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Rohto Child Japanese eye drops for kids 8ml

  • Rohto Child eye drops for kids 8ml
  • Promotes healthy eyesight in children
  • Relieves irritation and fatigue in the eyes
  • Helps with prevention and treatment of allergies and eye diseases
  • Contains chlorpheniramine maleate, potassium L-aspartate, taurine, and vitamin B6
  • Restores eyes after exposure to digital screens, pool or sea water
  • Recommended for prevention of myopia and visual disorders
  • Usage instructions: 1-2 drops, 1-5 times a day depending on fatigue level
  • Not recommended for glaucoma or severe eye pain
  • Stop use if swelling, irritation, or itching occurs
  • Store in a cool, dark place and avoid exposure to sunlight
  • Manufacturer: Rohto, Japan
    • Introducing Rohto Child Japanese eye drops for kids in an 8ml bottle.
      If you prioritize your child's eye health and want to ensure their vision remains strong, look no further than Rohto Child eye drops. In today's modern world, children's eyes are constantly subjected to strain and irritation from various sources like TV screens, computers, games, books, and textbooks. These drops are specially formulated to help alleviate the tiredness and strain caused by these activities. Additionally, Rohto Child eye drops are beneficial for relieving discomfort caused by contact with pool or sea water. Whether your child is active and enjoys swimming, playing video games, or spending hours at the computer, it's crucial to prioritize their eye health.

      The composition of Rohto Child eye drops includes:
      - 0.03% chlorpheniramine maleate, known to inhibit histamine action and alleviate eye irritation
      - 1% potassium L-aspartate, which helps improve eye tissue respiration
      - 1% taurine and 0.1% vitamin B6 to activate metabolism in eye tissues
      As additional substances, the drops also contain a pH agent, boric acid, and benzalkonium chloride.

      Rohto Child eye drops offer the following benefits:
      - Help prevent and treat allergies
      - Accelerate metabolic processes in eye tissues
      - Nourish the eye's membranes with taurine
      - Moisturize effectively and reduce redness
      - Relieve fatigue after extended periods at the computer
      - Quickly restore the eyes after exposure to dust, mechanical influences, and other irritants
      - Relieve irritation and eye fatigue from the first use

      Rohto Child eye drops are recommended for:
      - Preventing and managing myopia and allergic reactions
      - Preventing eye diseases and visual impairments
      - Alleviating eye strain due to prolonged computer use, driving, or office work under artificial light
      - Itchy eyes
      - Eyelid inflammation
      - Red eyes
      - Feelings of eye fatigue
      - Prolonged periods of visual strain

      The recommended usage of Rohto Child eye drops is as follows:
      - For mild fatigue, one drop a day is sufficient
      - For severe fatigue, one or two drops can be applied from two to five times a day

      Each bottle contains 8ml of the product.

      Please note that Rohto Child eye drops are not recommended for individuals with:
      - Glaucoma
      - Chronic severe eye pain
      - Allergies to eye medications or to any substances in these drops
      - Concurrent use of other eye medications

      Discontinue use of the drops if:
      - The eyes start to swell, become irritated, or experience severe itching
      - The skin develops a rash and becomes red

      An overdose of the drops may cause glare and discomfort in the eyes.

      When storing and using Rohto Child eye drops, please adhere to the following guidelines:
      - If white crystals form in the product (this does not indicate deterioration), strain the drops through cheesecloth before reusing
      - Do not use after the expiration date
      - Do not share the bottle with others
      - Apply the drops only in the eyes
      - Suspend usage if wearing soft contact lenses
      - Avoid contaminating the drops with fingers or eyelashes
      - Keep the product out of reach of young children
      - Do not transfer the drops to another container
      - Protect the drops from heat, mechanical stress, and sunlight
      - It is advisable to store the drops in a cool and dark place
      - Always close the lid tightly after application

      Manufactured by Rohto in Japan.