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Mousse cleanser against acne. COW Skinlife SOAP

  • Mousse cleanser against acne
  • Cleanses pores, reduces inflammation, and dries pimples
  • Dense, fluffy foam that melts on the face immediately
  • 200 ml volume
  • Contains natural bactericidal components
  • Suitable for all skin types, especially problem skin
  • Made by Cow Soap in Japan
  • Recommended for morning washing
    • Introducing the Mousse Cleanser Against Acne by COW Skinlife SOAP. This incredible foam offers a fast and effective washing experience. It deeply cleanses pores, reduces inflammation, and quickly dries pimples. What sets this mousse apart is its dense, fluffy texture that melts into the skin immediately upon application, unlike other similar products.

      With a barely noticeable fragrance, this foam comes in a generous 200 ml volume. To use, simply squeeze a small amount, lather it up using the included mesh for a rich lather, gently massage it onto your face, and rinse well with warm water. The composition of this cleanser is enriched with natural bactericidal components like licorice and sage extracts, lemon extract, and malic acid. Its gentle formula makes it suitable for all skin types, including oily skin, and is perfect for daily use in the morning.

      This product is brought to you by Cow Soap, a renowned manufacturer from Japan. Known for their exceptional beauty rituals and innovative skincare products, Japan is the country of origin for this amazing mousse cleanser.

      Discover the wonders of Japanese beauty rituals and experience the two-stage cleansing system with this Mousse Cleanser Against Acne from COW Skinlife SOAP. Transform your skincare routine and achieve a clearer, healthier complexion.