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Kose Cosmeport Rose of Heaven Shampoo FORTUNE non-silicone shampoo

  • Kose Cosmeport Rose of Heaven Shampoo FORTUNE is a non-silicone shampoo
  • Contains organic ingredients of plant and fruit extracts obtained through organic methods
  • Infused with natural Bulgarian rose oil for a pleasant rose scent and stress-relieving properties
  • Protects hair from unpleasant odors and provides a sparkling femininity
  • Does not contain silicone, allowing nutrients to penetrate easily and moisturize the hair
  • Additional softening components based on collagen provide a feeling of softness and ease of combing
  • Rosehip oil regenerates dry strands and prevents split ends
  • Suitable for normal hair and comes in a 450ml and 350ml-refill size
    • Introducing the Kose Cosmeport Rose of Heaven Shampoo FORTUNE, a silicone-free shampoo that promotes healthy and shiny hair. The Rose of Heaven FORTUNE line features organic plant and fruit extracts, obtained through organic methods without the use of chemical additives. Each product contains the highest quality Bulgarian rose oil, known for its luxurious properties.

      Experience the delightful aroma of fresh and rare Bulgarian rose, carefully selected to relieve stress and uplift your mood. The combination of fresh rose and sweet-sour fruit creates a feminine fragrance that protects your hair from unwanted odors.

      Unlike silicones that create a film on the hair, this shampoo allows nutrients to easily penetrate each strand, providing deep moisturization and a natural shine. It effectively removes dirt and sebum from the scalp, allowing the hair to fully benefit from the therapeutic and revitalizing effects of the shampoo.

      Loaded with collagen-based softening components, this shampoo leaves your hair irresistibly soft and easy to comb. Additionally, the inclusion of rosehip oil helps regenerate dry strands, preventing split ends and restoring a healthy and radiant look to your hair.

      With over 80% natural ingredients, this shampoo is suitable for normal hair types. Simply apply the appropriate amount, massage it into your hair, and rinse off with water for best results.

      Available in 450ml and 350ml-refill sizes, the Kose Cosmeport Rose of Heaven Shampoo FORTUNE is manufactured in Japan by Kose Cosmeport, a renowned brand in the beauty industry. Discover the entire Rose of Heaven FORTUNE line of products for a complete hair care experience.