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SHISEIDO FINO Premium Touch Hair Oil Revitalizing oil-serum for hair with thermal protection

  • Intensively repairs damage and leaves hair smooth and shiny
  • Provides thermal protection against heat of drying and styling
  • Phytosteryl Macadamiate moisturizes and retains moisture in hair
  • Dimethicone protects against external damage without weighing hair down
  • Contains squalane and pearl peptide for amazing shine
  • Can be used on semi-dry or completely dry hair
  • Recommended for weak and damaged hair
  • Made in Japan by Shiseido
    • Introducing SHISEIDO FINO Premium Touch Hair Oil - the ultimate solution for repairing and revitalizing your hair while providing essential thermal protection.

      Indulge in the luxurious formula of SHISEIDO FINO Premium Touch Hair Oil, which deeply repairs damage and transforms your hair into a silky-smooth, radiant mane. This incredible hair oil shields your precious strands from the damaging effects of heat during drying and styling routines.

      The key ingredient, Phytosteryl Macadamiate derived from macadamia nuts, works wonders by internally repairing each hair strand, providing intense moisture and retaining hydration for healthier-looking hair.

      To guard against external damage, we've incorporated dimethicone which not only protects your hair but also enhances its natural shine. This lightweight ingredient ensures that your hair remains free from weighing down and allows for effortless combing. Whether it's the heat from styling tools or friction from everyday activities, your hair will be shielded from damage.

      Don't be surprised when your hair flaunts an amazing shine - this is thanks to the powerful combination of squalane and pearl peptide in our formula.

      To use, simply apply the oil to semi-dry or completely dry hair. Dispense the required amount onto your palm, distribute it on both hands, and massage it into your hair. Pay special attention to the ends, as they tend to be more prone to damage. The amount used should be adjusted depending on the length of your hair and the degree of damage. For short to medium length hair, 1 to 2 pumps is sufficient, while long hair may require more. For optimal results, we recommend using it alongside FINO Premium Touch, SHISEIDO's hair mask for complete recovery and elasticity.

      SHISEIDO FINO Premium Touch Hair Oil is specially formulated for weak and damaged hair, making it the perfect remedy for those in need. From its inception in Japan, Shiseido has been committed to delivering top-quality products, and this hair oil is no exception.

      Experience a hair transformation like never before with SHISEIDO FINO Premium Touch Hair Oil - the ultimate haircare essential straight from Japan.