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KAO Curel medicated moisture lotion Moisturizing lotion, 150 ml

  • KAO Curel medicated moisture lotion Moisturizing lotion, 150 ml
  • Unscented and alcohol-free
  • Contains extracts of chamomile and eucalyptus, betaine, glycerin
  • Applied after washing to soften the skin
  • Suitable for dry and sensitive skin, Allergy-tested
  • Type I is for normal to oily skin, Type II is for normal-dry skin
  • Can be used on clean skin before applying moisturizing lotion or cream
  • Manufactured by KAO in Japan
    • Product description:
      Introducing the KAO Curel medicated moisture lotion, a nourishing and hydrating lotion that comes in a convenient 150 ml size. This lotion is unscented and alcohol-free, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin.

      Infused with extracts of chamomile and eucalyptus, as well as betaine and glycerin, this lotion not only softens the skin but also provides a soothing effect. It is designed to be applied after washing your face, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized.

      To use, simply apply a small amount of the lotion onto a cotton pad and gently pat it onto clean skin. Once the lotion is fully absorbed, feel free to follow up with a moisturizing lotion or cream for additional hydration.

      The KAO Curel medicated moisture lotion is specially formulated for dry and sensitive skin. It has been allergy-tested, ensuring that it is suitable for those with even the most delicate skin types.

      This product belongs to the Curel line, manufactured by KAO, a renowned company from Japan. If you are in search of a comprehensive skincare range for sensitive and dry skin, we invite you to explore the entire Curel line. Experience the gentle and effective care that KAO has to offer.

      Country of Origin: Japan.