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KOSE Cosmeport Fortune 3D Hydrating Lip Gloss

  • KOSE Cosmeport Fortune 3D Hydrating Lip Gloss
  • Comes in three shades for a three-dimensional effect and soft shine
  • Can be applied over lipstick for an extra glow
  • Moisturizing ingredients smooth and plump the lips
  • Released in three colors: Fortune Lip Plumper, Fortune Lip Illuminate, Fortune Lip Stardom
  • Contains 5 types of floral oils for a luxurious velvety surface
  • Volume: 5.5 ml
  • Manufactured by KOSE Cosmeport in Japan
    • Introducing the KOSE Cosmeport Fortune 3D Hydrating Lip Gloss, a must-have addition to your makeup collection. This lip gloss comes in three stunning shades that will give your lips a three-dimensional effect and a soft, enchanting shine.

      The delicate texture of this gloss effortlessly glides on your lips, providing them with the care they deserve. The moisturizing ingredients, including glycerin and natural oils of sunflower, rosehip, jojoba, and argan oil, work together to smooth the texture of your lips, making them plump and inviting. Even dry lips will be transformed into smooth and well-groomed lips, thanks to the addition of 5 types of floral oils that give them a luxurious velvety surface.

      Choose from three beautiful colors:
      1) Fortune Lip Plumper - a sheer gloss that enhances your lips with a natural pink color and shine.
      2) Fortune Lip Illuminate - adds a delicate pearl shine and a hint of pink to your lips.
      3) Fortune Lip Stardom - gives your lips a stunning shine with a subtle blue sheen.

      To apply, simply take an appropriate amount of gloss with a brush and glide it over your lips. You can even apply it over your favorite lipstick for an extra pop of excitement.

      This lip gloss comes in a convenient 5.5 ml size and is proudly manufactured by KOSE Cosmeport in Japan. Elevate your look with the KOSE Cosmeport Fortune 3D Hydrating Lip Gloss.