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ROHTO Deoco Medicated Deodorant Stick Medical Deodorant Stick, 13g

  • Stick deodorant specifically designed for adult women concerned about sweat odor changes with age
  • Contains isopropylmethylphenol to eliminate bacteria causing unpleasant smell of sweat
  • White gin acts as an adsorbent, absorbing sebum that causes odors
  • Derivative of vitamin C provides moisturizing and skin-revitalizing benefits
  • Lactone compensates for lack of natural lactone
    • Introducing the ROHTO Deoco Medicated Deodorant Stick, a highly effective solution for adult women who experience changes in odor due to aging. This powerful stick deodorant tackles sweat odor head-on, providing long-lasting freshness and confidence.

      Formulated with potent active ingredients, this medicated deodorant stick works wonders in combating unwanted odor. The antibacterial component, isopropylmethylphenol, targets and eliminates the bacteria responsible for unpleasant sweat smells. Meanwhile, white gin acts as a powerful adsorbent, effectively absorbing sebum, which is a common source of unpleasant odors.

      Not just a deodorant, this product also delivers additional benefits to the skin. It contains a derivative of vitamin C, a highly moisturizing and skin-revitalizing ingredient that leaves the skin feeling soft and refreshed. Additionally, lactone is included to compensate for any lack of its own lactone, ensuring overall skin health.

      With the ROHTO Deoco Medicated Deodorant Stick, you can wave goodbye to sweat-related worries and confidently tackle your day, knowing that you are protected against unpleasant odors. Experience the difference today and enjoy long-lasting freshness like never before.