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Rohto Z! Eye drops from eye fatigue,with vitamin B6, 12ml

  • Rohto Z! Eye drops specifically target eye fatigue caused by working on a computer
  • Helps to reduce redness and discomfort in the eyes
  • Contains vitamin B6 and zinc sulphate to withstand prolonged stress on the eyes
  • Comes in a 12ml bottle
  • Specifically designed to provide relief after various loads on the eyes
    • Introducing Rohto Z! Eye Drops for alleviating eye fatigue, enriched with Vitamin B6. This 12ml product is specially designed for those who work extensively on computers or experience prolonged eye strain.

      Rohto Z! Eye Drops effectively combat redness and discomfort caused by various stressors on the eyes, providing instant relief. The unique composition of Vitamin B6 and zinc sulphate enables the eyes to withstand prolonged periods of stress and promotes overall eye health. Say goodbye to tired, strained eyes with Rohto Z! Eye Drops.