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Kose Cosmeport Rose of Heaven MOIST FORTUNE HAND & NAIL Cream Ultra-moisturizing cream for hands and nails, 60gr

  • Ultra-moisturizing cream for hands and nails
  • Contains organic ingredients of plant and fruit extracts
  • Contains natural Bulgarian rose oil for a pleasant rose scent
  • Soothes, hydrates, and revitalizes the skin
  • Contains Shea Butter and Vitamin E for soft and healthy skin and nails
  • Recommended for daily use
  • Suitable for dry to very dry skin
  • Volume: 60g
    • Introducing the Kose Cosmeport Rose of Heaven MOIST FORTUNE HAND & NAIL Cream, a highly moisturizing cream specially formulated for your hands and nails. This 60g cream is part of the Rose of Heaven FORTUNE line, which features organic plant and fruit extracts without any harmful chemicals. Each product in this line contains natural Bulgarian rose oil, known for its exceptional quality and value. The pleasant rose scent, derived from fresh Bulgarian roses, not only uplifts your mood but also helps to alleviate stress.

      The MOIST HAND & NAIL Cream is a super hydrating formula designed for dry skin. Its antioxidant-rich rose extract soothes and revitalizes the skin, while Shea Butter provides essential nutrients and prevents dryness. With the added benefits of Vitamin E, this cream ensures that your skin remains soft, velvety, and your nails strong, smooth, and healthy.

      To use, simply apply the cream onto cleansed hands and nails, gently massaging it in. It is recommended for daily use.

      This cream contains water, petrolatum, mineral oil, Cetearyl alcohol, glycerine stearate (SE), Shea butter, Kaninabara fruit, Centifolia flower extract, tocopherol, panthenol, oleic acid, and perfume. Suitable for dry to very dry skin, it comes in a 60g tub.

      The Kose Cosmeport Rose of Heaven FORTUNE line is proudly manufactured in Japan. We also offer a wide range of other body and hair care products in the same Rose of Heaven FORTUNE line. Explore the entire collection and discover the ultimate beauty experience.

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