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YUSKIN Handguard Hand Care Gloves

  • 100% cotton gloves for hand care
  • Gentle touch of natural material
  • Prevents hands from drying out while cleaning or gardening
  • Improves the effect of cream at night
  • Cotton has excellent breathability and absorbs sweat
  • Universal size
  • Use with moisturizer for best results
  • Made in Japan by YUSKIN
    • Introducing YUSKIN Handguard Hand Care Gloves - your ultimate solution for rough and dry hands. These 100% cotton gloves provide a gentle touch of natural material, ensuring that your hands stay moisturized even during household chores or gardening. They are also designed to enhance the effects of your hand cream when used at night.

      Made with excellent breathability, these gloves effectively absorb sweat and excess moisture. Whether you have cracked hands or need to restore skin after burns, these gloves are your go-to option. Plus, their universal size allows for a comfortable fit.

      To maximize results, simply apply a generous amount of moisturizer before putting on the gloves. Use them while sleeping to pamper your hands, or wear them underneath rubber gloves for added protection during cleaning and gardening tasks.

      YUSKIN Handguard Hand Care Gloves are proudly manufactured by YUSKIN, a trusted brand from Japan known for their quality products.

      Revitalize your hands with these amazing gloves today!