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LUX Hair Supplement Moisturizer Treatment, 450 g

  • Lux Hair Supplement Moisturizer Treatment
  • Conditioner for thick and coarse dry hair
  • Contains collagen and amino acids
  • Leaves hair smooth, manageable, and moisturized
  • Repairs damaged areas and fills hair follicles with moisture
  • Refreshing water-herbal aroma
  • Free of silicone, parabens, and synthetic colors
  • Recommended for use with Lux Hair Supplement Moisturizer Shampoo and Deep Care Treatment Mask
    • LUX Hair Supplement Moisturizer Treatment Conditioner, 450g

      Introducing the Lux Hair Supplement Moisturizer Treatment Conditioner, specially formulated for those with thick and coarse hair. With a generous blend of collagen and amino acids, this conditioner leaves your hair smooth, manageable, and brimming with moisture and natural shine.

      Daily activities such as rubbing, blow-drying, straightening, and brushing can cause severe damage to your hair by stripping away its proteins. This protein loss leads to hair loss, tangles, and brittleness. That's why amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, are essential for repairing damaged hair.

      Our unique combination of 10 types of amino acids repairs damaged areas, seals hair cuticles, and infuses hair follicles with much-needed moisture. Say goodbye to dry and dull hair with our refreshing water-herbal aroma.

      As part of our commitment to safe and quality products, our conditioner is free from silicone, parabens, and synthetic colors. Rest assured, you are giving your hair the care it deserves.

      - Water
      - Stearyl alcohol
      - Glycerin
      - Dimethiconol
      - Behentrimonium chloride
      - Collagen amino acid
      - Arginine
      - Aspartic acid
      - Alanine
      - Serine
      - Valine
      - Isoleucine
      - Threonine
      - Proline
      - Histidine
      - Phenylalanine
      - Glycine
      - Glutamate
      - PCA-Na
      - PCA
      - Lactic acid
      - Tocopherol acetate
      - DPG
      - Amodimethicone
      - Paraffin
      - Poloxamar 217
      - Ethylhexylglycerol
      - Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid
      - Phenoxyethanol
      - Methylisothiazolinone
      - Methylchloroisothiazolinone
      - Propynyl iodide butylcarbamic acid
      - Sorbic acid

      Directions for use:
      After washing your hair, apply the desired amount of conditioner from roots to tips. Allow it to work its magic and then rinse thoroughly with water. For best results, we recommend using the Lux Hair Supplement Moisturizer Shampoo and Deep Care Treatment Mask alongside this conditioner.

      Size: 450g
      Manufactured by: Lux
      Country of origin: Japan

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