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Therapeutic toothpaste "Dent Health SP" to prevent diseases of the gums and teeth with a taste of mint and herbs,90 gr, Lion

  • Therapeutic toothpaste for gum and teeth diseases
  • Mint and herb flavor
  • 90g tube
  • Contains dual action anti-inflammatory and antibacterial components
  • Stimulates blood flow in the gums
  • Prevents inflammation, bleeding, and unpleasant mouth odor
  • Strengthens teeth and reduces tartar formation
  • Removes nicotine plaque and whitens teeth
  • Provides a fresh feeling with eucalyptus and mint scent
  • Compact plastic tube packaged in cardboard box
    • Introducing our Therapeutic Toothpaste "Dent Health SP" - a powerful solution to prevent gum and teeth diseases, enriched with a refreshing mint and herb flavor. This 90g toothpaste, manufactured by Lion, combines a variety of integrated components that work together to ensure oral health.

      With its dual action, our toothpaste effectively tackles inflammation, bleeding gums, and other symptoms associated with gingivitis and pyorrhea. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of Dent Health SP protect your gums, while stimulating blood flow to promote a healthy gum environment. Say goodbye to unpleasant mouth odor!

      Designed with an adhesive formula, our toothpaste ensures an even application, allowing the medicinal ingredients to reach the gums directly. The inclusion of monosodium monofluorophosphate strengthens teeth structure, enhances mineralization, and prevents decalcification and Tartar formation.

      Additionally, our toothpaste prevents flux development, inflammation, and bleeding gums, thanks to the presence of Amur velvet extract, tranexamic acid, and vitamin E. It also effectively removes nicotine plaque and provides teeth whitening, ensuring comprehensive oral care.

      Experience a burst of freshness with the invigorating scent of eucalyptus and mint that our toothpaste delivers. This refreshing sensation will leave your mouth feeling revitalized and clean.

      Packaged in a compact plastic tube, Dent Health SP takes up minimal shelf space. The tube is further protected by a secure cardboard box, ensuring the quality and integrity of the product.

      Choose Dent Health SP for a complete oral care solution that promotes gum and teeth health, all while enjoying a delightful mint and herb flavor.