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ONE BY KOSE Deep Hydrator Super Hydrating Anti-Aging Lotion

  • Highly hydrating anti-aging lotion with long-lasting hydration, wrinkle reduction, and whitening effects
  • Deep moisturizing formula provides maximum moisture without stickiness
  • Contains three unique complexes to address dryness and other skin problems in mature skin
  • Moist Performer complex with hyaluronic acid and ceramide for instant absorption and long-lasting moisture
  • Moist Bloomer complex with cornflower and gynostemma extract for anti-aging and whitening effects
  • Wrinkle White N complex with niacinamide to reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity
  • Apply after cleansing and follow with milk or cream
  • 150 ml volume. Manufactured in Japan by KOSE
    • Introducing the ONE BY KOSE Deep Hydrator Super Hydrating Anti-Aging Lotion, a multi-benefit skincare solution. This highly hydrating lotion offers long-lasting moisture, wrinkle reduction, and whitening effects in one powerful formula.

      Experience maximum moisture and a refreshed, radiant complexion without any greasy residue. The lotion's concentrated texture blends seamlessly into the skin, quickly absorbing and delivering nourishing ingredients deep within. Instantly feel the skin being nourished and smoothed.

      Dryness is a common cause of many skin issues, especially for mature skin. As we age, our skin's sebum, hyaluronic acid, and collagen levels decrease, making moisture even more crucial. The Deep Hydrator addresses all the concerns of mature skin with three unique complexes:

      - Moist Performer: This combination of hyaluronic acid and ceramide allows the lotion to be instantly absorbed while locking in moisture for a prolonged period.

      - Moist Bloomer: A complex infused with cornflower and gynostemma extract, it deeply hydrates the stratum corneum, resulting in anti-aging and whitening effects. Notice a visible reduction in pigmentation after just one week of use! Additionally, it has anti-inflammatory properties, tightens the skin, prevents roughness, and imparts a fresh feeling. Enjoy continuous hydration and smoothness.

      - Wrinkle White N: This complex, featuring niacinamide, combats wrinkles and promotes moist, plump, elastic, and bright skin. See a visible reduction in eye wrinkles, forehead lines, and nasolabial folds, enhancing your overall appearance and defining facial contours.

      For best results, cleanse your skin and gently apply the lotion using your palms or a cotton pad. Follow up with your favorite milk or cream.

      Ingredients: Niacinamide, purified water, 1,3-butylene glycol, concentrated glycerin, ethanol, polyoxyethylene glycerin, dipropylene glycol, N-stearoyldihydrosphingosine, d-δ-tocopherol, gynostemma extract, Alcaligenes polysaccharide, sodium hyaluronate, cornflower extract, cetyl-2 -ethylhexanoate, sodium N-stearoyl-N-methyl taurate, copolymer, polyoxyethylene glyceryl isostearate, disodium edetate, xanthan gum, glyceryl glucoside liquid, cholesterol, squalane, hydroxyethyl cellulose, polyoxyethylene cholesteryl ether, polyethylene glycol monostearate, sodium hydroxide, hydrogenated soy phospholipid, phenoxyethanol.

      Volume: 150 ml
      Manufacturer: KOSE
      Country of origin: Japan

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