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KOBAYASHI Easy Fiber Dietary fiber for weight loss for 30 days

  • KOBAYASHI Easy Fiber is a dietary fiber supplement for weight loss
  • Contains 4.2g of fiber per sachet
  • Can be easily dissolved in food or drinks without taste or smell
  • Recommended for digestive disorders and lack of plant foods in the diet
  • Application: 1 sachet per day, can be diluted in coffee, tea, juices, and more
  • Contraindication: Individual intolerance to the components
  • Volume: 30 sachets for 30 days
  • Manufactured by KOBAYASHI in Japan
    • Introducing the KOBAYASHI Easy Fiber Dietary Fiber for 30-day weight loss program. This product is packed with dietary fiber which is essential for maintaining a healthy digestive system. It effectively clears the gastrointestinal tract and stimulates its activity, providing relief from various digestive disorders. Perfect for those who lack plant-based foods in their diet.

      Each sachet contains 4.2 g of fiber and is completely odorless and tasteless. It easily dissolves in any food or drink of your choice, such as water, coffee, tea, juices, and even yogurt, soup, or stew. It can be consumed hot or cold, giving you the flexibility to incorporate it into your daily routine.

      With only one sachet per day, this product is convenient and hassle-free. It is suitable for anyone who wants to add dietary fiber to their diet and promote weight loss. However, individuals with known intolerance to the product's components should avoid using it.

      Each package contains 30 sachets, providing a month's supply of dietary fiber for your weight loss journey. Manufactured by KOBAYASHI, a trusted brand from Japan known for its quality products.

      Start your 30-day weight loss program today with KOBAYASHI Easy Fiber Dietary Fiber. Experience the benefits of a healthy digestive system and achieve your weight loss goals.