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10 Anime Trap Characters Every Otaku Should Know!

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Want to know more about Anime Trap Characters? Here’s a list of Anime trap characters you should definitely know about!

Anime trap characters challenge traditional gender norms, presenting an intriguing blend of appearance and identity that captivates otaku culture. These characters, often with androgynous traits, enrich narratives and question perceptions.

This introduction to notable trap figures is a must for any otaku looking to deepen their understanding of this phenomenon.

Popular Anime Trap Characters

What are Trap Characters in Anime?

Trap is a modern term that was first popped out in forums like 4chan. It was disseminated across social media and other platforms in 2004 and was soon adopted by the anime culture. Originating from the English word trap, it totally makes sense. 

Traps are people who like to crossdress, behave like the other gender and emotionally and physically feel like the other gender. Mind you, a trap has nothing to do with homosexuality. 

Trap is a term that has become offensive in real life and is only fairly appropriate if used for an anime character. The more formal term for a trap is ‘femboy’ which can be used for people who behave like the opposite gender.

So Let’s Get Into The List of Anime Trap Characters

Ruka Urushibara In Steins Gate

If you are a weeb, you will resonate with me when I say that Ruka Urushibara is one of the most remarkable and astonishing traps in the entire anime platform, Ruka has been the most surprising trap for anyone. 

Still, ironically it came as no surprise because it has been made clear since the first episode that Ruka is a man. Many consider this a trickery of some sort because Ruka is even too feminine for a female herself.

Ruka has been one of the unique anime traps to catch feelings for the protagonists of the show and even go out on a date with him, hence the transition makes sense. The way he has pulled off to dress and behave like a woman so genuinely is so deceiving. No one has this finesse better than Ruka for sure.

Haku in Naruto

For most anime fanatics, I believe the first trap they have ever encountered in the anime world that had left them perplexed and awestruck has to be Haku.

Most anime watchers start with Naruto, so Haku is the first one who comes to mind when you are talking about a character whose gender may get you baffled. Haku is the central antagonist of the show’s second arc, a ninja who is surreptitiously charismatic, with long black hair and a slender face.

Naruto’s and Sasuke’s fight with Haku in the episode, “The Demon in the Snow” has been so underrated that the fans sometimes forget the power and grandeur that the episode harbours. 

But the fans aren't the only ones, even Naruto was left surprised when he acknowledged that Haku was not a girl, declaring that he was even prettier than Sakura. Haku is such a retro trap that the term ‘trap’ wasn't even invented back then.

Felix Argyle In ReZero

Being a cat “guy”, with those lovely bow and cat ears, it is hard to digest that Felix Argyle was a trap.

Even the Re: Zero protagonist, Subaru pointed out the fact blatantly that why not be a girl instead, if Felix had to be a cat person and follow all the fantasy themes that had been suited for him.

Although there are no flashbacks as to why Felix Argyle is the being this way, I hope that there is a cat kingdom somewhere in Re: Zero that has not been discovered by the characters yet. 

Felix is one of the most playful characters in the show, an empathetic and loyal soul, who also served Subaru’s mistress’ rival. When Subaru comes to know about Felix’s truth, Felix laughs the whole thing off.

Astolfo in Fate/Apocrypha

Astolfo is regarded as one of the most handsome men to have existed in the anime universe. But little do we know that he may even qualify to be the most feminine character there ever is. 

In the show, Astolfo belongs to the rider class and represents one of the 12 Paladins of Charlemagne, and also the most enchanting of the twelve.

Astolfo is one of those characters who has made a plethora of incorrigible mistakes and is considered weak but is enormously adventurous and has won the hearts of every anime devotee.

Gasper Vladi In High School DxD

Gasper is one of the male protagonists of the anime High School DxD, who is a cross-dressing Dhampir, part human and part vampire.

Gasper is a high school kid with pretty violet eyes and blonde hair, adding to his feminine looks. Gasper has occasionally been commented on as a beautiful girl, only because he looks like one.

Gasper is Rias Gremory’s first bishop and has the ability to stop time. As Gasper’s powers became unstoppable and sinister, he was banished to the Academy by Rias Gremory and was not on show until Volume 4. 

With the potential to transform himself into Gasper Balor, where his powers turn even more dramatic and atrocious, he is one of the most powerful trap characters of all time.

Hideyoshi Kinoshita In Baka to test to Shoukanjuu

Another stunning character often mistaken for a girl is Hideyoshi Kinoshita from Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu. A lovely high schooler, who does not even need to cross-dress to get his feminine bit outshined because it is quite evident. 

After all, who would be ready to believe the fact that you are a boy if you have a pretty wolf cut, separate your bangs and leave a clump of it in the centre? Hideyoshi looks very similar to Yuuko Kinoshita, his twin sister and the student ambassador of class 2-A.

The only thing through which you can differentiate is in their dressing fashion and hairstyle.

A class 2-F student in the Fumizuki Academy, unlike his classmates, Hideyoshi is comparatively tranquil and composed, mostly all the traps have this quality. But there have been episodes where Hideyoshi has just lost it and a new temperament of Hideyoshi has come up. 

Hideyoshi is a student who does not score good grades but has exceptional manipulating techniques. Ultimately, Hideyoshi starts cross-dressing for the Drama Club, the sole reason he has joined Class 2-F.

Kurapika In Hunter X Hunter

The last survivor of the Kurta Clan and the show-stealer of Hunter X Hunter, Kurapika is the central protagonist of the show and is deemed by many as ‘girly’. However, this is also debated hotly by the fanbase. 

The only reason Kurapika is on this list is that if he is a trap, he is a really appealing one. A cool-headed and unflustered individual, Kurapika is a professional hunter who initiates a crusade on a self-destructive path.

Kurapika is a blonde with adorable scarlet eyes, something he inherited from his clan. But to conceal those, he started using contact lenses. Kurapika has been party to the most dramatic fights that took place in the show, especially the one against Chrollo in the York New arc. Kurapika’s appearances in the show have been very iconic and are crushed on by many.

Aoi Hyoudou In Maid Sama

Unlike other traps, Aoi Hyoudou is a different one. Aoi Hyoudou is a sweet maid who crossdresses and has a bowl-cut hairstyle with large blue eyes and purple hair and loves being the centre of attention. 

Aoi’s alternative personality, where he dons a blonde wig and gets in a Lolita-style outfit has been equally adored by the show admirers. Some say that Aoi perfectly kills the look of both a guy and a girl.

Aoi loves toying with the feelings of men but later on is encountered by an expose when Misaki points out Aoi is a boy.

As the show grows, Aoi’s masculinity takes a dominant side and he becomes anxious until he figures out some unisex themes for himself. 

Kaoru Hanase In Tamako Market

Yes, maybe it is easy for you to identify who is a trap and who is not, but Kaoru Hanase would definitely leave you open-mouthed with his appearance and personality. 

Kaoru’s puffed long blonde hair and his graciously feminine gestures have left the viewers questioning Kaoru’s gender incessantly.  

You would often see Kaoru wearing a pink apron with slim jeans and red boots. People around the town seem to have a thing for Kaoru.

There is an instance Dera tells Mochizo he would stand no chance with Kaoru. A collected and amiable person, Kaoru has a charming ambience and is very hospitable. No wonder everyone loves Kaoru so much.

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