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Moisturizing body soap is a Bouquet of feminine aroma with collagen and silk amino acids BOUNCIA

  • Moisturizing body soap with a feminine bouquet aroma
  • Contains collagen and silk amino acids
  • Creates a dense elastic foam like whipped cream
  • Smells of magnolia, Bulgarian rose, and geranium
  • Moisturizes the skin with hyaluronic acid, collagen, and milk powder
  • Available in 550ml and 430ml sizes with different packaging options
  • Manufactured by Cow Brand in Japan
    • Product Title: BOUNCIA Moisturizing Body Soap with Collagen and Silk Amino Acids - A Bouquet of Feminine Aroma

      Product Description:
      Experience the luxurious essence of BOUNCIA Moisturizing Body Soap. This exquisite soap creates a dense and elastic foam, reminiscent of whipped cream. Infused with the delicate aroma of magnolia, Bulgarian rose, and geranium, it leaves your skin smelling irresistibly divine.

      But that's not all - BOUNCIA Moisturizing Body Soap also deeply hydrates your skin. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, collagen, and milk powder, it provides a nourishing boost to keep your skin supple and moisturized.

      Choose from two generous volumes - 550ml and 430ml, the latter conveniently packaged with a tilt wheel design.

      Crafted by Cow Brand, a trusted manufacturer from Japan, this body soap is a testament to quality and effectiveness. Add a touch of luxury to your daily skincare routine with BOUNCIA Moisturizing Body Soap.

      Product Details:
      - Volume: 550ml; 430ml (Packaging: tilt wheel)
      - Manufacturer: Cow Brand
      - Country of Origin: Japan