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Shiseido UNO Cool Gel Cleans, 130 g

  • Shiseido UNO Cool Gel Cleans is a cooling cleanser for men
  • No beating required, easy to apply and rinse off
  • Gel-like texture cleanses the skin and removes old keratin and excess sebum
  • Contains natural ingredients from clay with a matting effect
  • Recommended for rough and normal skin
  • Has a fresh citrus scent
  • Application: Take 2-3 cm of gel, apply to face, wash and rinse
  • Volume: 130 g
    • Product Description: Shiseido UNO Cool Gel Cleans Cooling Cleansing Gel for Men, 130g

      The Shiseido UNO Cool Gel Cleans is a refreshing cleanser specially designed for men. Its unique formula makes application and rinsing off a breeze, with no need for excessive rubbing or effort.

      The gel-like texture of this cleanser gently but effectively purifies the skin, enveloping it in a sensation of cleanliness. The pleasant menthol chill not only soothes any irritation but also leaves a comfortable, invigorating feeling on the skin. The small scrubbing particles work diligently to remove dead skin cells, excess oil, impurities, and clear out clogged pores.

      Enriched with natural clay, this cleanser absorbs dirt and grime, leaving the skin with a slight matte finish. Suitable for rough and normal skin, it boasts a refreshing citrus scent that adds an extra touch of revitalization.

      To use, simply take about 2-3 cm of the gel in your hands, apply it evenly over the entire face, and gently massage. Rinse your face thoroughly with water after use.

      With a volume of 130g, this product is manufactured by Shiseido, a renowned brand in the beauty industry. Part of the UNO line, it originates from Japan, ensuring quality and authenticity.