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Remedy for removing age spots

  • Acupressure remedy for removing age spots
  • Prevents acne and spots post acne scars and freckles
  • Prophylactic effect against acne
  • Contains vitamins and active ingredients such as potassium glycyrrhizate and isopropylethylene
  • Highly rated by consumers, well-reviewed on cosme.net
  • Takes 2 weeks to see results with regular use
  • Transparent liquid essence with a light citrus smell
  • Lasts 5-6 months with regular use
  • Volume of 18 ml
  • Apply once daily to affected area
  • Recommended to use after lotion
  • Manufactured by Rohto Pharmaceuticals
  • Made in Japan
    • Introducing our revolutionary solution to combat age spots - the Remedy for Removing Age Spots. This incredible product not only targets age spots, but also helps prevent acne, fade acne scars and freckles, and serves as a prophylactic measure against acne. Packed with essential vitamins and active ingredients like potassium glycyrrhizate (extracted from licorice) known for its anti-inflammatory properties and isopropyl ethylene with mild antibacterial action, this remedy is a powerhouse against skin blemishes.

      What sets our remedy apart is its outstanding consumer rating, making it one of the top products recommended on cosme.net. Users have reported noticeable results within just two weeks of regular use. The transparent liquid essence is delicately scented with a refreshing citrus aroma. With consistent application, one tube can last for an impressive 5-6 months.

      Each tube contains 18 ml of this remarkable remedy. Applying a few drops of the oil onto the affected area once daily is all it takes to unlock its remarkable benefits. For optimal results, we recommend using it after applying lotion.

      Manufactured by Rohto Pharmaceuticals, a reputable company from Japan, our Remedy for Removing Age Spots is a product you can trust. Don't let age spots hold you back, restore your skin's youthful appearance today.