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Rohto Dry Aid EX Moisturizing Japanese Eye Drops, 10ml

  • Highly effective eye drops for long-term hydration of the eye membrane
  • Contains high concentration of hydroxyethyl cellulose for optimal hydration
  • Includes chondroitin to prevent drying of the eye surface and provide nutrients to eye tissues
  • Regulates intracellular pressure and prevents eye swelling
  • Potassium chloride promotes amino acid transport and improves nerve impulse conduction
  • Sodium bicarbonate acts as an antiseptic and reduces the risk of infectious eye diseases
  • Contains hyaluronic acid for lubrication and improved regeneration of eye tissues
  • Additional components include sesame oil, boric acid, l-menthol, and various oils for added benefits and comfort
    • Introducing Rohto Dry Aid EX Moisturizing Japanese Eye Drops, 10ml

      Rohto Dry Aid EX is a highly effective eye drop solution that provides long-lasting hydration to the eye membrane. With an increased content of hydroxyethyl cellulose 60 times more than standard eye drops, it ensures high-quality hydration of the eye tissues. The presence of chondroitin in the formulation prevents dryness of the eye surface and ensures the supply of nutrients to the eye tissues. This makes Rohto Dry Aid EX the best choice for combating dry eye syndrome.

      The ingredients in this formulation regulate intracellular pressure, preventing eye swelling. Potassium chloride facilitates the transport of amino acids and enhances nerve impulse conduction. Sodium bicarbonate acts as an antiseptic, reducing the risk of infectious eye diseases and minimizing environmental impact. Hyaluronic acid, a biological lubricant, improves tissue regeneration and hydrodynamics in the eyes. With all these benefits, Rohto Dry Aid EX Eye Drops are specifically designed to effectively treat dry eye syndrome.

      Key components for combating dry eyes and included in the formulation are:

      - Chondroitin sodium sulfate 0.5% - prevents corneal dryness
      - Potassium chloride 0.02% - enhances amino acid transport, regulates intracellular pressure, and improves nerve impulse conduction
      - Sodium chloride 0.44% - has a decongestant effect
      - Hyaluronic acid - provides moisture and aids in the regeneration of eye tissues
      - Hydroxyethyl cellulose - SCE 0.6% - forms a protective film on the ocular surface as a binder

      Additional components include hyaluronic acid, sesame oil, boric acid, borax, l-menthol, bergamot oil, peppermint oil, propylene glycol, polyoxyethylene glycol, polysorbate 80, zinc chloride, and pH agent. The formulation is free from parabens and benzalkonium chloride.

      Choose Rohto Gaiyo Contact drops and say goodbye to the following symptoms:

      - Dryness in the eyes
      - Dry eye syndrome.