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KOSE LECHERI Lift Glow Cream 40g

  • KOSE LECHERI Lift Glow Cream is a cream-lifting product for the face
  • The cream aims to restore elasticity, tighten the skin, and provide radiance
  • It contains positively charged ionized capsules that penetrate deep into the skin
  • Suitable for skin with loss of elasticity and signs of aging
  • Helps tighten sagging skin, reduce wrinkles and crow’s feet, and promote skin rejuvenation
  • Contains collagen to maintain skin elasticity and moisture
  • Has a fragrance of fresh flowers
  • Apply a small amount of cream on the skin for application
    • Product Description: KOSE LECHERI Lift Glow Cream 40g

      Experience the transformative power of KOSE LECHERI Lift Glow Cream. This innovative face lifting cream is specially designed to target sagging skin and signs of aging, restoring elasticity and radiance to your complexion.

      The secret behind the remarkable effectiveness of the LECHERI series lies in its unique formula. Infused with positively charged ionized capsules, developed by KOSE, this cream penetrates deep into the skin to deliver nourishing beauty ingredients. These capsules, combined with a phospholipid-based penetration technology, work to intensely moisturize and rejuvenate the skin from within.

      Ideal for mature skin lacking elasticity and radiance, KOSE LECHERI Lift Glow Cream acts as a powerful anti-aging solution. Its deep penetrating formula replenishes the skin's moisture levels, reducing the appearance of sagging and wrinkles, including those pesky crow's feet and forehead lines. With continued use, this cream actively promotes skin rejuvenation and helps to prevent premature aging.

      Enriched with collagen, this cream maintains the skin's elasticity and suppleness, while effectively locking in moisture for long-lasting hydration and smoothing of wrinkles. The result is a youthful, glowing complexion that exudes freshness and vitality.

      Embrace a refreshing floral fragrance as you indulge in the luxurious application of this cream. Simply apply a small amount to your skin and let the cream work its magic.

      KOSE LECHERI Lift Glow Cream comes in a convenient 40g size, perfect for on-the-go touch-ups. Rest assured, this cream is manufactured by KOSE, a reputable brand known for their exceptional skincare products.

      Pamper your skin with the exquisite range of KOSE LECHERI products from Japan. Explore the full line of LECHERI beauty essentials and experience the benefits of youthful, radiant skin.

      Country of Origin: Japan