so many hair colors is to differentiate between the characters and provide uniqueness to them.

What does red hair mean in anime mean?

Red hair in anime depicts hyperactivity, expressiveness, short temper, and the will to commit to anything. In female anime characters, red hair generally represents seductiveness, charisma, and boldness.

What does green hair in anime mean?

Green is one of the least frequently used hair colors for anime characters yet we’ve come across some fantastic characters with green hair like Gon Freecs and Izuku Midoriya. Green hair in anime represents the love characters have towards nature and other traits like jealousy, protectiveness, and nonchalance.

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