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Therapeutic toothpaste "Dent Health Smooth Gel" in order to prevent diseases of the gums and teeth ,85 gr, Lion

  • Therapeutic toothpaste to prevent gum and teeth diseases
  • Gentle formula for thorough cleaning of teeth and gums
  • Tranexamic acid prevents gum recession and root exposure
  • Antibacterial agent kills bacteria causing periodontal disease and bad breath
  • N-lauroylsarcosine sodium salt kills bacteria in the mouth to prevent bad breath
  • Tocopherol acetate stimulates gums and prevents gum inflammation
  • Soft gel consistency for comfortable brushing of sensitive areas
  • Gel remains on the gums for a longer time compared to classic toothpaste
    • Introducing the "Dent Health Smooth Gel" Therapeutic Toothpaste, weighing 85g and brought to you by Lion. This toothpaste is specially formulated to prevent diseases of the gums and teeth, providing you with optimal oral care.

      Our gentle formula toothpaste effectively and delicately cleans teeth and gums, targeting the prevention of gum recession and exposure of tooth roots caused by common issues such as gingivitis and pyorrhea. The inclusion of Tranexamic acid in our toothpaste helps inhibit the increase of plasmin, an enzyme in the body that causes gum inflammation, offering much-needed protection against inflammation and bleeding associated with pyorrhea and gingivitis.

      Furthermore, the antibacterial agent, isopropyl METHYLPHENOL (IPMP), deeply penetrates bacterial communities (biofilm) to eradicate the bacteria responsible for periodontal diseases, resulting in fresher breath and improved oral health. N-lauroylsarcosine sodium salt (LSS) works to eliminate bacteria in the mouth, including the cheeks, tongue, and surfaces of the teeth and gums, effectively preventing bad breath.

      Our toothpaste also contains tocopherol acetate (vitamin E), which stimulates the gums by enhancing blood circulation and preventing the buildup and discharge of pus, ultimately reducing the risk of developing gingivitis. The soft gel paste consistency ensures a comfortable brushing experience, especially for those with sensitive gums, without causing any bleeding. Its special therapeutic components make the gel more dense and viscous, allowing it to stay on the gums for a longer duration compared to regular toothpaste. This, in turn, provides prolonged protection and care.

      In addition to its therapeutic benefits, our toothpaste evenly distributes monoftorfosfat sodium across the entire surface of the teeth, offering much-needed defense against tooth decay.

      This product comes in a compact plastic tube that saves space on your shelf. To ensure its protection, the tube is further packaged in a convenient cardboard box.

      With a weight of 90g, the "Dent Health Smooth Gel" Therapeutic Toothpaste is the perfect solution for maintaining healthy gums and teeth. Invest in your oral health today and experience the difference!