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LION Nonio + Medicated Spicy Mint Complex Toothpaste, 130 g

  • LION Nonio + Medicated Spicy Mint Toothpaste has a complex effect on oral health
  • Removes plaque and eliminates bad breath
  • Kills pathogenic bacteria and prevents tooth decay
  • Contains NONIO, which uses ion cleaning to remove dirt from enamel
  • Four main medicinal components: sodium polyphosphate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium fluoride, and LSS
  • Comes in a 130g volume
  • Manufactured by LION in Japan
    • Introducing the LION Nonio + Medicated Spicy Mint Complex Toothpaste, 130g. This toothpaste offers a comprehensive solution to your oral care needs. Not only does it effectively remove plaque, it also tackles bad breath and eliminates harmful bacteria. By using LION Nonio + Medicated Toothpaste, you can effectively prevent tooth decay.

      The NONIO technology in this toothpaste employs the principle of ion cleaning, thanks to the use of sodium polyphosphate. This powerful ingredient not only destroys tough dirt but also removes it from even the tiniest pores in your enamel. As a result, your teeth regain their natural whiteness and beauty, making your enamel shine.

      This toothpaste is designed with four main medicinal components. Sodium polyphosphate and sodium bicarbonate work together to combat plaque and prevent tartar formation. Sodium fluoride fills microscopic cracks in your enamel, providing a shield against tooth decay. Additionally, LSS (Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate) effectively kills the bacteria responsible for causing bad breath.

      With a generous volume of 130g, this toothpaste will last you a long time. Manufactured by LION, a trusted name in oral care, you can be confident in the quality of this product. Made in Japan, this toothpaste brings the expertise and precision that the country is known for.

      Upgrade your oral care routine with the LION Nonio + Medicated Spicy Mint Complex Toothpaste. Experience the difference it makes in your dental hygiene today.