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Rohto YOUJYUNSUI (Rohto Night) - night Japanese eye drops with vitamin E,13 oz

  • Rohto YOUJYUNSUI (Rohto Night) is a Japanese eye drop product
  • Designed to be used once before bed to save time and improve vision
  • Helps fight eye fatigue and improve eye condition
  • Accelerates metabolic processes and tissue respiration in the eyes
  • Improves blood flow and gas exchange in the eyes
  • Restores natural regenerative processes in eye cells
  • Contains active ingredients like Vitamin E, Taurine, Chondroitin sulfate, and L-aspartate potassium
  • Refreshes and rests the eyes for a beautiful condition in the morning
    • Introducing Rohto YOUJYUNSUI (Rohto Night) - a revolutionary Japanese eye drops solution infused with vitamin E, offering a convenient and effective way to care for your eyes. Designed specifically for those leading a fast-paced urban lifestyle, these drops are the ultimate solution for busy individuals who struggle to find time for self-care.

      With Rohto YOUJYUNSUI (Rohto Night), you can simply apply the drops to your eyes before bedtime and witness remarkable improvements in your vision. These drops not only combat eye fatigue but also enhance overall eye health by accelerating metabolic processes and tissue respiration. The active components in this unique formula work diligently to improve blood flow and gas exchange, initiating natural regenerative processes within your eye cells. Nighttime application optimizes the effectiveness of these processes as the body rests and rejuvenates during sleep.

      Rohto YOUJYUNSUI (Rohto Night) comprises four main active ingredients:

      - Vitamin E (0.03%): tocopherol acetate aids in restoring the eye's cellular layer.
      - Taurine (1%): increases eye metabolism for improved performance.
      - Chondroitin sulfate, sodium (0.4%): restores water balance in eye tissues while eliminating metabolic byproducts that cause eye fatigue.
      - L-aspartate potassium (1.0%): enhances gas exchange within the eye tissues, promoting better oxygen flow.

      Experience the wonders of Rohto YOUJYUNSUI eye drops by simply applying one or two drops before bedtime. Wake up refreshed and revitalized, ready to witness the beauty of the world with your revitalized eyes. Say goodbye to tired and strained eyes, and welcome a brand new level of eye care with Rohto YOUJYUNSUI (Rohto Night).