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Liquid soap "QP" for children and sensitive skin,400 ml Cow Brand

  • Specifically designed for children and sensitive skin
  • Comes in a 400 ml size
  • Manufactured by Cow Brand, a trusted brand in skincare products
  • Gentle formula that is suitable for daily use
  • Provides effective cleansing without drying out the skin
  • Leaves a refreshing and pleasant fragrance
  • Contains ingredients that are gentle on the skin
  • Ideal for those with allergies or sensitivities to harsh chemicals
    • Introducing our Liquid Soap QP for children and sensitive skin, in a convenient 400 ml size. This gentle formula is specially designed by Cow Brand to cater to the needs of delicate skin and ensure a soothing and safe cleansing experience. With its mild and nourishing properties, our liquid soap is perfect for little ones and those with sensitive skin. Keep your loved ones protected and nurtured with the trusted quality of Cow Brand.