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Vitamins for nails NailRich. DHC . 1month

  • Vitamins for nails
  • Specifically designed to support nail regeneration
  • Helps with deformation, brittleness, and thinning of nails
  • Supplies the body with necessary nutrients
  • Suitable for those who frequently use gel nails or have unbalanced nutrition
  • Can aid in improving overall nail health
  • 1-month supply of NailRich capsules
  • Made by DHC, a trusted brand in beauty and skincare products
    • The frequent use of popular nail art techniques such as gel nails, along with unbalanced nutrition, poor health, or long periods of water exposure, can lead to deformed and brittle nails. NailRich by DHC is specially formulated to aid in the regeneration of nails, providing the body with the necessary nutrients. Say goodbye to weak and thinning nails with NailRich!