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Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Nattokinase EX

  • Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Nattokinase EX is a food supplement
  • Contains nattokinase, squid peptide, eucommia leaf extract, EPA, DHA, and vitamin E
  • Supports health and longevity
  • Improves blood flow and heart health
  • Protects against adverse environmental influences and diseases
  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • 60 capsules for a 1 month course
    • Introducing the Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Nattokinase EX Supplement, a powerful blend of natural ingredients designed to promote health and longevity. This one-month course is packed with nattokinase, squid peptide, eucommia leaf extract, EPA, DHA, and vitamin E, all carefully selected to support overall well-being.

      Nattokinase, known for its high fibrinolytic activity, works by improving blood flow and maintaining the health of the heart and blood vessels. It also aids in the elimination of toxins from the body and assists in the transportation of oxygen to different parts of the body.

      The inclusion of squid peptide provides an immune-boosting effect, offering protection against environmental factors and aiding the body in combating diseases.

      Eucommia, rich in chlorogenic acid and aucubin, enhances metabolism and contributes to lower blood pressure thanks to its diuretic properties.

      Moreover, the omega-3 fatty acids found in this supplement have been proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

      With a luxurious composition and the power of Japanese medicine, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Nattokinase EX is a food supplement that promises to support your overall health and extend your lifespan.

      Each capsule contains a blend of gelatin, DHA-containing refined fish oil, soybean oil, squid peptide, eucommia leaf extract, resistant dextrin, natto bacteria, onion, refined fish oil containing EPA, glycerin, beeswax, lecithin, phytic acid, and vitamin E.

      The nutritional breakdown per serving includes an energy value of 5.4 kcal, 0.33g of proteins, 0.38g of fats, 0.2g of carbohydrates, sodium ranging from 0.094-3.8g, vitamin E ranging from 0.11-1.1mg, EPA of 13.7mg, DHA of 72.3mg, and nattokinase activity of 2500FU.

      To reap the benefits, simply take 2 capsules daily with water, without chewing. Each bottle contains 60 capsules, which will last you for a month.

      Rest assured, this supplement is manufactured by Kobayashi, a trusted brand from Japan, known for delivering top-quality products.

      Experience the power of nature and Japanese medicine with Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Nattokinase EX. Order your supply today and embark on a journey to better health and longevity.