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ROHTO HADA LABO SENSITIVE SKIN ES LOTION Moisturizing lotion for sensitive skin

  • Moisturizing lotion for sensitive skin
  • Contains nano-hyaluronic acid
  • Soothes and dries inflammation
  • Free from alcohol, petroleum products, and chemical preservatives
  • Contains panthenol, zinc hyaluronate, and trehalose for skin moisturization
  • Available in 170ml rigid packaging or 150ml soft package with a tilt wheel
  • Manufactured by HADA LABO, ROHTO
  • Part of the SENSITIV SKIN ES line for sensitive skin from HADA LABO
    • Introducing the ROHTO HADA LABO SENSITIVE SKIN ES LOTION, a moisturizing lotion specially designed for sensitive skin. Formulated with nano-hyaluronic acid, this lotion deeply hydrates and nurtures your skin. It effectively soothes inflammation and dries out any irritation, providing relief and comfort. What sets this lotion apart is its alcohol, petroleum product, and chemical preservative-free formula, incorporating hypoallergenic herbal components to promote healthier and calmer skin. Enriched with ingredients like panthenol, zinc hyaluronate, and trehalose, it leaves your skin feeling moisturized and rejuvenated. Available in two sizes, 170ml (rigid packaging) and 150ml (soft package with a tilt wheel), this product is manufactured by HADA LABO, ROHTO, a renowned brand from Japan. Explore the entire SENSITIVE SKIN ES line from HADA LABO for a complete skincare routine.