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SHISEIDO UNO All in One Lip Creator

  • All-in-one lip cream
  • Moisturizes and fights vertical wrinkles
  • Corrects lip color and restores brightness and softness
  • Contains ingredients that improve lip color
  • Leaves lips soft and tender
  • Reflects light to make vertical wrinkles less visible
  • Non-sticky, long-lasting coating on lips
  • No menthol or fragrance
    • Introducing the SHISEIDO UNO All in One Lip Creator, a versatile lip cream that offers multiple benefits. This all-in-one formula not only deeply moisturizes and tackles vertical wrinkles, but it also corrects the color of your lips, leaving them looking bright and supple.

      Enriched with special ingredients that enhance lip color, this Lip Creator transforms from a subtle gray shade to a natural and blush-like hue upon application. The therapeutic moisturizing agents ensure that your lips remain soft and tender throughout the day.

      Furthermore, this innovative balm contains components that reflect light, minimizing the appearance of vertical wrinkles. The non-sticky and long-lasting coating created by this Lip Creator will leave your lips feeling comfortable and hydrated for hours.

      Formulated without menthol or fragrance, this product is gentle on your lips while delivering impressive results. To use, simply unscrew 1-1.5cm of the balm and apply it directly to your lips. The more layers you apply, the more vibrant and intense the color payoff will be.

      Containing key ingredients such as Pentaerythritoltetraethylhexanoate, diisostearyl malate, and tocopherol, this Lip Creator is both effective and nourishing. With a volume of 2.2g, this compact product is convenient to take on the go.

      Manufactured by SHISEIDO, a well-respected brand, the UNO All in One Lip Creator is part of their renowned UNO range. This product is proudly made in Japan, guaranteeing the highest quality and craftsmanship.

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      Elevate your lip care routine with the SHISEIDO UNO All in One Lip Creator. Restore radiance, moisture, and vibrancy to your lips with this exceptional all-in-one formula.