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10 Best Attack On Titan Characters

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We ranked the best Attack on Titan Characters here. Check it out!

Titans tremble, humanity rallies! Who from Attack on Titan stands out from the rest? Dive into a legion of compelling characters, from cunning strategists to unwavering heroes, and discover who truly embodies the spirit of this dark and gripping series.

That’s why we’ve ranked the best characters in Attack On Titan so keep reading to find where your favorite characters are ranked.

Top Attack on Titan Characters 

Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager is the main protagonist of the Attack On Titan series. Eren endured a great ordeal when he witnessed his mother being eaten by a titan. This led him to develop animosity against the titans and vowed to destroy all of them. 

Eren then joins the military where he sacrifices his life to rescue his friend, Armin Arlelt from a titan. He transforms into a titan unknowingly and suddenly realizes that it’s a result of the injections given to him by his father.

His newfound ability helps him gain a position in the Survey Corps. Initially, Eren couldn’t control his titan, he gradually improved and he eventually became the holder of the Attack and Founding Titan.

Eventually, Eren learns the truth about the titans and the Marley regime which causes him to switch sides and commit ruthless crimes.

 Eren’s character arc altered several times which made fans have conflicting opinions if he was a protagonist or an antagonist. However, his character was well developed which is why he’s first on the list.


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    Levi Ackermann

    Levi Ackermann is the Special Operations Squad captain. He’s short, has black hair, grey eyes, and a muscular body. Levi is the favorite character for most girls due to his physique and looks. He has a calm attitude and is known as humanity’s strongest soldier. 

    His personality is however cold and emotionless. He speaks bluntly without concern for others' feelings. 

    Despite having a cold personality, he valued the life of his subordinates and would be distressed if they died during missions. His hatred towards the Titans is profound and showed them no mercy during battles.

    Reiner Braun

    Reiner Braun is a Warrior team member in the Marley military. Reiner joined the Marley Warrior because his mother insisted.

    He’s also the holder of the Armored Titan and he infiltrated the Paradis Island with Annie Leonhart and Bertholdt Hoover to obtain the Founding Titan. 

    Reiner is tall, has a broader physique, short blonde hair, and golden eyes. He has a serious attitude which makes him look intimidating. 

    Although Reiner was a titan, he still took his duty as the vice chief seriously and would always expect his subordinates to follow his orders. He experiences dissociative identity disorder due to this which makes him doubt his allegiance.

    Reiner’s character and disorder have made the viewers sympathize with him.

    Mikasa Ackermann

    Mikasa Ackermann is Eren’s childhood friend. She grew up with Eren as a child after her parents were killed by human traffickers. Mikasa was saved by Eren and she was raised by Eren’s parents.  

    After living a life filled with the loss of loved ones and violence, Mikasa only wanted to lead a peaceful life. She joined the military and the Survey Corps to monitor Eren and protect him from potential danger. She was also one of the best soldiers in the 104th Training Corps. 

    Mikasa is a tall and slim woman, with light skin, short black hair, and gray eyes. She usually wears the Survey Corps uniform with her equipment. 

    She has the Azumabito tattoo on her wrist which she hides from everyone. Her caring attitude towards her friends, especially Eren has made her a fan favorite. 

    Armin Arlelt

    He’s one of the top favorite characters from the Attack On Titan series. Armin is the childhood friend of Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman. Armin was a refugee from the Shiganshina region who was raised by his grandfather. 

    His parents were killed when they attempted to travel outside the wall through a hot air balloon. 

    Armin had a longing desire to travel outside the walls to see the outside world. Unfortunately, Armin’s grandfather was killed in a mission and later he joined the Training Corps with Mikasa and Eren. 

    Armin is weaker than his friends and relies on them and as a result, he suffered from an inferiority complex. 

    Despite being physically weak, he excelled at coming up with effective strategies which let him save his friends from danger and he also became one of the significant members of the Survey Corps.

    Zeke Yeager

    Zeke Yeager is the firstborn of Grisha Yeager and Dina Fritz. He’s also the older half-brother of Eren Yeager and the holder of the Beast Titan. As a child, Zeke fell victim to Marley’s indoctrination and later became Marley’s Warrior Unit Captain. 

    He was regarded as one of the strongest soldiers and was highly intelligent. He was able to manipulate both Eldians and Marley to achieve his sadistic goals.

     Zeke proved to be a great leader throughout his life. He prioritized the execution of missions rather than the repercussions that follow. He likes to give orders to his subordinates and gets furious if they disobey. 

    Although Zeke had a cold and ruthless personality, he was extremely skilled both as a human and a titan. His skills as a double agent were remarkable and portrayed how competent he is.

    Ymir Fritz

    Ymir Fritz was a slave to the Eldian King and the first person ever to receive the power of the Titans. She was forcibly kept inside the Eldian kingdom where the king misused her power to destroy Marley. 

    She was awakened after thirteen years to protect the king but died in the process and her corpse was eaten by the king’s daughters. Her powers were then split into creating the Nine Titans.

    She was also a Scout Regiment member and a 104th Cadet Corps graduate when she was in her human form. As a human, she was a tall woman with intimidating looks.

    She had a selfish personality at first but later changed to a kind and caring woman. Since she was used by others for her powers, she only trusted and cared for a selective group of people.

    She was an important character in the series and knew everything about the titans more than anyone else.

    Historia Reiss

    Historia Reiss is one of the loved Attack On Titan characters. She has a kind personality that people around her consider her as an angel. She’s the illegitimate child of the Eldian King. Her mother despised her and was very rude towards her hence she lived with her grandparents.

    When her mother was killed by Reiss’ elite soldiers, her father spared her and insisted she change her name to Krista Lenz and live as a refugee. She later joined the 104th Training Corps without an option. 

    She hides her identity as royalty and finishes her training. She grew closer to Ymir who genuinely cared for her since they had similar characteristics. Eventually she became the Eldian ruler and helped several homeless people and orphans.

    Annie Leonhart

    Annie Leonhart is the infamous Female Titan who’s known for being a skilled fighter. She’s an ex-member of the Military Police and a graduate of the 104th Cadet Corps. She’s competent in sword and unarmed combat. 

    She was forced by her father to join the Marley military and was one of the members assigned to retrieve the Founding Titan. She was one of the main antagonists in the Attack On Titan series.

    Annie has an antisocial personality and has little to no friends. She’s apathetic, cold, and usually emotionless. Annie in her Titan form is very tall, and her physique portrays her inner muscles making her look more fit than most titans. 

    Annie became a sensation when she suddenly started crying in between battles. When Annie realized her failures in life she began crying and crystalized herself making fans wonder if the Female Titan would ever return.

    Sasha Braus

    Sasha is a Scout Regiment member and an ex-member of the 104th Cadet Corps. She’s a young lady with brown hair and brown eyes. She has an amicable personality and is a fun person. 

    She’s quite courageous and strategic during times of uncertainty. Sasha is also known to be a food hoarder who eats a lot, especially when she’s stressed out. She even goes to the extent of stealing food to gratify her cravings. 

    She’s skilled in horse riding, archery, and tracking and she also performed well in the cadet squad. She has clear hearing abilities which help her to hear the arrival of titans before anyone else. 

    She’s athletic, has good reflexes, and proves to be effective during battles which makes her one of the best characters in Attack On Titan.

    Who is the best Attack On Titan character?

    The best character on Attack On Titan by far is Eren Yeager who’s the main protagonist of the series. Eren has a well-written character arc that shows how he suffered through the loss of his family and how he developed enmity against the titans.
    When he found out he could transform into a titan he used his powers against the titans and once finding out he was lied to, he turned against his people.

    Who is the prettiest girl in AOT?

    Attack On Titan has some of the best-looking characters both humans and titans. The titans are good-looking when they’re in their human form. Some of the prettiest female characters in Attack On Titan are Mikasa Ackerman, Annie Leonhart, and Historia Reiss.
    They have impressive features, lean physiques, and nice complexions that have garnered countless fans.

    Why is Levi Ackerman so popular?

    Levi Ackerman is one of the top favorite characters of the Attack On Titan series. He’s the captain of the Special Operations Squad and is the strongest soldier in the military.
    Levi is popular for his good looks, lean physique, and his cold attitude. The way he delivers his speech and his sinister eyes have gained him a large fan base.

    Is Levi the strongest character in AOT?

    Levi Ackerman is one of the strongest characters in AOT. He’s the captain of the Special Operations Squad and is regarded as humanity’s strongest soldier. He’s skilled in sword and hand combat.
    Although he doesn’t have any titan abilities he has strategic and combat skills that have helped him to win enough battles.

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