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Rohto V-premium Premium Eye Health Drops, 15ml

  • Rohto V-premium is a Japanese eye drop with 12 active ingredients
  • It improves vision quality and eliminates discomfort and irritation of the eyes
  • It restores natural tear fluid production and prevents negative effects of bacteria and allergens
  • It is beneficial for eye tissue after surgery and recommended for age-related eye diseases
  • It refreshes and gives shine to the eyes after prolonged exertion
  • It has a freshness level of 4, above average
  • Indications include eye fatigue, blurred vision, itchy eyes, and discomfort from hard contact lenses
  • It is composed of various vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, and Zinc sulfate
    • Introducing the Rohto V-premium Premium Eye Health Drops, 15ml.

      Rohto V-premium is a superior Japanese eye drop product that contains the highest number of active ingredients compared to other eye drops from the Rohto pharmaceutical corporation. With 12 active components, these eye drops provide reliable protection and restoration for your eyes, ensuring maximum comfort and beauty.

      This product boasts a comprehensive blend of amino acids and vitamins that enhance vision quality by eliminating blur and alleviating various uncomfortable symptoms such as eye irritation, redness, inflammation, fatigue, and dryness. The drops also help restore the natural secretion of tear fluid, regulating its composition and preventing the negative effects of bacteria and allergens on the eyes. They are particularly beneficial for maintaining healthy eyes during allergic manifestations, post-surgery or eye disease recovery, and as a preventive measure for age-related eye diseases. Additionally, these drops offer a refreshing sensation after extended periods of eye strain, giving your eyes a radiant and revitalized appearance.

      With a freshness level rating of 4, above average on our scale, these drops ensure long-lasting freshness and relief.

      Indications for use include eye fatigue, conjunctival hyperemia, blurred vision, itchy eyes, prevention of eye diseases (such as after swimming or exposure to dust and sweat), blepharitis, ophthalmia, and discomfort from hard contact lenses.

      The composition of these drops includes the following key ingredients:
      - Vitamin E 0.025%: Promotes blood flow and oxygen enrichment, reduces fatigue, and prevents aging of eye tissues.
      - Dikaliy glycyrrhizinate 0.1%: Reduces eye irritation.
      - Vitamin B5 or panthenol 0.1%: Normalizes metabolic processes, aids in the regeneration of eye tissues, and improves visual acuity.
      - Hondroitin sodium sulfate 0.25%: Helps protect the cornea and prevents dryness.
      - Neostigmine methyl sulfate or prozerin 0.005%: Directly affects the eye muscles responsible for focus, relaxes them, and relieves eye fatigue.
      - Zinc sulfate monohydrate 0.1%: Provides moisturizing, antiseptic, and astringent properties.
      - Allantoin 0.1%: Regenerates and moisturizes the eyes.
      - Taurin 0.5%: Activates metabolic processes and offers retinoprotective and anti-cataract effects.
      - Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine hydrochloride 0.05%: Inhibits eye fatigue and improves metabolic processes in eye tissues.
      - Kaly L-aspartate 1.0%: Promotes overall eye health and well-being.

      Experience the excellent eye care provided by Rohto V-premium Premium Eye Health Drops, ensuring your eyes stay refreshed, vibrant, and healthy.