Japan Truly


  • Unique air foam cleanses pores gently
  • Water Lily extract removes excess oil secretion and soothes skin
  • Rich in minerals similar to skin composition
  • Contains exfoliating agents to remove dead skin cells and make skin smoother
  • Pleasant citrus and floral scent
  • Volume: 150 ml
  • Manufacturer: SHU UEMURA
  • Country of origin: Japan
    • The SHU UEMURA POREFINIST SKIN TO CLEAN PORES 150ml is a unique product designed to cleanse your pores effectively. Its air foam formula gently removes dirt and dead cells, leaving your skin refreshed and soft. Enriched with water Lily extract, it also helps control excess oil secretion and soothes the skin. The product is rich in minerals that are similar to the composition of the skin, giving it a natural and nourishing effect. With exfoliating agents, it helps remove dead skin cells, making your pores appear smaller and your skin smoother. The refreshing citrus aroma with floral notes provides a pleasant and revitalizing experience.

      This bottle contains 150ml of the product and is manufactured by SHU UEMURA in Japan. Discover the secrets of Japanese beauty rituals and their renowned care system for the face. Experience the two-stage cleansing routine that is highly regarded in Japan. With the SHU UEMURA POREFINIST SKIN TO CLEAN PORES 150ml, you can achieve visible results and enjoy a healthier and more radiant complexion.