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Sponge for cleaning the teat Pigeon

  • Sponge designed for cleaning teats of wide-neck bottles
  • Durable and soft polyurethane material
  • Shaped like a pacifier for easy cleaning of food remnants
  • Curved handle with a hanging ring
  • Not suitable for sterilization, boiling, microwave, or use of chemicals
  • Made by Pigeon, a manufacturer from Japan
    • Product Description: Introducing the Pigeon Sponge, specifically designed to effortlessly clean the inner surface of silicone nipples in wide-neck bottles. Equipped with a durable and soft polyurethane material, this sponge features a brush shaped like a pacifier, making it easy to remove any food residue without causing damage to the surface. The sponge also includes a comfortably curved handle with a convenient hanging ring at the end. Please note that the sponge should not be sterilized, boiled, microwaved, or exposed to any chemicals. Manufactured by Pigeon, a trusted brand from Japan.